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  1. Nothing beats REAL BBQ (not grill) ribs... but yeah they are very good in an instapot. ... and yeah Masala is damn near addictive... and easy in an instapot
  2. Not a complete list... but this is what I use MINE for: starbucks "Sous Vide" Egg Bites (need the 8qt for the silicon sleeves) stews casseroles Chili whitecastle style hamburgers pastas pulled pork beans n rice turning tough cuts of meat into roasts that don't suck Basically anything I would have used a slow cooker for... but dont have the time nor patience to wait 8-12hrs for ?
  3. I got the 8qt model and the extra space comes in handy from time to time. Makes great stews (cook once for many meals). Might want to think about the bigger unit. Both are good though :)
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