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Accelero III VS Kraken G12

Epic GPU Deal - Repairing and Upgrading Asus Strix Cards
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Arctic Z1 Gen 3 Review

The Z1 was a simple install and setup and works very nicely, the hub is simple but sleek and in all reality, Arctic did a great job.
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In either case we consider the Blast Plug BP82s to be a great addition to Silicon Powers current wireless earbud lineup.
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Rugged BOSS SSD Review

The LaCie Rugged BOSS SSD in unabashedly focused on a very specific buyer: the professional.
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  1. Today
  2. I am using the same cpu in my main and in gaming holy crap was it a huge upgrade from the 6950x but editing it is only on par
  3. Also agree. My brother’s build is a 3600X. Only reason for the X model was a sale for $240 shipped...couldn’t say no at that price.
  4. fully agree and the money you save from not going to intel can get you a better gpu where you will really notice the difference
  5. Seems to be that Intel is feeling the hurt from system builders. When I needed to chose it was impossible to beat a 3600 for $240-270 with a $100 board IMO. Intel offered nothing in the comparable price / performance range.
  6. Not a bad question Last year new builds Intel a 9900k rig with Aorus everything for a graphic design buddy AMD 3600x rig for myself 3400g Rig for my portable gaming and review rig 3000g super low power rig working on now Few 1600/2600 value rigs for clients and friends a super value rig for a discord buddy used a 1500x and 350b we found at VLcanada before it sold out. Pretty sure a few other rigs in there to. New parts but eol hardware some am1 rigs, 1366 tower as well as some am3+ stuff that was never opened Do laptops count to? haha swapped a board and everything on a Lenovo to go from a i5 7xxx to a i7 7700hq and 1060 for a client to. Probably lots of other builds in there to. Old used stuff we would need a book
  7. One build for my brother. AMD. otherwise probably a half dozen random upgrades. Cpu/ gpu swaps or ssd upgrades. Low volume for me. I consistently get tempted to redo my main rig, but it really does still suffice for me. With the exception of cpu upgrades or great used deals, I am solely recommending AMD CPUs now...just like a year or two ago when I was solely recommending intel.
  8. I was driving somewhere the other day and thought, "I wonder how many new computers people are building these days?" By new I mean at least a new cpu and mobo were purchased and by "these days" I mean in roughly in the last year. I am also curious which way you went, AMD or INTEL. Feel free to share more if you like. Video cards your chose, SSDs and more. For me it has been three. All AMD, all R5 3600. Thanks all! Stay safe out there!
  9. Yesterday
  10. yah it will have to be something digital for sure as my post offices are now only open a few hours and nothing is moving
  11. Will draw this one in the next few days just confirming patrons and will get the next one prepped. Steam card? Newegg? TP? other? what should we giveaway next
  12. Last week
  13. That is very generous of you, thank you. I will let you know
  14. Have now sold the original psu and got another psu and ram for free just HD to pickup. sold the psu for the same amount I spent on the whole rig and now it’s better than ever. will post some pre video charts tonight to:)
  15. Well if it doesn't work let me know. I can send it to you, just pay shipping
  16. Thank you for the offer. I found a q8400 on ebay. Not sure how much slower it will be than your q9400. The price was right. $6 + $3 Shipping. It will be coming in letter mail but I think it will be ok
  17. I have a Q9400 as well if you need it
  18. Damn that’s a down payment then some for just that rig right there. looks great and thanks for sharing
  19. Hi all! This is my first post here, figured I'd get something in for the March giveaway. Here is the newest addition to the rig family. Yes, needs more RAM. I have some ECC single rank b-die for this, but for folding this last week I've been using the RAM with purdy lights. Also yes, I get the irony of putting Trident Z Royals on a Dark mobo. That battle carries through to the GPUs haha. CPU is a locked Xeon Silver 4214. I'll wait and get an unlocked Cascade Lake CPU down the road. Not sure if I will put it in a case, I kind of like it on a bench like this. Also I suck at taking pictures, sorry.
  20. I have some 1070s and a 1070 ti or two as well as a 1080 ti armour from Msi soon on the market to
  21. Yikes. I am hoping that by late spring or early summer things open up again. The world cannot afford to do take time off.
  22. Yea one of my kids video cards crapped out so had to give my wife 1080 so my son would have 1070. Looking for a card for me. Maybe 580 8gb
  23. Yah their 60 days was people fully bolted into their homes could not go anywhere or anything. Sounds like they have a second wave there now that sounds pretty harsh. my guess is life will change drastically for a year at least for everyone.
  24. Yah that does look good, me to only started my collection again after the cgy flood
  25. Looks good to. Have to start somewhere. I have given away/sold/thrown out all my old stuff...hindsight.
  26. How long do you guys think this will last? Chinese were locked down for 60 days. However "info" from China is unreliable. Even so they might not be out of the woods...
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