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  1. Here is a bump for you. Surely some of these new forum members joining for the giveaway would love a great gpu deal!
  2. I am not really into console gaming anymore (all I have is my old xbox 360 and the kids switch), but I am curious how the next gen of xbox and PS will fare, and more importantly, how their abilities may help push PC gaming along. Not available for another year ish, but it sounds promising. Techpowerup Tomshardware Anandtech
  3. Nice work. That cable management makes me happy . The first pictures make my ocd go a little crazy.
  4. Bond007


    Hmmmm. $10 is going to be tough. Might be able to get a switch case or screen protectors. Maybe a cheap pc LED strip (if that interests you). Case fan. Mouse pad. $10 amazon gift card.
  5. A 2070 sits roughly in the middle between a 1080 and 1080Ti.
  6. So...a follow on. This is my motherboard https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z77-D3H-rev-10#ov Can you foresee any issues if I used this: https://www.amazon.ca/ADWITS-Adapter-Compatible-Samsung-Black/dp/B07T58NXVD/ref=mp_s_a_1_30?keywords=nvme%2Bto%2Bpcie%2Badapter&qid=1575724402&refinements=p_85%3A5690392011%2Cp_72%3A11192170011&rnid=11192166011&rps=1&sr=8-30&th=1&psc=1 and grabbed an nvme and used it in the pcie X4 slot? From my understanding of the manual it is the bottom x16 slot, but actually runs at x4. I believe it disables a couple x1 slots when it use, it I am not using those. Am I missing anything?
  7. Do you have the 1080 in a computer right now, or just that? If you have a pc, what are the specs?
  8. AMD has it pretty much locked down right now for bang for buck at all price brackets. On a budget the 2600 is great, stepping up its the 3600, and if you really need cores the 3700X or 39XX.
  9. Bond007


    Come for the giveaways and stay for the forums and reviews. welcome!
  10. Hmmm. 240 AIO cooler as another option, or nvme ssd, solid tower air cooler, ram...
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