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  1. I love builds like this. I doubt I will make sense out of what I will say next but I think computers were more exciting when I was scraping together builds like this!
  2. Thank you for your list. I will have to get one of these to try out. I am told by my dad that these insta-pots make great ribs, what do you think?
  3. I have heard great things about insta pots but I do not know what all can be prepared in them. Is anyone willing to make a list of suggested meals? PS: I hope this is not considered hi-jacking of this thread!
  4. And it is an NVMe ssd. A Samsung I think... Ok this is good info. It takes my enthusiasm down a little but I am after your honest opinion/experiences. Thank you!!
  5. It is a Lenovo Flex 14. I ordered one and it has shipped. Found out about it over at RFD. Some good savings yet (10%) if you use Rakuten. Anyway, what do you all think???
  6. Thanks, I did not mean to bring my own thread down but am genuinely surprised I had forgot my 18th day like that. Our family is close and I am sure we will have a good time. Food and presents will flow and it will be good ?
  7. My wife now reminds me (apparently I forget major events in my life) that my 18th birthday is also the day that my older sister was in her car crash and broke her back. She is now a paraplegic (nothing works from the arms down). I am embarrassed that I forgot that but it has been 19 years. I tend to push bad things from my memory... or perhaps it has been all 12 of those concussions... stupid sports!!!
  8. Thanks for the input guys. For some reason I think I should do something special... however it seems that all of us just had a normal birthday and so that does take the pressure off.
  9. What did you get for your 18th birthday? I do not recall getting anything substantial. Some of my son's interests would be playing DCS and Technics LEGO. He makes up elaborate recreations of existing farm machinery. I am not sure my wife and I want to contribute more to those hobbies. Also no, he does not have a car.
  10. Any ideas on what to get my eldest son for his 18th birthday? I have little to know idea what I should get him. What did you get when you turned 18?
  11. this is Niiiice! I thought I clicked on the wrong bookmark at first. Cheers on the good work!
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