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Crucial X8 Portable SSD Review

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The Crucial X8 Portable SSD series may not be a perfect fit for everyone and every scenario, but it does come closer than nearly any other device in recent memory.

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO Review

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Arctic really knows how to do value right. Usually value means trading off the upfront cost for mediocrity in some other areas (aesthetics, ease of use, noise, etc.).


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Though the A1 Plus is not perfect it is damn close. InWin has really brought their A game to the A1 Series of cases. Even if you are not a RGB fan the ARGB is truly beautiful and simple to setup and use.


Overall we consider the Silicon Power Blast Plug BP81’s to be surprisingly good for this price range. So good we did forget these were BlueTooth based and not wired.
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Ryzen 5 3400G Review

When taken as whole, the Ryzen 5 3400G may not be perfectly suited for everyone, but it is pretty darn close to being the perfect system upgrade for the budget conscience and / or value hunter.Ryzen
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Videos we do not post

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So a While back I said I would start posting these videos, they are made when people ask a question and I have time to give them a dedicated video answer.


Okami asked how Overwatch would run if he upgraded to a 1055t so we show him:)

If you found this video through the chat on another video feel free to ask a question if you need something tested as this is just a video to help a fan with a question.

If you like this kind of stuff we are happy to accept requests for more videos like this

System specs
AMD 1055T 6 core no OC
6GB DDR3 clocked down to DDR2 settings and speed at 400(800mhz)
PNY 950 2GB OC off
Gigabyte G1 gaming board

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19 hours ago, justlexi said:

I really enjoy watching it, any more video updates aside from this one? 

Thanks yah I'll get on a few more very soon. 


Most likely answering bad combos cuz those are fun 🙂

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