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If you are looking for a wireless headset that is feature rich, low priced and actually sounds like headsets worth 2x as much, check out the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless.
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Crucial X8 Portable SSD Review

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The Crucial X8 Portable SSD series may not be a perfect fit for everyone and every scenario, but it does come closer than nearly any other device in recent memory.

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO Review

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Arctic really knows how to do value right. Usually value means trading off the upfront cost for mediocrity in some other areas (aesthetics, ease of use, noise, etc.).


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Though the A1 Plus is not perfect it is damn close. InWin has really brought their A game to the A1 Series of cases. Even if you are not a RGB fan the ARGB is truly beautiful and simple to setup and use.
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  1. Yesterday
  2. I just finished watching Mark Rober's newest video. I love his stuff because it's really fascinating. As far as some non-tech YouTubers, I really like How Ridiculous and Dude Perfect. They're just really energetic.
  3. Here is a bump for you. Surely some of these new forum members joining for the giveaway would love a great gpu deal!
  4. Basically Intel is expensive and gives more hertz for a core (not all) AMD is cheaper and gives more core. Overall AMD is better this year and probably for a couple of years too.
  5. On our YouTube channel I made some many years back. Tonight I hope to get time to finish 3 videos then I have a laptop upgrade and cooling video for next week for you I know they are older videos of mine but I reay like doing the repair videos and upgrade ones, will get you videos of the following, Perks of new compound and thermal pads on laptops 8 vs 16 vs 32gb ram, what is enough and what's too much (mobile edition)
  6. How about some videos of laptop upgrades. I've been to afraid to take apart my old Sony to see if anything can be done with it. It sucks but it still works....hence my apprehension...
  7. Selling some hardware. Ryzen 1700X $190 plus shipping, CPU is in my system Sapphire nitro radeon r9 fury $190 Shipped have org box , card is in my system Samsung MZ-JPU256T/0A6 256GB for Macbook Pro $100 plus shipping Asus 970 PRO Gaming motherboard and FX6300 , $150 plus shipping Pictures coming
  8. Last week
  9. Yah you can finish the game without fighting like anyone. Or murder everyone haha
  10. Thanks for sharing and yah does sound interesting
  11. I am not really into console gaming anymore (all I have is my old xbox 360 and the kids switch), but I am curious how the next gen of xbox and PS will fare, and more importantly, how their abilities may help push PC gaming along. Not available for another year ish, but it sounds promising. Techpowerup Tomshardware Anandtech
  12. Yeah, I am actually regretting my petg choice, but it was too late. I already bought 3 packs ot Primochill 1/2" petg. I can't return it unfortunately. My next loop will be acrylic or metal tubing.
  13. In reality, there's very little reason to use PETG over acrylic. No fluid limitations with acrylic IIRC.
  14. I read you can really finish the game with charisma only characters which is very unique
  15. What are your other gear will be? What are you going to use for? I mean there is no meaning of getting an i9 processor for gaming or last gen i7 with a 1050ti. You should think with what is your bottleneck. This might help you understand
  16. So just an update here. I got my hands on some MSDS sheets for some of the liquids. The EK-Cryofuel, both clear and pastel, don't contain gylcol, at least not indicated on the MSDS sheets. And the Mayhems Pastels V1, and V2, and X1 liquids are all glycol free. All these SHOULD be safe with PETG.
  17. LOL In my country first they blocked pornographic sites then they blocked VPNs.
  18. That is quite an awesome upgrade
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