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  1. @Soullessone21:

    You have a few options with your rig if you go to 1151 you will have to upgrade to ddr4 though the price of ddr4 has dropped it's still a good chunk of money

    If your going to oc a i7 6700k is your best very high end option but even a good i5 6500 non oc is great to save you a lot of cash 6700k around $525 no hsf included 6500 around $290 and includes a cpu fan and heatsink You can get 8gb ddr4 really cheap now for about $50 http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX58568 Then when it comes to boards you have many options if your going with a k series try to get a z170 such as http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX58643 which comes in around $180

    If you want to stick with ddr3 I'll send another few 1150 options when I get home later


    cpu just needs to be adequate to run games. even mid range cpus these days run any game pretty good, so i don't think there is any need for high end or unlocked chips, especially considering the age of the 480s.

    Is there any real value going with DDR4? I have to be honest, my rig (you know the one) has zero problem doing anything, so I hesitate to arbritrarily go with ddr4. Do you think a DDR4 mobo/cpu/ram combo will make a marked difference vs a DDR3 combo?

  2. Hi guys, long time no see eh? :D

    I've got an issue with a computer that I need to solve about 6 months ago. My poor nephew has been waiting for me to fix his computer foreeeever.

    The problem i have with it is that its an older LGA 1366 MOBO with an i7-930 in it on water. The two nvidia 480s are on water, and the cpu is on water. I replaced the one GPU and somehow fried the MOBO, it has burn marks on the 8 pin cpu power connector, and the plug from the psu has melted and warped.

    The computer worked before I swapped in the new GPU so I must have fucked it up somehow. I did loose a little non conductive fluid on the mobo when i was taking the gpu out, but it was clean and dry before I put the psu back in.... cause aside, I need to get this damn thing running.

    The computer powers up but wont post, nothing on screen at all. The mobo is most certainly fooked. God knows what else. I wanted to start with just replacing the mobo because i want to keep the CPU waterblock, I can't find a 1366 mobo anywhere "easy" and I really don't have the time to screw around with this thing.... water cooled computers are cool, but a pain in the fkn ass to work with.

    We've decided to just replace the mobo and proc with something a little more up to date and just remove the cpu from the loop. I'd like to not buy any ram just yet, in case the current ram is still good (enough power shorting to melt the post of a psu cable.... god only knows what was killed in the process)

    So I need some quick advice on what a good bang for your buck mobo and proc is these days that supports DDR3 triple channel 1600mhz. Honestly though, if the value is there we can just replace it as well.

    I realize the 480s are getting long in the tooth, but he doesnt play many triple A titles and he is a big fan of the "cool" factor of the water cooling, so the 480s stay.

    The only real requirement that i "must" have with the mobo is that its ATX and supports SLI.

    Thanks for any feedback guys. This is time sensitive too, I want to order it today (sunday) because I'm going to be out of town after today for about a month. (his old man can help him put it together if i have the parts ready for them)

    I'm heading out of town because my girlfriend is preggo and due on April 5. She lives 600km away, so I want to make damn sure I'm there when the time comes! Then she's moving to my home town with me. Terrible time to move, but life is complicated that way sometimes hehe.

    Thanks again guys :)


  3. You are very stupid and I don't know what to say, except that you are stupid. I should also mention that you are stupid. In case you misunderstand the message I am trying to convey, I'll state it in simple terms you might understand. You are stupid. If you still don't understand my point, ask your mom to explain it to you.

    That is all, I guess.


  4. Nice looking radios man. Are you able to use them much where you live?

    Ive got a radio too, but I have no idea what it is. I just use it for work and its not hard mounted in my truck. its digital though, kenwood I think I could be wrong though ;D

    A lot of the forestry roads in alberta require you call milage so everyone knows who is on the road, what mile they are at and what kind of vehicle it is. The roads are usually really bad and barely navigable, so knowing what is coming really saves your bacon. Nothing worse than coming around a corner sideways because the mud is 2 feet deep, only to see to your horror some bonehead is coming right at you and doesn't have a radio. (remember the roads are "required" you're not allowed on them without the radio. They are also private roads, so they are able to make any rule they want)

  5. I have the Note 4 and I can comment a lot about its usability. As far as size lets be honest fellas, I dont know anyone that has a smart phone that uses it primarily as a "phone". Its a mobile computer and as such you owe it to yourself to have a screen that is big enough to be comfortable using it. Now, any comment on the screen being too big for a phone is suffering from the misunderstanding that they have a computer enabled telephone, when the truth is that they have a "telephone" enabled "computer". When you think of the "phone" as a "computer" then you'll quickly realize that tiny little screens really fkn suck and anything smaller than 5" is really uncomfortable to use.

