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Author Topic: Rumour mill  (Read 712 times)

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Rumour mill
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:35:37 PM »
This is place for IT rumors, that are all probably incorrect and are based on speculations and dubious sources :)
(yep, some might turn out to be right, but it will be just a small amount of them)

There are rumors, that sucessor of R9 290X is in the making... It will have just higher clocks AND it it might have the HBM rams (1st generation) - probably called R9 295X :) And very much likely to be faster that GTX 780ti, as for example mere clock boost to 1100MHz can do it :) As for output, it should feature HDMI 2.0 (was 1.4a) and DP 1.3 (was 1.2) outputs and improved ACE units ;)

It is good to mention that nVidia was first to announce the Pascal mobile graphic, that utilize the HBM rams, but that was meant for 2016. However Hynix roadmap show that in second half of 2014 these HBM rams should be available! So AMD might really take technical advantage there and be the first to use them.

HBM stands for "High Bandwidth Memory" (let's hope so) and it is a JEDEC standard. Basically it is a memory stack only without logic. Unlike HMC rams, these are designed for 3D IC integration and can integrate on an interposer only, which interfaces with a CMOS I/O interface.

See the 4 "blocks" very near the nVidia die? That are the HBM rams:

No idea, how it will look on the rumoured Radeon, but since AMD is moving to GlobalFoundries, then it can update the architecture - not producing completely new chip (still not R9 300), but refreshing the current architecture, to get the fastest possible speed out of it.

And the speed crown is what they are after and that move will almost surely grant the victory for them.
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