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  1. Are you disqualified if you have won a previous giveaway?
  2. Is it safe to buy used parts? As in what kind of life expectancy are there on various components. What ones are safer investments? I'm interested in doing more of this but I also don't want to flush money down the toilet.
  3. Hey all just wanted to say thanks again for the graphics card and gaming mouse I won in the giveaway. It just arrived today. Soulless you are definitely helping keep the duct tape business alive and thriving!
  4. Monitors keep getting crazier. I keep looking at that monster Samsung Odyssey wondering if I can somehow justify the purchase Of course I'd have do some serious hardware upgrades to even begin to take advantage of it.
  5. Experts don't spend as much time on their own house. Congrats on getting it done man. I'm a plumber by trade and let's just say I have not done everything at my own house perfectly...
  6. Very true. Those laptops will be 2-3x + the price of a console.
  7. https://www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-claims-rtx-2080-max-q-laptops-are-faster-than-next-gen-game-consoles/ Nvidia throwing down the gauntlet.
  8. Ramez05 has a pretty chill Monster Hunter stream.
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