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  1. As CES was a little more Crazy than expected and editing took days enjoy the epic CES 2020 dump of all Videos excluding the Asus ones we have already posted. HyperX PC Accessories for CES 2020 Moving on we have the HyperX booth at CES 2020, Highend wireless Headsets with Qi Charging as well custom switches and new mousepads. HyperX Console & Mobile Accessories for CES 2020 The HyperX team shows off their new Mobile Accessories for CES 2020 with a very switch and mobile phone dedicated feel. Corsair Air Cooled A500 At CES2020 We are now moving over to the Corsair booth and looking at the new A500 air cooler, this cooler is massive and yet keeps an innovative install design to make for a simple install and setup for anyone looking to stay with air-cooling. iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT From Corsair At CES 2020 Now checking out the iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT from Corsair we see an upgraded AIO, sleek and simple design, upgraded RGB fans and pump lighting. Making for a great go-to option for AIO users who want great software and RGB controls iCUE Software Now Fully Supported on Mac OSX at CES 2020 Corsair is quickly expanding its RGB support as they push the iCUE software to Mac OSX meaning now even Apple users can enjoy the warming glow of custom RGB accessories. K95 RGB Platinum XT Gaming Keyboard at CES 2020 Corsair is knocking it out of the park with added features this year at CES, giving the K95 better switches, RGB to the extreme with a new light bar as well as full built-in Elgato stream deck features in your hotkeys. Crucial Ballistix Performance Memory and Elite Pro CES 2020 Crucial is stepping up the Ram game with their Ballistix Elite Pro lineup, everything we loved about the Elite but more PRO!!! Crucial Storage Solutions CES 2020 Crucial shows off their Storage solutions, all of which are fully reviewed at realhardwarereviews.com Alphacool - CES 2020 Truly Alpha Level Cooling The Alphacool team shows off some of the best in cooling for CES2020 with full water solutions for almost all budgets Nixeus Unveils Their New NX-EDG43 and NX-EDG274K CES 2020 Nixeus pushes the best of quality and fair pricing with their new NX-EDG43 and NX-EDG274K Offering Higher Resolution, Clearer displays, and Faster Refresh rates all at far lower prices than the competition. Elgato 4K USB StreamDeck and More At CES 2020 Elgato steps up their Streamer and Content creator portfolio with their new lower-cost key light, 4K USB Capture Card and the Corsair K95 pro with built-in Elgato hotkeys. Corsair Concept Orion RGB Pushed to 110% This Year corsair dialed down their insane RGB booth but still slipped in the most RGB we have seen on a single pane of glass, the Corsair Concept Orion is something I know I will be keeping a close eye on as it advances. Gigabyte G27F G27QC G32QC Monitors CES 2020 At CES 2020 the team at Gigabyte released 3 new high-end monitors to fit most demographics. from High refresh esports to a monitor with a built-in KVM and android support. Gigabyte Peripherals Accessories and Cooling CES 2020 Gigabyte has again brought great products to CES with lower-cost custom cooling from AIO to full block GPU's as well as NVMe enclosures with mind-blowing speeds. Origin Ultimate Prebuilt Systems At CES 2020 Origin knows how to make the PCMR members finally show some console love by building it into their gaming systems. The addition to a full system multiport reservoir on their new systems really shows Origin's desire to be different. 1More Upgrades Their Audio Portfolio With New ANC Earphones 1More shows off their high-quality audio options with new ANC headsets as well as new sport in-ear headphones that look and sound awesome! Gigabyte New Laptops for Gamers and Content Creators Gigabyte pushes Aorus aside and shows off their Aero and their new gaming line under the Gigabyte name. This will provide most users with great value and impressive features without the Aorus price tag. Thermaltake New Cases Cooling and More for CES 2020 Thermaltake's Anthony shows off their impressive new water cooling, prebuilds and mods as well as new power supply and software. EVGA New Releases 2060 KO SR3 and More! EVGA shows off their new SR3 Motherboard, RTX 2060 KO (non-super) and G5 power supplies. Scuf Gaming Controllers for CES 2020 Scuff brings the high-end controller market to CES 2020 with its new lineup and partnership with Corsair. If you're sick of low-quality controllers that just break on you and give nothing additional to the table check out Scuf for the best of the best. Movo Audio For Content Creators Full CES Coverage Movo really takes content creation to the next level without breaking the bank. We check out only 1% of their product line as they informed us if they brought everything to CES 2020 they would have well over 400 new products. Make sure to check them out! InWin Custom Cases and New Fans for CES 2020 InWin shows off their new Jarvis case as well as the B1 for those on the go. They were not done with these 2 great cases but showed off their new all in one as well as the 925, Alice 215/216 and more!
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