    That said, the Note 4 is pretty big.... when you are used to carrying around a tiny one. Give the larger screen phone 1 month and you'll never use a smaller one again.

    My note 4 fits perfectly comfortable in the back pocket of my bluejeans. It fits perfectly well on the dash of my truck, it fits perfectly well in my han.... wait.... its a little big for my hands... i do drop it a lot... it could definitely use some kind of grip or handle for 1 handed use.... you really wont be able to 1 hand this sucker. so just accept that you need 2 hands to use it and you'll have to stop drivng while texting so that you can use both hands. It does have some software solutions that make 1 handed use more viable (reduces the "screen" to a much smaller one so you can reach all sides with your thumb) and it works pretty good. but not as nice as having 2 thumbs... certainly slower, unless you are fluent in SWIPE. I suck at swipe personally.. so i like having 2 thumbs... except when i do a lot of chatting, then my thumbs get sore and i turn on the voice recognition and just talk to it instead. it isnt faster than typing usually, but it saves my thumbs.

    The battery life is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME a bazzillion times better than Apple can do on any model of their phones. (and many other brands too!) You see, I just use my phone as much as I want, I can watch movies on it for HOURS and if I have any grief with power, i pop off the back and CHANGE THE BATTERY. What a concept eh? I dunno why nobody else has ever though of this. I mean, its a computer right, they make removable batteries for laptops, it only makes sense to have one for a mobile computer too. I think it comes back to the "phone" misnomer that makes people forget what kind of options should be available for it.

    Speaking of power... I don't know how the note 4 rates in the "most powerful smartphone" arena but there has been absolutely no ap / game / size of movie that I haven't had a perfectly acceptable experience with. Its simply "powerful enough" for all I do. (and I do a lot with it.) Emulators are the only thing that can trip it up, but there isnt a computer in the world that can run all games on all emulators with any kind of reliability.

    The stylus is the very reason I have a note 4. I used to have a note 2 and It was absolutely powerful enough to do what I wanted. I got the note 4 because I am stupid and though "hey, its more powerful, maybe I can do MAOR"... but it didnt. nothing i was able to do on the note 4, could I not do on my note 2. Except check my heartbeat. I had to use my watch for the heartbeat on the note 2... ...Wait... sorry I got distracted... the STYLUS was the reason I got the note 4. I am so used to having one from using my note 2 that I would really miss it if I had a phone that didnt have one. I mean... can you comprehend how difficult it would be to play baulders gate using my finger to touch all those tiny UI elements? I can't imagine how all you folks with no stylus and SMALLER screens cope with playing PC games on your phone. The stylus makes accurate selection a breeze. Then there are those pesky websites with non mobile versions and the damn flyout menus that only fly out when you hover over them... have you ever tried to hover over a menu when it can't tell you're there till you touch it? Well, the stylus doesnt need to touch to be recognized, so with the stylus, those websites are a breeze. I admit that those kind of websites arent exactly "common" but it seems to happen to me a lot when I'm trying access a corporate site that isnt intended for mobile users... Ah well... one day the world will wake up and realize that smart phones are computers, not phones and are perfectly well suited for "work" if only people would treat them as computers and not nurf them because they thought they were phones.

    Speaking of games... The Note 4 comes with 32gb internal mems... but as we all know, there is no such thing as "enough space" on a "computer" this is why we all so often find ourselves running out of room on our phones. Since we incorrectly think of the device as a phone, our expectations for the amount of storage space we need are similarly skewed. The Note 4 will accept a Micro SD card and it does support the largest capacity one available today (128gb) so you can store a whole lot of PSP ROMS on your phone and enjoy them on the go. Additionally, I keep a lot of kids movies on there for when I need to do something and there isn't anything better for the kids to be doing. Anyone with children will understand that they are perfectly happy to watch the same movie 40 times in a row... unless there isn't any other choice. If there isnt any other choice, they will definitely hate the show that is available. So you need a lot of storage space to hold a good selection of titles. I tried to be smart one time and just made a bunch of empty files named with a bunch of random kids movies but the little brat called my bluff and I had to use up 700mb of my insanely expensive data plan so she could watch the title I said i had but didnt on netflix and save face. Never lie to your kids people, its just not right.... and will cost you.


    Note 4

    tis gud phone.

    has replaceable battery and expandable memory.

    Has stylus.

    Has big screen. Big screen iz gud. Small screen iz bad.

    Has lots of powwa, but wont play Crisis.... Can play flappy bird tho.



