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Overall we consider the Silicon Power Blast Plug BP81’s to be surprisingly good for this price range. So good we did forget these were BlueTooth based and not wired.
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Though the A1 Plus is not perfect it is damn close. InWin has really brought their A game to the A1 Series of cases. Even if you are not a RGB fan the ARGB is truly beautiful and simple to setup and use.

Ryzen 5 3400G Review

When taken as whole, the Ryzen 5 3400G may not be perfectly suited for everyone, but it is pretty darn close to being the perfect system upgrade for the budget conscience and / or value hunter.Ryzen
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  2. I really enjoy watching it, any more video updates aside from this one?
  3. Last week
  4. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Quart is my favorite, you check it out on Amazon.
  5. Nothing beats REAL BBQ (not grill) ribs... but yeah they are very good in an instapot. ... and yeah Masala is damn near addictive... and easy in an instapot
  6. This is a little video I made last week waiting on cover art and to finish a few edits but hope y'all enjoy. Monday should be a turtle beach headset that's not trash ?
  7. I love the fact you can make 90% of Indian dishes in 1/100th the time and the meat is always perfect
  8. Thank you for your list. I will have to get one of these to try out. I am told by my dad that these insta-pots make great ribs, what do you think?
  9. Not a complete list... but this is what I use MINE for: starbucks "Sous Vide" Egg Bites (need the 8qt for the silicon sleeves) stews casseroles Chili whitecastle style hamburgers pastas pulled pork beans n rice turning tough cuts of meat into roasts that don't suck Basically anything I would have used a slow cooker for... but dont have the time nor patience to wait 8-12hrs for ?
  10. I have heard great things about insta pots but I do not know what all can be prepared in them. Is anyone willing to make a list of suggested meals? PS: I hope this is not considered hi-jacking of this thread!
  11. I got the 8qt model and the extra space comes in handy from time to time. Makes great stews (cook once for many meals). Might want to think about the bigger unit. Both are good though :)
  12. Yup I believe you are correct got it last Xmas at Canadian Tire for $69.99
  13. Solid unit the duo, good price and fits a whole chicken. I'll post you some of our favorite meals later on ?
  14. It looks nice but to tell you honestly my brother is unimpressed with the dim display that this laptop shows and so as its battery performance. You need to turn down the brightness to 30% so that it can last for 5hours, but if you won't do it then it can only last for approximately 3hours. He have decided to sell it after a month because he was so annoyed with the laptop performance.
  15. Cash will be a good gift and so as some new games for his PlayStation.
  16. A random one. Anyone cook with an Instant Pot? Probably getting one for my better half for Christmas, however, there are too many models. I get that with current models it seems to go lux<duo<ultra...something like 6in1, 9in1, 10in1, or something like that. Going to go with a 6 quart model. It seems like the cheap ones go on sale $60-80, and the ultra going for $90-100. Worth the extra money? Seems like it adds a nicer digital screen, and otherwise not really sure the other options are worth it. Thoughts?
  17. Winners have replied please join us in congratulating Coinpie and Frantic Congrats guys and next giveaway goes live Monday ?
  18. Fiber Optic HDMI Cable for Gamers to Stand Out November 6, 2019, Taipei, Taiwan – VIVIFY, a leading brand of premium fiber optic cables, announces the world’s first 4K gaming HDMI 2.0b light-up cable, the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73. The VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 changes the way we think about cables, featuring RGB light-up effect through the cable itself. The fiber optic HDMI cable caters to console, PC, and home theater enthusiasts with support for 4K at high frame rates and color depth settings; it has been tested and approved by DPL Labs’ highest 4K certification standard for 4K compatibility, bandwidth of 18Gbps and deep color. RGB Light-Up Cable Gamers will stand out with the ARQUUS W73 HDMI cables, by having the ability to switch between a color cycling mode or 7 color options (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple); controlled by the included touch sensor. The patent-pending light-up cable is only made possible through experimentation with different types of plastic fiber material and countless hours of fine-tuning the light diffuser to achieve such smooth light-up for up to 15ft/4.5meters on a flat and flexible HDMI cable. Fiber Optic for Superior Data Transmission, Length & Lightness Due to its fiber optic construction, signal degradation and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are minimized to provide superior color depth, brightness, and contrast; especially over long distances compared to traditional copper HDMI cables. It is also more flexible and slimmer, and offers better signal quality without the use of external power, external boxes or converters. 4K Tested via DPL Labs The ARQUUS W73 meets the highest of audiovisual standards. It is compatible with HDR 10, HDCP 2.2 and supports 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz. It obtained DPL4K 18G-DC certification from DPL Labs, the highest standard for 4K compatibility. The certification ensures 4K compatibility at varying frame rate, color depth and color sampling settings, up to 4K60Hz @ 8-bit 4:4:4 or 12-bit 4:2:2. More details here. Availability The ARQUUS W73 is currently available to purchase on the VIVIFY website. It comes with a standard 2-year warranty and is available in 9ft (2.7m) and 15ft (4.5m) lengths at $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 Specifications Product HDMI version HDMI 2.0b Support 4K60Hz @ RGB, 8-bit YCbCr 4:4:4, 12-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 (4096x2160 / 3840x2160), ARC, HDR 10, HDCP 2.2 Bandwidth 18Gbps Cable size 9ft (2.7M) / 15ft (4.5M) Audio Max 7.1ch / Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD MA Warranty 2 years Environment Operation environment -30℃~75℃ Storage environment 40℃~85℃ / 85% RH Pull testing 12 kgf Join us on Facebook and Instagram About VIVIFY VIVIFY is a gaming brand from BKSTEC that provide the first ever patent-pending high-end light-up HDMI cables. BKSTEC has pioneered innovation around high performance industrial active optical cable (AOC) products. Industry-leading quality and customer-centric products have led the company to become one of the leading providers of fiber optical cables in the world. Learn more about VIVIFY and BKSTEC.
  19. Their not bad at all compared to acer or hp they are 10x better. Just build quality on 2 Gen's back and older were not great. Their latest are apparently amazing
  20. Earlier
  21. Haven’t had a lenovo 2in1, but my lenovo laptops (knock on wood) have been solid. One is now handed off to my father and my current laptop runs very well.
  22. And it is an NVMe ssd. A Samsung I think... Ok this is good info. It takes my enthusiasm down a little but I am after your honest opinion/experiences. Thank you!!
  23. Specs seem solid but get the extra warranty. My parents have gone through 2 Lenovo 2 in 1s over the last 4 years normally at 14 months they stop detecting a battery and even when swapped they just won't detect. So they become Touchscreen desktops haha. I use a Lenovo as well and think it will be my first and last Lenovo haha
  24. I think that if you were after a 14” general use laptop that can handle older/low setting gaming it is a great deal (especially if you have 10% coming back to you). 512gb ssd is a big perk at that price point.
  25. It is a Lenovo Flex 14. I ordered one and it has shipped. Found out about it over at RFD. Some good savings yet (10%) if you use Rakuten. Anyway, what do you all think???
  26. So a While back I said I would start posting these videos, they are made when people ask a question and I have time to give them a dedicated video answer. Okami asked how Overwatch would run if he upgraded to a 1055t so we show him:) If you found this video through the chat on another video feel free to ask a question if you need something tested as this is just a video to help a fan with a question. If you like this kind of stuff we are happy to accept requests for more videos like this System specs AMD 1055T 6 core no OC 6GB DDR3 clocked down to DDR2 settings and speed at 400(800mhz) PNY 950 2GB OC off Gigabyte G1 gaming board 500GB WD HDD
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