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  1. I feel like adding a row to the charts for cache yes/no would be good info, as that seems to be a huge factor for differentiating these lower cost drives. Typically I'd assume a buyer of this kind of drive is going to have a single drive and might run into the speed concerns without the cache.


    Nonetheless looks like a decent option for a second game drive like GaK said. 

  2. Resurrection?


    With the help of @Soullessone21 I finally got my HTPC updated. I was running a 1070 to handle nothing but 4K HEVC and that's just silly. Since John left the board dusty and I'm lazy too, it's looking pre-worn in! Witness the fantasticness of SATA cables that were sleeved terribly years ago and I had no desire to strip the sleeving off. Also note that despite the absolutely overkill PSU, EVGA's short ass CPU power cable had to be run OVER the motherboard to reach. Why EVGA.


    Ryzen 2200G with a Hyper 212 black edition2x4GB Ballistix DDR4 3000 (I had no idea 4GB sticks existed until John told me)Asus Prime B350 PlusEVGA 850BQSome cheap ass Corsair caseStorage? Big ole mess of stuff. 3x random low power 2TB, 1x 4TB Ironwolf, 1x 250GB Intel ancient SSD for OS, and lastly a 1TB OCZ Trion for my 4K stuff since the HDDs are too slow to serve them up.

  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/workplace-fatal-31-grande-prairie-1.5052270

    A sad reminder that any day could be your last. He was a wonderful man who stepped up to raising a daughter that was not his own, and was supposed to marry my cousin in two weeks. I have no more details than the article, but can only hope that this was a freak accident and not gross negligence on anybody's part. :(

  4. @Arinoth said in Post your car thread:

    So you're one of those people who don't let the rest of sleep at night because their fart can is resonating all down the street?!


    But not really, I went with the most quiet aftermarket exhaust for my car (2.5" vs 3" for almost everything else) and a catted downpipe. When in low RPM it's not much louder than stock, but at WOT it's loud.

  5. Are you sure you're following a ketogenic diet? You mentioned honey, which is 110% not keto friendly due to the high natural sugars content, and will likely kick you out of ketosis quickly. You are probably just feeling a more constant energy by eating better and maybe not eating as much at once. Another thing is the lack of sugar crashes if you're sticking to a lower carb diet.

    Either way there's nothing wrong with it. I lost most of my weight sticking to just low carb, high protein stuff. Lots of chicken and veggies for sure.

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