  6. Hi fellas, this is not quite "off topic" but fits within so many of the other subforums that I decided to not take a chance on picking the wrong one so I put it in the one I knew for sure was the wrong one. I've never been much of a gambler, so at least I know for sure I was wrong instead of having to stress out about it ;D


    I'm doing a bunch of research on Voip networks. Specifically the hardware and physical connections. I already know "how" viop works, but Im getting stuck on a few of the details and I simply can't find the answers on the net anywhere. Since I know for certain that the internet has the answer to every question man could concieve, I can only conclude that the reason I cant find the answer i'm looking for is because I'm simply asking the wrong question!

    So.... If anyone here is fluent in Voip network topology, or at least has more than a passing knowlege of it... or perhaps can take a shot in the dark :D I would love to hear from you.

    The biggest question that is bugging me right now is how a media gateway (softswitch) actually connects to the PSTN. Everywhere I look the information just says "the media gateway provides the connection from the voip network to the PSTN" nowhere anywhere does it say "how" you go about connecting your media gateway to the pstn.

    for example, if i have a company with 100 outgoing calls, I can route them through the LAN to the softswitch and then it.......... how the Fk does the softswitch route the calls... what kind of cable does it take, do I simply need one telephone line going into a softswitch connected to the telephone provider and viola I can make 100 outgoing calls? Or do i have to have a gateway in some place off site that is specifically designed to add networks to the PSTN?

    This part of the topology is either so simple im overthinking it, or...

    Anyway, any help or direction on topology would be immensely appreciated.


  7. @Bond007:

    Amazing shots.

    Thanks bro :)

    The underwater world is a pretty amazing place. Its filled with creatures that are so unusual that you could go right by them and not even know they were animals and not plants.

    This is a Crinoid. At first glance it looks a lot like a plant that is hanging out on the ocean floor, But it is actually an animal with many arms and legs. Once you identify them for what they are, and many of the other species of animals that have created survival mechanisms such as this, you'll realize that the great majority of what you thought was plant life underwater was actually animal life :)

    As you can see in this picture, the small crab seems to be taking a liesurely stroll past a large plant, but as we know, its actually wandering past another animal that is trying hard to go un-noticed.

    This guy doesn't look like he gives a damn if i see him or not ;D he should though, I could fit him in the palm of my hand.

    This is a member of the Nudibranch species. Nudibranchs are a type of sea slug. I know we have visions of how icky slugs on land are, but underwater they are pretty damn cool. There are many many different kinds of nudibranchs and most of them have vibrant colors and patterns. They are also a popular species with underwater photographers as they make interesting images. Many photographers collect pictures of as many types as they can. I like to think of them like pokemon gotta catch them all ;D

    This is a Stonefish. It is one of the most venomous fish in the world and I would give you the advice to watch out for them, except that you will probably never even see it. The fish here is pretty obvious because I am using flash photography. Underwater, red is the first wavelength to be filtered out, so after about 1 meter, red no longer exists as a color. Imagine this fish then, if you couldnt see red it would blend in and be completely invisible to the eye, and your attention.

    The fish are really only dangerous if you poke yourself with one of the spines by picking it up or stepping on it, so taking the photos as I did here is as safe as anything else I shoot.

    This is a better example of the quality of its camouflage. I actually had to spend a lot of time in the editor to make the fish even this noticeable. When i saw the pic for the first time on the computer I was scratching my head wondering why i had taken a picture of nothing. then I saw it. Thats even after having eyes that are trained to see these things underwater. I was impressed enough to take the time to show other people how well fish have adapted to being unseen.

  8. I've been on a fair number of dives since I posted this so I figures I would post a few of my favorite shots since.

    This is a Whale shark I shot in Oslob Philippines, one of only a handful of locations in the world where you can see them reliably.

    These ones were about 8 meters long. Gentle giants though, even with about 15 fish that size swimming around me, at no time did I feel that they didnt know exactly where I was or where i was in relation to their body. Not so much as a stray bump. I cant say the same for a korean girl, i caught her on video getting her ass smacked by a 2 meter wide tail ;D that went about as well as you would have expected it to ;)

    Up until a few years ago, the locals had a strong fear and superstision for these animals. Its pretty easy to see why here. If you didnt know they were plankton eaters, looking down at this from your tiny fishing boat might make you poo poo the pants.

    I'll post more soon.

  9. So this whole thread is actually for a coworker that just got a job out here doing what I do. She's fresh out of uni and has no money. Shes totally wierd in that she's a gamer and wants to get the ps4 out here for gaming. problem is that gaming on a console is pretty frowned uppon here, though gaming on a pc is generally pretty acceptable. (dunno why, stupid i know) So I was trying to see if there was a pc solution for ps4 performance in a somewhat mobile pc form factor.

