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  1. Thanks man. Really my only choices were, try to fix it or buy a new one, which I may still have to do if it doesn't hold up to pressure.
  2. So I think I tightened the mounting screws too much. I noticed spider cracks on the Acrylic CPU block top. They didn't look to go all the way through so I decided to try to sand them out. The block is fairly thick. Like half an inch. I ended up sanding off about 2.5mm off the top. Polished it up and I think it looks ok now. Hopefully. Will have to do a lengthy leak test and see if the cracks show up again. Here are the before and after photos.
  3. Wow, nice work here. I really need to work on my Afterburner skills.
  4. Thank you, I appreciate that. I will keep posting as I do more mods for this build. Going to be making some bigger pieces, like full custom back panel for the opposite side of the Phanteks EVOLV X case.
  5. Been practicing on my first metal work ever. I don't have a CNC machine or any special bending tools. I did this with metal snips, a mini anvil and hammer, hand files, and sandpaper. It is a pump mount, plus tube passthrough for the PSU shroud. The first 4 pictures are my first attempt, the last picture, the one painted black, is my second attempt and finished piece.
  6. Thanks for the input. I think I am leaning that way too. A couple extra bends, but yeah I think it looks better.
  7. Planning my bends using half inch wood dowel. which you like better, first or second. Only the resevoir intake is different.
  8. So I want to do push pull on my front EK-Coolstream 360 XE mounted at the front case. I have 3 Corair ML Pro fans I was going to use on the outside (push) and 3 Corsair QL 120 fans on the inside (pull) for thier beautiful lighting. They have majorly different CFMs. Will that cause any problems for either of the sets of fans? The airflow from the push fans will lose alot of steam pushing through that thick radiator right, so maybe won't push too hard against the blades of the fans on the inside?
  9. Seems like a great deal to me. I'd buy it.
  10. Oh ok, was just curious as when I was researching why my pump might have blown, many many many people said thiers was a DDC and DDCs blow often.
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