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Servers / Thinking of building a home lab..
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:18:38 AM »
 Right my fellow RHR brothers,

I'm actually thinking of dropping 1-2k in a home lab..

The reason?

I love Virtualization, design, lab, break, destroy..

Will need this to also pass certifications such as CCIE, SRA, Juniper..RedHat...

You guys get the picture...

I need your help in order to get this going, I have no idea what I'm looking for since I haven't build a desktop/server in a very long time..

Only requirement would be, needs to be rackable, and as silent as possible..(YMMV, when I'll be running 32 VM'S) we'll see how silent it is haha...

LE: I was looking at SuperMicro products, not bad..

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