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  1. Mine and I are doing fine, thanks for asking. Passing the time watching a ton of movies. Because of the nature of my work, it's still piling up while I'm laid off, in fact much more than ever. My war will start when this one ends. Eating too much junk food but trying to stay strong. Hang in there everyone!
  2. You're kind of a master of these micro-budget builds, but it helps to know people tossing DDR4 too. Currently trying to get an old system upgraded to Win 10 (with sound!), and I don't think I have the patience anymore.
  3. How about a sound card? Do they still make sound cards? I have a perfectly good PC with a Creative CA20K2 chip integrated to the mobo that won't be supported in Win10. Not sure if another sound card is even a fix for this, but a soundless PC isn't much of an option.
  4. I have a new suggestion: Thermaltake's CyberChair E500. Marketed as "the gaming chair for people who hate gaming chairs". I'm thinking it's a huge market :D
  5. eunoia

    Happy New Year!

    All the best to you and yours in 2020!
  6. I still love XFX! Way back in 2010 a 6850 with their then "double lifetime" warranty was a no brainer. Mining actual bitcoin, dominating the island of Panau, suicide overclocks to 1012MHz from a stock 775MHz...those were the good old days for the little guy. Fast forward 10 years and the market has changed radically. Double lifetime warranties like XFX's are long gone. Mining crypto became a convenient foil for manufacturers to justify ridiculous GPU prices. AAA games are graphics intensive because they can be, but the gameplay isn't any more compelling. Any hidden overclocking potential has been taken off the table and/or priced accordingly. Kudos for taking a look at these RX580s. I suspect there's still a market for a serious GPU that costs less than a console and offers a bit of "future proofing" (always in quotes, I know. ) I'm fairly skeptical about buying a used AMD card because of the potential of it having run 24/7 in a poorly maintained crypto mining rig, even though the aforementioned 6850 mined actual bitcoin in 2010 and is still running great!
  7. A high capacity hard drive, internal or external, is what I need most. No, it's not for porn.
  8. .gif upload test "You are only allowed to upload 48.83MB." So close, my fave all-time .gif is 49.9 MB. https://imgur.com/a/ED0hd2H
  9. An old school hardware forum with giveaways? You son of a bitch, I'm in!
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