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  1. Yeah, I am actually regretting my petg choice, but it was too late. I already bought 3 packs ot Primochill 1/2" petg. I can't return it unfortunately. My next loop will be acrylic or metal tubing.
  2. So just an update here. I got my hands on some MSDS sheets for some of the liquids. The EK-Cryofuel, both clear and pastel, don't contain gylcol, at least not indicated on the MSDS sheets. And the Mayhems Pastels V1, and V2, and X1 liquids are all glycol free. All these SHOULD be safe with PETG.
  3. OK, thats awesome man. Thanks for the link. Cant try it out myself yet as my PC is still down while I do some mods, and custom sleeving. But I am excited to try this out.
  4. Thanks man. Appreciate that. Can't wait to see what your results are. I mean, I can wait. But, you know.
  5. OK, mind is blown! I can't believe you built a Borderlands 3 capable rig for $50!
  6. Wow, thank you so much for the amazing info. Going to google all this now. And I am in Canada, so I'll heck out this Canuckistan Voxel Factory. Thanks!
  7. I am looking for a good small 3d printer for printing cable combs. Any suggestions? Also I found a bunch of 3d models, but none exactly what I was looking for. I would like a comb that mounts to panels. I found one model but i didn't like it. Thanks
  8. OK, thats pretty cool. Can't wait to see what you do with it. have fun!
  9. Looking for Asus Aura compatible 12V 4pin wired 5mm RGB LED that can be synced to ASUS motherboard if anyone knows of any that work. Thanks
  10. Anyone know a way to get Corsair iCue/Lighting Node to sync to Asus Aura Sync on a Asus z390 Formula XI?
  11. Thanks for the response. I think I am totally going to get the Mayhems Pastel in White. The stores seem to have two different bottles and I am not sure if they are the same formulation. I think they changed the bottle when Mayhems X1 came out. Not sure if they changed the formula too though. And yeah, I am going to flush the loop really really really good.
  12. Looking for best non glycol white liquid. as I am told glycol will damage petg tubing. Also, want something that does not cause clogging of the block fins. Any suggestions?
  13. Unfortunatel it isn't topical. It is wear right down to the copper in some spots. No silver coil either. It is the only component in my entire loop with wear, all nickle plated copper or brass, and a full copper rad.
  14. Anyone else experiene this problem with phanteks blocks? I only ran it for 6months with distilled water and clear ek-cryofuel. No other components show any wear, but the nickle in the gpu block looks aweful. Anf it isnt just topical, it is wear right down to the copper.
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