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  1. "Are your broken fans a pain in the ASUS?" BTW I love the idea behind this article.
  2. Recently put this neat build together It is a mix of used and new parts that I feel has potential going forward. Swapping the R5 1400 for a new 6 core and eventually the 1070 for something faster should mean that this puter I put together for my brother in law should be great for a long time IMO. After assembling and using this computer I will say I am surprised by the R5 1400. This computer performs well enough for the people that will use it. Also a note about the P300 case, I enjoyed working with it and would consider another. I appreciate that it was all steel and does not use plastic for any of it's panels. However I would like it to be $20 cheaper Phanteks P300 AMD R5 1400 ASROCK B450M Pro 4 2x4GB ram oc'd to 3000mhz (Up Here! RGB heat spreaders) EVGA 850 BQ EVGA 1070 Samsung m.2 256GB Gelid 120mm intake fan ** Thanks to all that helped me find value parts to put in this rig **
  3. oh man, I so wish I could make it. That sounds amazing!!!!!!
  4. Thank you very much it works now Brother inlaw is going to kill me as I ordered the new ASROCK B450M PRO4 AND Phanteks P300 Eclipse (White) for his kids puter. Wish me lucky!
  5. *Still cannot edit my posts* Silly me I linked the wrong DUAL VSTA board. I had the 939 version for my 3800 x2 clocked to 2.9Ghz. That is a long time ago I am close to ordering a new ASROCK B450M PRO 4. However I really need to keep this suuuuuper cheap and buying new does not help. Maybe something used will pop up! EDIT: seems I can edit immediately after posting but after I leave and come back I cannot.
  6. Thanks for the input. I have not owned an ASROCK since a 775Dual VSTA board ... AGP annnnd PCIe
  7. Thanks. Unrelated question, what do you think the CM Q300L?
  8. Choosing between: ASUS TUF B450M Plus Gaming Pros: from Amazon with prime so easy return and free ship, will handle an upgrade to 8 cores Cons: all the tax ASROCK B450M Pro 4 Pros: MIR???, No PST, will handle an upgrade to 8 cores Cons: $6 shipping, ASROCK customer service???, Returns not as easy as Prime not that they killed Premiere Partnership or whatever MSI B450M Plus Gaming Pros: Free Fedex shipping and no PST, will handle an upgrade to 8 cores Cons: Returns not as easy as Prime I will be running an R5 1400. These board are all pricier than I like but so far used ones are eluding me. I know S21 mentioned open box at memx but they are also not an option. Let me know what you think! Anyone have a B350M or B450M board???
  9. 1.28v is working 5Ghz.. so far. This puter is my main baby. It records 8 hrs a night and I use it during the day. I could clock lower but I like the idea of 5Ghz if nothing else. As is under full load the computer is cool (mid 60C) and quiet (fans are running 500-1000 rpm). I do have the right tools and they will soon be obsolete. Anyone need something delidded??
  10. That sounds like a good idea. I think I will get below 1.3v at 5.0Ghz. I will post back shortly
  11. Ran Cinebench R20 and R15. I am surprised how well my R5 3600's do considering their 1Ghz per core speed deficit. Amazing!
  12. So far 5.2Ghz with 1.35v is working. Load temps are in the low 70's Celsius and the fans are running ~ 75%.
  13. 1.29v not enough, upped to 1.35v and hopefully can go down perhaps.
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