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  1. Awesome looking rig, thanks for sharing with us and welcome to the forum
  2. Try and vote again just checking if I remove multiple choice it works better
  3. Thanks for the heads up trying to fix that now, rarely use the poll built into the forum haha
  4. Those are all possible to as we can drop ship from suppliers Great ideas
  5. Sounds great to me, We would like to do physical items but shipping and going out is always a pain these days haha
  6. Thanks as always for sharing, will get my copy once my epic store finally loads haha
  7. We are currently wanting to start another giveaway but want to know what everyone wants. Right now shipping is still a huge pain so what would everyone want. Thanks and Stay safe out there
  8. Found a fuzzy buddy in a evga rma gpu box today, we caught him in the printer and I know some of you would say kill him but we let it go free
  9. Not every review goes as planned but the Maono AU-PM421 is an extremely durable high-quality microphone kit, the boom arm is not the nicest one on the market but the sound quality and touch mute button with LED indicator is one of the best. If you are needing a great audio solution the PM421 should be on your shortlist and is currently even lower-priced then during the review. Use our Amazon link to help support RHR. USB Microphone 192KHZ/24BIT MAONO Professional Cardioid Condenser Podcast Mic with One-Touch Mute and Mic Gain Knob Amazon link to Maono PM421: https://amzn.to/3g2dJ5z Lav Mic During Unboxing: https://amzn.to/2X56G3i More Reviews: https://www.realhardwarereviews.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realhardwarereviews/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/real_hardware/ Forum: https://forums.realhardwarereviews.com/ Check out our channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/RealHardwareReviews/ Be a Patron on our Patreon where we run Patreon only giveaways and more: https://www.patreon.com/Realhardwarereviews Music: https://www.bensound.com https://www.realhardwarereviews.com/maono-au-pm421-microphone-kit/
  10. Haha this was prime rib and was amazing, used the left overs to make prime rib fajitas. They ti were top notch, pizza is always good
  11. Yah their really good priced on eBay or through the oems this one was direct from a buddy at Asus. He said they just have boxes of them to flash haha also more hardware a 8 year old+ gaming laptop haha
  12. Killed my first bios with a static shock, new one for $.50 free shipping haha
  13. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/grand-theft-auto-v/home there you go and epic deal thanks for sharing
  14. Just got this bad boy should be fun for a “can it game in 2020” video current video I am working on, shockingly good kit for such a low price
  15. Thought it was time to treat myself and the family so I made some prime rib and Yorkshire puddings it all turned out awesome
  16. it is far from thin hahah this is my video editing rig, most times I make a video I have about 20tb of external storage that I backup every broll or video or event to, then I save a copy on my local system. At 1080p I could record forever and hardly put a dent in this. At 4k I’m using a 250gb min pretty much per video. i also like to have mirrored backups of family photos and things like that. from time to time a physical backup of the site helps to. i will also have a capture card video coming up after this cooling video and 2 audio ones where this capture card is chewing up space like no tomorrow haha beyond all the spinning disks I have 2 1 tb nvme one is the OS and adobe drive as well as a few game other is current videos being edited. my plan is to some day when I can find 5tb Ssds for a good price is swap them all for ssd storage and move and spinning to a nas. i was going to build a new nas on Friday but a emergency put any other projects that I need to be out of the house for on hold.
  17. Haha if only it was that cool but it was super low priced so I could not pass on that. kit includes all the pipes, res, pump, rad fittings and block As well as liquid for $99. new their on sale in Canada for like 118 plus shipping normally their over $200 so I was happy to get it prepped my rig last night also jammed in some of my backup drives and a new 1200 watt psu. this was before cable clean up, had to remove one drive from this stack do to lack of ports. There is also a 5tb 2.5” hidden on the other side I’ll show with my embarrassing cable photos.
  18. Well it was on newegg direct from Alphacool next day for like $99 cad so I 'm guessing the "open box never used" had something to do with this haha
  19. yah I was with you till 2 other tech discords I am in wanted a unboxing even if I make it a joke to do with how bad the box is damaged. I will hammer something out tomorrow
  20. Have a watercooling kit that showed up anyone want a video on it and review or Na? Product is fine inside
  21. That's awesome thanks for sharing, kinda want to get one for my spare rig but the 2700x that I got for $99 will work fine in that one :)
