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Custom / LGA 771 Xeon to LGA 775 mod
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:41:51 AM »
I have been reading a lot on this mod, most of the important stuff is concentrated here, , and after acquiring a compatible mobo the tinkering urge has possessed me again.
Some background here : in the last few months I have been hit with a crippling condition, called CIDP, that evolved quite fast on me and took me by surprise, (I had a few precursory signs but unfortunately they were not able to detect it, the few times I have been at emergency at the hospital), I went to work till the last day I could, so to say, I am pretty much an workaholic, before meeting my fiancee, and some time after, I was working mostly all days off and holidays, the only times when I wasn't working the holidays was when I worked on contract at Reitmans, as I was working on a project that ran only weekdays (they were upgrading the OS on the POS machines, across the country, Reitmans has around 1000 stores across Canada, from NFL to BC) and now I work at Videotron in Montreal. At Videotron, due to it being unionized, working on holidays is allowed only in the order of seniority, and they have limited places, even if you want to work there will be no more place, as most seniors will want to work, and some of them will double shifts in the same day, basically doing 16 hours in a row!, while being at Bell Mobility in Dorval (yes, close to the airport) most of the old/senior agents didn't want to work the holidays, so I was always having an opportunity to work on holidays, score some more bucks, for upgrades you know!  :P
 So I am stuck home with a lot of time on hands and getting bored out of my skull here, so I am tinkering around the house, mostly on my PCs.
I changed lady's PC with one of those Zotac mini PC, one based of a Celeron from the Ivy Bridge family, with 4 GB of DDR3 SODIMMs ( that I actually got for free from Soullessone21 here with the occasion of another buy ) and a SATA III SSD, Crucial M4, (that thing reboots lightning fast) , and this gave me access to a Intel Q45 chipset mobo, that will probably be the test mule for the project. The mobo is Intel DQ45CB, very good, rock solid mobo, no OVC options of course, awesome audio solution, has an ADI codec, I liked that mobo a lot and still do, but I am willing to sacrifice it on the altar of modding. Will ad some pics later.

This is the DFI mobo. I got this in a buy from Shadowmeph on HWC, for 50$ i got also 8GB RAM and a Q6600. It was a bit abused in its life, actually it would not boot when I received it, scratched my head, did a couple of cmos resets, I didn't know back then but the CMOS battery was dying. This board has an interesting option in the bios, it would back up the settings from an ovc profile, and even if you do a bios clear it will not remove those settings, and if they are too agressive it will not boot. It has an option to try and reboot a number of times after a failed boot, but that option was set to 0! In the end it rebooted, like this I discovered that the FSB was jacked up to 369! I dialed down to default values and it worked just fine. A few days after I sold the Q6600 for 50$, thus recouping the money spent on the whole setup. 

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