    I've got a pretty awesome little box myself already (as you guys know) which is performing better than expected so far, and isn't much larger than a ps4... but the cost is significantly more lol. She was pretty interested inthe Brix systems though as she could mount it on the monitor and not have a "pc" to cart around. I'm pretty interested too. I think i'll build up the cheaper one that was listed here just for shits n giggles and to see how it performs. sometimes i have to go on fly in jobs and carting around even this little box i have (which weighs a frackin tonn) is not "allowed" (though i do it anyway ;D)

  10. Hi fellas, i was just curious what you guys though of the possibility of building a box that could rival the ps4 / xbox one for the same price as the console cost?

    Lets get creative about it, lets give it the ol' "well if you had this part already, or if you bought used, or or or" then we can go from there.

    I'm not going to be trying to build anything from this thread, i'm just curious as to the plausability of being able to build a box that could actually pull off current gen gaming.

  11. @Sagath:

    Is your plan to port the monitor around with you as well? Thats a lot of gear lugging just to game. Seems like an ultra-high end laptop would be better suited. You're going to pay for that though, like 3k+ :(

    Actually, the entire decision to build this computer is because I've been lugging around an external monitor for the last year anyway.

    Back a couple years ago I used my personal laptop for work. Because of this, I always had a nice big 17" desktop replacement style laptop, that had enough giddy up to game and edit my photos. I also used external 3.5" drive bays and 3.5" drives for expandable storage.

    Fast forward a couple years and the company I worked for was bought out by a larger one and I was given a "work" laptop. A Dell 15" somethingerother. Now, I don't mind carting around a dedicated work laptop, but if you ever tried to do 12 hours of data entry on a 15" laptop with no number pad on it, you'd understand how completely wrong that laptop is for the work I do.

    My solution to this problem has been to bring a monitor, keyboard and mouse with me and use the laptop as a low profile desktop. Because I don't want to use the work computer for personal use, I've been stacking my personal laptop, and the work laptop on top of each other and using VGA and HDMI to connect the monitor to them both, and use a wireless keyboard / mouse combo (with a single usb transmitter) and switch between the two, depending on if I'm screwing the pooch or working.

    I've been running like that for about a year and a half now, but lately my laptop is showing its age. Its not that its that old or even that bad. Its actually still pretty kick ass in the grand scheme of things (Alienware MX17R3 with an ati 6900m) but I've still got to compromise a lot to have the laptop form factor.

    I was thinking that the Alienware and a small desktop PC case pretty much take up the same amount of space in an office. The laptop is easier to cart around, because it (barely) fits into a backpack, but when I set out to research this build, one of the main requirements was that the final unit shouldnt be any more of a pain to travel with than the laptop.

    I've also got a Razor Edge gaming tablet that does only slightly worse job gaming and editing than the alienware does (believe it or not) so mobility isn't as important for the build as it was before.

    I have shifted the responsibility for portable gaming / editing from the Alienware to much more portable Edge. This has freed up the requirement of uber portability in the computer I use at work.

    Put all these factors together, and a desktop PC is quite viable.

    I no longer have to compromise on ram, GPU, CPU, Storage I can have as much or little as I'm willing to carry around in my truck. I still need to keep the box as small and quiet as I can of course, but ultra portability is not a concern, as it was before.

  12. The first thing i had to figure out was what format board I wanted to use. The obvious choice was the mItx board, but its limited to 16 gigs of ram. I was looking to go big on this one as Photoshop tends to use as much as you can feed it. I typically have a lot of things going on in my computer too, so ram is a big deal. Matx is the next choice. it has a lot of solid options and can support 32 gigs of ram. it also has more than a single pci slot, which would be nice in the storage arena as it would allow me to add more sata ports.

    After looking long and hard at the cases available for matx, there just didn't seem to be any choices of box that was very small. Size is the absolute most important feature of this build, I really need it small enough to put ON the desk, not under it, and be able to cart it around in my truck with the billion other things i drive around with.

    So since matx is out, mitx is in.

    Now that I know which form factor I want, I've got to look for some boxes.

    I want a box i can put up on the desk, under my monitor, so I don't mind if it has a large footprint, but "thickness" is something that I'd like to keep on the minimum. Looking around the net, I found a great many nice thin cases, but non of them supported a full size GPU. I'm not sure why theres no such thing as a 90 PCIE adapter, so that the gpu can lay flat instead of standing, but there just isn't anything like that, that I was able to find. so no thin cases with full size GPU capability.

