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  1. Any updates on this project? I find Toshiba XG5 have great prices on eBay and they are fast drives. Also, if you do have UEFI BIOS you can try to inject the NVME driver in the BIOS for proper NVME support that would allow booting from NVME too !
  2. The 1050ti low profile seem to hold unreasonable value for what they offer, I mean you can easily find RX570 for 80. That's why SFF builds get on my nerves most of the times with the low profile requirements for speciality GPUs. I always hoard one or 2 low profile ready GPUs, just in case I stumble over a SFF build or want to upgrade one to resell.
  3. Some HP models with SB do not accept IB but since yours already had a 3770 it would not been the case. Or at least not in the original specs, maybe with bios updates. So, what's the final configuration ?
  4. Customer was mining with an army of rx460s ? That's a bit pathetic!
  5. The AIO bracket is the G10 or the newer G12 ? Wouldn't have it been simpler to buy replacement Strix fans from eBay and install them? I mean even I did that and like that you keep the original RGB lighting potential as well.
  6. where are all the promised videos? And from that Precision T3500?
  7. In an effort to make the machines smaller Dell have redesigned their towers, with a questionable option of choosing to relocate the HDD cage on the bottom of the case, instead of under the 5.25" cage, limiting the space available for GPUs to 9.5" length. Kinda disappointing.
  8. Are you guys tired of my corporate boxes mated with retail GPUs ? The latest one, a Dell Optiplex 3010 with an Asus Strix RX570.
  9. Antec Earthwatts PSU ? The RX460 has power connector ?
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