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  1. Oh man. Making me try to justify why I need a 2070...not required. I will share with a few people from work (really clearing things out for ces/Christmas fund).
  2. Nice. I wonder if my local recycling place would do something like that. I would love to put together random computers for the fun of it. cover ces and Christmas...that’s going to be a few bucks. Good luck!
  3. Nice one. Out of curiosity, I get the “old mining parts”, but where did you acquire “dumpster dive” and “free random” parts? Should be a great basic build for someone later. What’s the long term plan for it?
  4. It’s adata’s kind of gaming or higher end marketed stuff.
  5. Per the title. If you don't happen to have it already, add it to your steam library for free: https://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/Company_of_Heroes_2/
  6. Per the title in black or red. $90 is a good price, but $90 shipped and not being charged tax is better. https://www.amazon.ca/XPG-Gammix-3600MHz-Modules-AX4U360038G18A-DB10/dp/B07YZTHBK6?th=1&psc=1
  7. I am pretty sure it was originally a win 7 home key (non-pro). Will that work for more basic installs, or only pro?
  8. Thanks. We will see how it works out, but I will go without getting a new key to start. for the download, are you just talking about using the Microsoft download that goes on a USB drive? If so, I have done that before. If it is something more detailed I will take the advise.
  9. Hey. I will be updating a build for someone soon (replacing cpu/mob/ram, but the rest of the build will remain). It’s been a while since I did something like that. He has a windows 7 oem key that was upgraded to windows 10. Can the old key still be used to with a new motherboard to activate win10? Is there a way to get it through a Microsoft chat or phone call to swap the key over? Or does the old key die with the motherboard?
  10. A random one. Anyone cook with an Instant Pot? Probably getting one for my better half for Christmas, however, there are too many models. I get that with current models it seems to go lux<duo<ultra...something like 6in1, 9in1, 10in1, or something like that. Going to go with a 6 quart model. It seems like the cheap ones go on sale $60-80, and the ultra going for $90-100. Worth the extra money? Seems like it adds a nicer digital screen, and otherwise not really sure the other options are worth it. Thoughts?
  11. Haven’t had a lenovo 2in1, but my lenovo laptops (knock on wood) have been solid. One is now handed off to my father and my current laptop runs very well.
  12. I think that if you were after a 14” general use laptop that can handle older/low setting gaming it is a great deal (especially if you have 10% coming back to you). 512gb ssd is a big perk at that price point.
  13. I don't recall getting anything substantial on my 18th at all. Just another birthday from what I remember. I have no idea what to suggest if you aren't wanting to add to his normal hobbies...sorry I can't help more.
  14. Need some info on hobbies. Cars, clothes, nights out, computers, consoles, etc
  15. Sounds good! As a secondary perk, an email about passwords needing to be reset may spark some people back to forum activity as well.
  16. It all makes sense now. I locked my account a couple times before resetting my password. I was getting annoyed because I "knew" my password. Looks pretty good at first glance. I will say that I liked how each forum category used to have different icons. Anyway or interest in bringing something like that back (vice the monitor symbol for all of them)? Could keep them grayed for no new activity or colour with new. EDIT: could an email be sent to everyone advising that the forums have been updated and they will need to reset their password?
  17. Things got kind of crazy for the last while, so I havent been around the site much. Long story short the move from Australia back to NS has been planned and carried out. Bought a house and cars here, and sold in Australia. All of my things have made the sea container journey around the world. Now we are settling in/unpacking and I am back to work/training in my new job. Busy times, but the craziest is hopefully over.
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