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  1. Hey hey everyone hope we are all well, this year the RHR crew some how got invited as honoured guests for ltx2020 and do to this we want to celebrate right. we will be holding a private event with many many many beers from our local micro brewers. there will be a small entrance fee and some awesome giveaways. If you are at ltx 2020 please comment here and we will have more info soon. thanks everyone and look forward to seeing everyone there and enjoying the best beer on earth... Canadian beer suck it merica. -John and the RHR crew
  2. Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, GoPro style ‘action camera’, or the typical mundane camera your choice of SD storage can indeed have a noticeable to large impact on overall performance. Put simply, your device is only as ‘fast’ as the slowest component used. Invariably the bottleneck is going to be your SD card. The sad fact of the matter is the lowly SD/SDHC/SDXC/etc card’s performance is terribly slow by modern standards and the SD has been slow to adapt to the changing times (they only recently announced a PCIe express based specification). Right now, the fastest real-world SD cards are SD UHS-II class of cards which top out at about 300MB/s. While UHS-II adoption is, to put it mildly, slow these cards easily work in UHS-I devices (at UHS-I speeds) and are rather future proof to say the least. The only downside is usually their increased cost. Silicon Power and their new Superior Pro series intend to change that, as their latest models offer blazing fast speeds and yet do not cost all that much more than UHS-I card of similar capacity. Today we are going to look at their latest edition, the Superior Pro microSDXC UHS-II series. Specifically, the 128GB capacity model. Full Review
  3. That is very fair, I used to work for Apple so not a fan due to that haha. Their phones are fine for sure, work just asked if I wanted a free phone and they would cover my contract so I said “why not” it’s been fine thus far in all reality
  4. I did not know this, thanks for the info GaK. i know I’m going to need to buy more nvmes and sd cards soon, is there any external nvme drives that are shuck worthy yet or still cheaper to buy on their own?
  5. Day 1 with iPhone, I feel any sense of creativity and originality has now left my body, I have a desire to go to Starbucks as well as get avocado toast. The desire to protest and be a hypocrite about how everyone else needs to do better for the environment has yet to kick in but I fear it is only a matter of time now Day 2. all the apps have far more ads then my rioted android I have seen that one chick yell about raid shadow legends about 100x in the last hour, notifications come in droves as well as I can understand why people with iPhones hate their lives so much, analytics apps show far more negative data on their home screens then android devices that try to pick you up instead of put you down. By day 3 I fear total insanity. may the gods have mercy on our souls
  6. Another little test bench. Need a baseline for the strix 1070 before I mod a bunch of them The rig is dead silent. Specs I7 4790 32gb 1866 Asus s97-c Scythe big shuriken 3 Pny SSD 480gb 128gb adata m.2 SSD for the hell of it.
  7. Ryzen, ram, cooler, ssd, gpu, PSU and more haha
  8. yah I almost died shipping the 20+KG giant box yesterday, normally this would not be bad but yesterday there was a giant line at the CP
  9. No problem and damn that's a sexy case, love phanteks.
  10. Edit issue now resolved, last update set it to 5 min now it's unlimited Thanks for catching that
  11. Perfect that will help us narrow down what's going on I'll check the rules
  12. PSA most my test rigs as asrock, don't tell my reps haha. Their new boards have been very solid for me. My oldest boards that still run are asrock to haha got some great asrock 939 boards
  13. I only own about 3 of them so I like them haha, easy cable management and nice and compact. Good price
  14. I'll look into the editing issue right away, I do like the Asrock board the best as also the MIR is normally not too horrible with Asrock Even a 320 or 350 series board if found at the right price may work great for you to. I'll hunt around more after work to see if I can locate any better deals. Good luck:)
  15. Damn right you will I may hold you to this
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