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This is a great phone, at least according to my fiancee who got it when her Galaxy S3 died last month. She's been quite happy with the long battery life, especially without needing to connect back up to a power source after playing a bit of Hearthstone.

So far searching on Ebay doesn't seem to kick back any results for Thermaltake hard drive sleds, at least not anything in the under 10$ range.

Here are the pictures:

Real Hardware Reviews / Re: The Impact of Mixing RAM Speeds
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:59:49 AM »
Great article, this was very informative. I don't think people consider all that was mentioned when they contemplate mixing RAM.

I'll try to do that this evening after work.

I have a used unknown model Thermaltake case that I am hoping to transition to be my new home server case as the current case I am using, the Shinobi XL, will be re-purposed as my gaming case once again when my EATX motherboard arrives from the Intel RE Deal.

The problem with the Thermaltake case is that there are no hard drive sleds left in it, I found it 'dumpster diving' aka university students moving out and had the case near the apartment garbage. The hard drive bays themselves are still there, but as they are larger than just a standard 3.5 " Hard Drive, I can't just put them in there. I was hoping someone may have some retail or DIY solutions they could share so I don't have to go out and either buy another EATX case or an ATX case that has 6+ 3.5 " HDD bays.

If you are mining on RX cards that has to do with Eth becoming less profitable on them, due to the DAG size change or coming DAG size changes.

BTC itself has also dropped a bit, so that can also affect your BTC/Day.

Bitcoin/Litecoin/Folding / Re: What have you bought with Bitcoins?
« on: June 22, 2017, 07:19:42 AM »
EthOS, man was that ever a flop and slight misleading advertising of the product...

Interesting, though slightly disappointed with the lack of a DC power solution, meaning you'll need a standard power supply to power this.


RX 470 4GB :

DAG 120 : 27.4 (past)

DAG 130 : 27.2 (will hit on 20/06/2017)

DAG 140 : 25.3 (will hit on 31/07/2017)

DAG 150 : 22.2 (will hit on 11/09/2017)

DAG 160 : 19.5 (will hit on 22/10/2017)


IT seems that my 2GB is liking its overclock more, and even moreso being headless. I'm seeing around 2-2.20 CAD/Day on Equihash/Z-Cash now.

Looks like EthOS is a partial bust, can't get it to do DAGless mining for Dagger and on Zcash it mines slightly slower than Windows. Back to windows I go with the 560 2GB.

Updates: When the Rx 560 2GB doesn't get a DAG that is too big for it it can do around 25 MH/s for Dagger/Eth, on the downside it hits a DAG too big for it fairly often. I can see the RX 560 4GB being a good card for this then. Perhaps around 25-30 MH/s constantly

I am going to be trying to setup EthOS which is supposed to do DAGless Eth mining among others, will report back this weekend with results.

I'll take a crack at that when I'm home.

Edit: Turns out the 2GB version is too small for the DAG to fit on it. Probably going to eat the loss and return it as at this point the thing can at best mine at 1.3-1.4 USD/Day and it not half that of a 570.

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