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  1. *Full disclosure = this is not my first time I just so happen to have Cool Labs Liquid Ultra on hand not to mention a Rockit Cool delidder* And I am back up and running!!! Preliminary results are AMAZING! Check out these load temps taken the same way as before! Yowza Curious how the delid procedure went? It was super easy. I am sure that the TIM was totally "let go" under the IHS. Substantially less force was needed than what I know to be normal. I believe that I only needed enough shearing force to overcome the IHS adhesive because the TIM
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  2. Hey you yes you Shuddup you're stealing something already in the works haha jk Yah that is a great idea and I think I still have a 2500 to toss against it, but I do have a 2500s for sure maybe I'll have some other good i5 that's not low power but even that would make a good comparison
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