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In either case we consider the Blast Plug BP82s to be a great addition to Silicon Powers current wireless earbud lineup.
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The LaCie Rugged BOSS SSD in unabashedly focused on a very specific buyer: the professional.
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If you are looking for a wireless headset that is feature rich, low priced and actually sounds like headsets worth 2x as much, check out the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless.
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The Outer Worlds - First Impressions

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So The Outer Worlds has launched and last night I played for a few hours.

The game starts off great with a colony ship being forgotten about due to it affecting the bottom line if they wanted to bring all these people out of hibernation due to how expensive the chemicals are to not kill all the people.

Gameplay: Gameplay is actually really easy, think Fallout New Vegas but far more simple and battles are super simple. The western style weapons controls are great, hiding is awesome as you can actually use cover and shoot through fences.

Humor: The game is a dark humor game but far more adult than most games as of late, the people all feel brainwashed and will help with the guilt when you rob them blind or lie to them. Caught myself laughing more than a few times in the first hour of gaming .

Skills: The skill tree is not like most games I have played (will put a screen shot in when home) when you level up you get a main boost to a tree and then can individually set for main skills like small arms or deception and what not. also you get a perk every few levels, (running faster, more storage and what not)

Graphics: Bethesda take note! day 1 there is ultrawide support, the game looks great and very colorful. At 4k the game runs smooth on a 1080 ti and seems to be locked at my refreshrate of 75hz.

Controls: controls are extremely simple and as you start they will give you a quick guide. Again feels like New Vegas but without Bethesda issues from a bad engine, fighting mechanics in the controls are simple and thus far feel simple and fluid.

Story: Story is entertaining feels like playing Old World Blues but with the corporations brainwashing everyone and everyone is just a number. you start off frozen with a few side effects but shortly into the game you can do whatever you want to keep the story going, all NPC are not essential so you can kill anyone you want. Everyone can be bought and sold so the story is really what you make of it. Also find that everyone is hiding something or insane so trust no one haha.

If you are playing please tell me what your experiences are like or what more you would like to know. will have tons of screen shots later today :)

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7 hours ago, ogu-han said:

I read you can really finish the game with charisma only characters which is very unique

Yah you can finish the game without fighting like anyone. Or murder everyone haha

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