  22. ZADAK ANNOUNCES NEW LOW-PROFILE TWIST SERIES DDR4 MEMORY MODULES Featuring a compact and minimalist design with clock speeds up to 4133MHz and capacity up to 256GB May 5th, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan – ZADAK, a leading provider of enthusiast PC gaming components and innovative water cooling solutions, announces the TWIST, a new DDR4 memory series featuring a low profile design with clock speeds ranging from 2666MHz to 4133MHz at a latency of 19-21-21-42 1.4V, and capacity from 8GB to 256GB. Engineered for performance and compatibility, the TWIST DDR4 memories support Intel XMP 2.0 profiles for effortless overclocking, and offer superior heat dissipation with their aluminum alloy heat sink. With a low-profile design and extensive Qualified Vendor List (QVL) certification, they are sure to fit any build. The TWIST Series DDR4 memory modules achieve the maximum capacity of 32GB for single slot with impressive stability. Exquisite workmanship and elegant design Sporting a slim anodized aluminum alloy heat sink, the TWIST Series comes in a matte black and brushed aluminum finish for an elegant and sleek look. The refined low profile and compact design of the TWIST is well thought out to provide optimal heat dissipation without compromising on style. Low Profile 4133MHz 32GB Memory Module Each TWIST DRAM memory stick measures a maximum of 3.5cm (1.38in) in height and is available at speeds of up to 4133MHz, with a single stick maximum capacity of up to 32GB. Fast enough to run most AAA games, the high capacity single-slot option ensures that even the smallest system can multitask without lag. In addition, each TWIST memory Integrated Circuit (IC) is meticulously selected to ensure they meet ZADAK’s high-performance requirements. This ensures that each memory stick will perform at the specified speed and voltage without hiccups, and allows ZADAK to combine the TWIST Series with a limited lifetime warranty. Extensive QVL certification ZADAK went above and beyond to ensure the TWIST DDR4 memories have been tested with major motherboard brands, and are certified on their QVL. This proves the TWIST Series can perform across a wide spectrum of scenarios. XMP 2.0 support The Intel Xtreme Memory Profiles are preset overclocking profiles that have been tested to boost memory performance while keeping the system stable. With their support for Intel XMP 2.0 and with the matching CPU, the TWIST DDR4 memory can be fine-tuned by simply selecting the desired XMP profile in the BIOS for a speed boost without having to worry about the computer crashing in the middle of an important task. To learn more about the TWIST DDR4 memory by ZADAK, please visit: https://www.zadak.biz/products/content/62 Specifications Type 288-Pin DDR4 U-DIMM Series TWIST Speed PC4-21300 / DDR4 2666 MHz CL16-18-18-38 1.2V PC4-24000 / DDR4 3000 MHz CL16-18-18-38 1.35V PC4-25600 / DDR4 3200 MHz CL16-18-18-38 1.35V PC4-28800 / DDR4 3600 MHz CL18-22-22-38 1.35V PC4-28800 / DDR4 3600 MHz CL17-19-19-39 1.35V PC4-32000 / DDR4 4000 MHz CL18-22-22-38 1.35V PC4-33000 / DDR4 4133 MHz CL19-21-21-42 1.4V Capacity 8GB (8GB x 1) 16GB (16GB x 1) 32GB (32GB x 1) 16GB (8GB x 2) Kit 2 32GB (16GB x 2) Kit 2 64GB (32GB x 2) Kit 2 32GB (8GB x 4) Kit 4 64GB (16GB x 4) Kit 4 128GB (32GB x 4) Kit 4 128GB (16GB x Kit 8 256GB (32GB x Kit 8 Color Black and silver Heat Spreader Anodized Aluminum Measurements (W)13.5cm x (H)3.5cm x (D)0.5cm Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
  23. 110% agree everything told me 1440/4k would be great but going from 165hz 1080p 27” to a 38” 4k 75hz the difference in editing and strategy games are amazing the 4k all the way but in FPS games I feel like I not only shot myself in the foot but severed it at the knee. higher refresh at 1080p is easier on the system and does work amazing with your eye strain with fast paced games.
  24. It certainly is a great time to be a gaming enthusiast. Not that long ago the only way to get a monitor capable of hitting above 200Hz was go the TN route… and friends do not let friends use TN unless they have to. Since those ‘bad old days’ a veritable sea change has occurred and now TN is on life support. Thanks to some massive amounts of RnD magic, buyers can now get relatively inexpensive monitors that can refresh well in excess of 200 frames per second. Not satisfied with ‘just’ 200 or even 240Hz offerings ASUS has recently turned up the heat on the competition and released the TUF Gaming VG279QM which is rated for a whopping 280Hz… and is IPS not TN based. Not that long ago that combination of features would have been more than enough to carry a model. Carry it right into the hearts, minds and wallets of Gaming Enthusiasts faster than Steam’s annual winter sale with the wrong prices listed. Thankfully, those days are also in the past. In the ongoing ‘refresh wars’ monitors have to be more than one or even two trick ponies. This is why the ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM comes with numerous other tricks up its sleeve. Tricks such as being both Adaptive Sync (though FreeSync compatible it is not FreeSync 2 certified) and G-Sync certified (albeit for NVIDIA it is certified as ‘compatible’ and not ‘G-Sync Ultimate’). DisplayHDR 400 and HDR-10 support for ultra-rich and deep color reproduction. For those who care more about reducing motion blur over screen-tearing ASUS has also managed to combine VRR with their Extreme Low Motion Blur technology (under the aptly named ‘ELMB-Sync’ banner). Yes, the main selling feature of the TUF Gaming VG279QM is not anyone ‘got to have’ feature. It is a ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach to the included features. Features which promises to combine to offer buyers buttery smooth image clarity, variable refresh rate technology to minimize the need for 2K worth of video card horsepower, and not worry about being locked in to Team Red or Team Green. That certainly is a lot to like, however as this is a 27-inch, 280Hz monitor with an asking price of about $400 USD it should not come as too big a shock to learn it is using only a 1080P and not 1440P AU Optronics panel. 27 inches of horizontal real-estate is a lot for 1920×1080’s worth of pixels to cover. For some, especially those using 1440 let alone 4K monitors, that is when they will stop and write off the TUF Gaming VG279QM. Let’s dig in and see if such knee-jerk reactions are a good idea or not. Read the Full Review Here
  25. Well things have gone from bad to worse, Filed a claim as well as a paypal charge back at this point. Newegg has filed a claim to for me against their reseller but still will not refund me or swap the item to another reseller they have. Waiting 2 more days till anything happens
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