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Nixeus NX-EDG34S Review

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Great gaming abilities? Check. Good ‘out of the box’ color accuracy? Check.


If you are looking for a wireless headset that is feature rich, low priced and actually sounds like headsets worth 2x as much, check out the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless.
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Crucial X8 Portable SSD Review

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The Crucial X8 Portable SSD series may not be a perfect fit for everyone and every scenario, but it does come closer than nearly any other device in recent memory.

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO Review

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Arctic really knows how to do value right. Usually value means trading off the upfront cost for mediocrity in some other areas (aesthetics, ease of use, noise, etc.).
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Project sell the spare HP box before it is otherwise dealt with

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A while ago I bought an HP SFF PC cheap because it was a great deal (actually 3...one for my TV, one for my grandparents, and this one). I stripped this one of its 2x4gb ram and 3770 to add to/upgrade my main desktop. Since that time it has been sitting in my storage room. Apparently it needs to be removed from the storage room.

Time to piece together a basic box to sell in order to recoup some $. Pretty slim pickings in my PC spare parts department (compared to some of you), however I have 2x2gb ram and an intel 120gb ssd that are both collecting dust and likely never to be used again, so they are perfect. Off to ebay (which I honestly rarely ever use), and I am getting a cheap i3 to fill the last piece of the puzzle. If I was keeping it I would have opted for an i5 (just because), however i3 are dirt cheap by the nature of everyone upgrading away from them. Also, it will be perfectly fine for a basic box. 

Once I get the i3 it should be a great general purpose browsing box. Fingers crossed it goes together without a hitch, and that I can then find a buyer.

To be continued...

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2 minutes ago, Soullessone21 said:

No bond no I have a whole book of I3 2120 i would of just gave you one haha. 


Keep us posted on full specs as it's built 🙂

Ah. I never even thought of asking. Live and learn. Got a 3220 for $15 shipped, so as long as it actually works I am not out much.

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