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  1. Yeah at that price I would have bought ten, tested the shite out of them (to get any initial bad ones back to the store asap) and added to them my X or W NAS drive arrays.
  2. You can sometimes find a deal but on average... nope. You will pay a premium for the enclosure vs internal version. It really is only moderately big HDDs where shucking makes sense.
  3. Interesting question. Yes they do state in their specs sheet pdf that you can download. The tricky thing is... its only in the PDF. So it could be changed out at a later date. However, considering LaCie is Seagate and the new drive would have to meet the same specs it is unlikely that they would change it to a worse drive. Most likely if they do change it, they will change the model name. That is usually how Seagate and LaCie do things. This is the spec sheet for the 2TB'er and it too says what they use: https://www.lacie.com/www-content/datasheets/pdfs/lacie-rugged-ssd-pro-DS2017-
  4. That is an option... but buy once cry once is my motto. Of course if all you want to do is have some cable combs... yeah much smarter to just buy the darn thangs.
  5. I usually use a PCIe adapter for M.2 drives in most of my rigs (even ones with good M2 slot cooling... as I usually run 3 to 4 NVMe drives in a rig). There are plenty of options. IF you can find a decent one with a heatsink instead of just relying upon air flow... get it instead. They are usually about the same price. As for issues. 99 out 100 if it works in the M2 slot it will work in an x4 slot. PCIe is PCIe.
  6. That is a good idea LP. The next time I come across an oddball drive I will add it in. As for my hot take on the 60... for game drive whichever is cheapest. For data drive... same. For more mulit-role... get a P1 or 660P or any other decent drive with onboard cache. The 60 really is meant for secondary storage duties. NOW with that said, if it was the 60 or a SATA drive... get the 60. It will be faster than sata as an OS drive as long as you have 16GB or more of RAM. YMMV
  7. Honestly... after looking at ALL the 'cheap' 3D printers out there it is hard to be Prusa. As new models come out they come out with upgrade kits... so you always have the latest 'n' greatest. Beyond this killer feature, they come with everything you need to make high quality parts 'out of the box'. Great hot end, great bondtech extruder (bowden tubes are for noobs). Mosftets already installed, smoothers installed. TBH once you upgrade a anycubic or ender to the same level the difference is only a couple bucks. If you are here in Canuckistan Voxel Factory are good peeps to deal with. As f
  8. Personally I use https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php or https://tb.32767.ga/ Both are legit and recomened on MyDigitalLife forum (https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/download-windows-install-media-techbench-mvs-iso-uup-svf-esd.72165/) IE they are the legit ISOs, and I have used win7 keys all the time with win 10 activation. IF for some reason it does not work... hypothetically speaking... I would do a search for 'ratiborus58 twitter' and do some investigation on how to get it to work... if you are into that type of thing that is. Not condoning or recommending suc
  9. Nothing beats REAL BBQ (not grill) ribs... but yeah they are very good in an instapot. ... and yeah Masala is damn near addictive... and easy in an instapot
  10. Not a complete list... but this is what I use MINE for: starbucks "Sous Vide" Egg Bites (need the 8qt for the silicon sleeves) stews casseroles Chili whitecastle style hamburgers pastas pulled pork beans n rice turning tough cuts of meat into roasts that don't suck Basically anything I would have used a slow cooker for... but dont have the time nor patience to wait 8-12hrs for ?
  11. I got the 8qt model and the extra space comes in handy from time to time. Makes great stews (cook once for many meals). Might want to think about the bigger unit. Both are good though :)
  12. GaK_45

    Salty Fans

    Sooo over 1 million (and counting) fans are salty over Game of Groans... err... Game of Thrones last season and want HBO to redo it properly. Might sign the petition just for gits and shiggles. https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers
  13. We all know its coming (and with it the loss of an estimated 30+ Million jobs in the next decade alone) and it has begun. Automation is removing the 'need' for entry level jobs that most of started out with in high school. Walmart is cutting another 7K jobs due to automationhttps://www.yahoo.com/tech/walmart-cutting-7-000-jobs-135725099.html Pizzerias are also on the chopping block:http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-24/inside-silicon-valley-s-robot-pizzeria Wendys, McD.. even Dunkin donuts is investing in removing entry level jobs:http://fusion.net/story/302781/wendys-self-service-
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