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  1. On our YouTube channel I made some many years back. Tonight I hope to get time to finish 3 videos then I have a laptop upgrade and cooling video for next week for you I know they are older videos of mine but I reay like doing the repair videos and upgrade ones, will get you videos of the following, Perks of new compound and thermal pads on laptops 8 vs 16 vs 32gb ram, what is enough and what's too much (mobile edition)
  2. Yah you can finish the game without fighting like anyone. Or murder everyone haha
  3. Thanks for sharing and yah does sound interesting
  4. Almost since their inception portable Flash based solid state storage devices have fallen into roughly one of two camps: cheap yet ultra-portable drives that are known to be slowpokes, and those that may be larger and cost noticeably more per GB but are USB bus saturating speedsters. Recently we took a long hard look at the Crucial X8 series and walked away very impressed with what it had to offer. That model did indeed blur the lines between the two camps and made it a lot easier to have 1TB worth of portable performance in your pocket. Seagate however begs to differ on what it takes to bridge the divide and has released a new One Touch SSD series which promises to do what no ‘high performance’ model has done to date: be nearly as portable as a thumb drive, nearly as fast as high performance drives and do both while not costing a fortune. Full Review Please Retweet, comment and Like Please Like, Comment and Share
  5. on a side note have you check out this https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=180890
  6. Had my works xmas party for the weekend so had zero time, got a rig with the asus sync setup just need to find a icue device to use and test
  7. Love this idea and it is a for sure probably during ces We have before and most likely will again if evga hooks us up. Issue with any cards over $200 is they seem to get us a rush of bots and single posters/viewers where as low cost items seems to actually bring in people who come back. It's very odd
  8. thanks haha now just need to run through the tests then change compounds and retest haha
  9. build is now pretty much done only thing left is a compound cleaning on the video but heres how the build ended with full prices Above is the before cleanup but all upgrades done The Front The Back, wish it was modular Sealed up back All closed up. Okay totals Base system with 4gb ram and 4350 gpu $25 Upgraded Ram 4 more gb ddr2 $5 total 120GB SSD $10 GTX 650 Ti Boost $10 Grand total $50 CAD or $38 USD Tests and video soon
  10. https://allthetropes.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Ones_Go_Faster It's a Trope way to fall into it
  11. Like the color red on your car, rgb just makes computers faster
  12. Yup as that is what I did with my Lenovo legion, 750gb crucial ssd and 500gb nvme as well as a 32gb ddr4 2400 ram upgrade
  13. It's done now I will post updated images tomorrow and hopefully get the gameplay done. then a fun video and sell
  14. Just sold my last 2070 may have more next week will keep you posted but I do have one 1080, if this is a gift for your kids and since your such a epic customer I can send you the 1080 to see how it runs and if you want it buy it if not send it back
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