    Looking in the "full size" case arena, There was a number of options, but the Lian-li TU200 looked to be tailor made for what I want to do.

    Its rugged construction, large drive bay design, handle at the top and very small size are pretty much exactly what the doctor ordered. Its still as thick as a normal desktop case, but there really isn't any way to design it any other way and still do what it can do.

    The features of the case include room for a full size PSU, full size GPU, single 5.25" front slot, 4 hot swappable 3.5" hard drive bays, a mounting kit for 2 x 2.5" Hard drives (or ssd), Thats room for 4 full size hard drives and 2 small drives of any flavor I want. The 2.5" mounting kits mean that I don't have to use up a 3.5" bay for a boot SSD, and can keep it for a large capacity drive. Front panel ports are 2 x USB 3 ports and an E-SATA port which will give me fast connections to any external drives i still use. The fact that its just about the smallest mitx case i could find, gives it some pretty amazing potential.

    Because i'm a photographer, I do a lot of uploading of data from memory cards. My cameras use compact flash, so I thought I would look around for a good card reader for the optical drive slot. While I was browsing around at those, I came across something by Vantec called the EZ swap F4. This little gem allows you to add a 4 bay 2.5" HDD hot swap rack to the 5.25" optical slot in the front of your computer. This had me pretty intrigued as storage for me never ends. There is no "wow man, you'll never use all that" so more for me, is definitely better. And it was purdy too.

    I decided that I just HAD to have this rack. its so awesome. But of course this is going to present a few challenges of its own.

    The box already has room for 6 hard drives, with the other 4 from the rack, that makes 10. Last time I checked, there weren't any mitx boards with that many sata ports, so I'll have to add some. The next issue is that adding ports to a board is usually done through a pci/e slot mitx only has one, and I intend to use that for the GPU. Port multipliers are not so common, but with the help of Arinoth, I was able to locate one online. It didn't come cheap though, but it did give me 4 extra ports. (5, but since I lost a port to multiply it, the fifth one really just gave me back the one I lost) So with the addition of the port multiplier I be able to add a few more sata drives, and that hdd rack will be mine!

    Next part that needs consideration is the motherboard itself. I need to know what I have there so that I can match the rest of the parts properly.

    This computer is destined to gaming and photo editing, with an emphasis on storage and performance. The motherboard is going to need to put out, so to speak. After looking at a number of mitx boards, I decided on a MSI Z87 GAMING AC. The board is designed with gaming in mind, and boasts 5 internal SATA ports, 4 external USB3 ports and a bus for front panel USB3 as well. On board high speed wireless will make my life a lot easier too, as most desktop machines are hard wired, or require separate wireless radios. Being on the road, wireless is king, so this board has everything I need, and easy OC too.

    Now that we have the box and the board, its time to figure on ram. Gskill tridents are a good bang for your buck and OC well. Nice and fast, so i picked up a pair of 8 gig sticks.

    I'm out of time for this post, so I'll post some more later.

  13. So ive been kicking around the idea of building a new editing/gaming station for a while now. My current rig is still pretty good, but its having trouble with fps on games ive been playing lately and storage on laptops is pretty limited.

    I use my computer for my photographic work, more than gaming and have been relying on external drives to house my photos. Anyone who spends enough time with external drives should understand how stupid it is to put important data on external drives and then travel around with it.

    I should probably mention that i travel a lot for work and photography, and by a "lot" i mean about 320 days a year.

    So i needed a solution that was small enough to be vaguely portable but robust enough to house some serious storage. That it should game, goes without saying.

    The number one requirement is size. If its too big to comfortably carry, then I wont, then the whole build is useless.

    The next requirement is that it be powerful enough to move away from my current solution. Not too difficult since my current rig is a laptop. Any desktop of quality should out perform a laptop of any kind.

    And finally it should have ample room for storage.

    I would love to also add light weight to the requirements, but when talking performance and storage.. well we're not quite there yet ;)

    Another important requirement is that it should have the ability to run near silently. Obviously when I crank it up itll get hot and noisy but when at idle it should quiet. I work in an environment with enough noisy computers, adding anouther will make very unpopular with my work mates.

    So let's recap.

    We're building a quiet, small but powerful computer with ample storage.

    We'll see how in another post, its time for my morning coffee.

  14. For all you people that see this post before midnight in your respective places.. what the heck man! I know you like to drink, this is the one night everyone can go get as blasted as you know you want to be without anyone thinking less of you ;D Me? I'm stuck at work and must live vicariously through you....

    So drink! Enjoy and be merry!

    HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone!

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