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Yeah they have dropped. Still a bit better then when I started, but a definite drop.

Games / Re: KILLING FLOOR free on humble bundle
« on: June 23, 2017, 05:25:42 PM »
Adding to my library now. Thanks!

Bitcoin/Litecoin/Folding / Re: What have you bought with Bitcoins?
« on: June 22, 2017, 06:25:15 PM »
Yes coincards, they also take their little %5 fee in BTC so there's no out of pocket.

Sounds good. That's probably what I will  do when it comes time.

Bitcoin/Litecoin/Folding / Re: What have you bought with Bitcoins?
« on: June 22, 2017, 06:54:44 AM »
Old post but it might be waking up with the recent surge in mining mania.

A few days ago I bought a save on food (grocery store) card and a Canadian tire card, nothing too exciting but I have to off set the $$$ I blew on GPUs for a couple months then I can look at toys ie Ryzen 1600/mobo/ddr4 or Zen 2 in the beginning of 2018.

Nice. From coincards?

I just checked too, it shows up as a fee but maybe it's your fee to them for crunching #s but I do see where nicehash skims a mbtc off or so, my balance is .010808 and the fee is .011812

Very similar to what mine is. Received .014 fee .011. But the balance in my wallet seems normal. Maybe it was the fee nicehash paid?

Fees question.

Using Nicehash/Copay, I have received 2 payments from nicehash and it is showing within copay. My wallet (copay) shows the total of the 2 deposits as in my personal wallet.

When I open up either deposit it shows the amount deposited, the date, and then it says fee. If I click on fee it then shows 0.011xxx. What does that mean? That's currently like $30+USD. Confused if that means I loose nearly all my BTC to fees.

No go on newegg, they removed the option to pay with BTC on the 31st. You either have to use coincards to buy newegg/ncix/amazon giftcards, or an exchange to exchange for fiat currency.

I didn't know newegg got rid of the option. Is the rate similar between getting gift cards or currency, or is one better than the other?

You can use bitcoin at newegg I think....anywhere else?

I tried to stack an HD6870 in with the R9 280x but drivers wouldn't allow it, today I might try putting the r7 265 with the 280x and see if the drivers allow that both are still supported where the HD6870 wasn't.

In case anyone else is wondering the r7 265 1GB generates $1.40ish usd a day and the 280x $3ish usd a day and lastly the FX8350 generates $0.77ish of a usd a day.

I think if you use old drivers it would accept the 6870 and 280x. I highly doubt the CPU is worth the electricity for mining.

Is the 280x mining claymore equihash...after you start within nicehash?

A few questions.

Does the rest of the pc matter for mining I have a spare PC below?

MSI old 870-G45 (2 pci e slots)
AMD x3 450 3.2ghz
2x2GB ram
win 10 on HDD

Can I mix the cards up I have an R9 280x 3GB and R7 265 1GB that I can use to fill both slots, is that a problem?


My CPU isn't loaded at all during mining. Just make sure your PSU can handle the max power draw constantly from the GPUs.

I decided to leave it go for a little while. Claymore equihash is the most profitable, though it seems like profitability is a bit lower now. Running about $2USD a day (I believe 0.001BTC per day if I recall correctly).

It's nothing crazy, but why not.

I recently started playing around with a bit of mining (though I don't think it will be something I do long term), and decided I wanted to try and drop my power consumption by undervolting. Afterburner was allowing me to select an offset for voltage, but it wasn't actually changing the value under load...and yes I made I the appropriate selections in the options. It's an XFX 280X that was showing 1.225v under load within Afterburner. With my custom fan profile I was mining at that voltage, 70 deg, and 67% fan speed.

I searched online and found it was a common issue with this GPU model and it looks like most of them are voltage locked unless you do a bios mod. That said, some people had luck changing the voltage using Trixx. I then uninstalled afterburner, installed trixx, and created the exact same custom fan profile.

Trixx still doesn't give me the option or ability to modify the voltage, HOWEVER, it is now showing the load voltage of 1.088, and temps are steady at 66 deg and 58% fan speed. GPU load is the same at 99% while mining, and Hashrates are the same.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? I would say it was an error in reporting voltage in one of the programs, except the temp drop and fan speed decrease support that the voltage has lowered. It seems to be stable, even after a gaming session, so I am happy, but confused.


Alan awake is apparently getting pulled from the market in less than 2 days, since its music licences are expiring. 90% off if you are interested. $3, or $4 with all the extras...apparently only the original is good, but I haven't played it.

Real Hardware Reviews / Re: Ryzen Infinity Fabric
« on: May 08, 2017, 05:55:04 PM »
A great read, thanks! Glad to see there is a tangible gain across the board and some validity to online random claims. We will never really know how much of the gain is just from faster ram, and how much is because of the IF. I definetly agree with the conclusion to get faster ram if you can, but don't downscale other components to do it.

Well...I am self answering my questions here. I decided just to try the 3rd party miners in nicehash. Ran all the benches on the new miners available, and it has now defaulted to equihash as the most profitable.

283 Sols/s giving around est $2.40USD a day. Massive gain. Maybe play with it more later today.

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