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  1. Shiver

    The Bad Luck Rant

    I've never been truly the most lucky person in the world to begin with, but I have made it by for the most part.However as of late I seem to be hit with quite possibly the worst luck for things breaking on me and costs going through the roof in my life.And its just starting to bug me now. Car - Harmonic Balancer - $900 all in, 3 Coil packs (all at the rear of the engine) - $770 (Labor and all since they had to take apart most of the top of the engine) - Catalytic converter (Because of bad ignition it was plugged) - $1250 This wasn't over the course of a year but just a few months. Computer: 3 x Z87 Stinger boards ($30 each time I Had to RMA), and one I made a mistake and it cost me $80.1 x 750TI GPU ($30)1 x Slim Load DVD Drive for Hadron Air1 x Logitech Proteus Mouse1 x LG Flatron E2200 Series Monitor (Out of warranty, its dead without replacement)1 x EVGA 660 FTW Edition Card1 x Coolermaster Mouse1 x Kingston 120GB SSD (I at least have a bigger SSD on my CHristmas list to family)1 x Intel 4130 CPU (DOA out of Box :( )1 x Set of Corsair 4GB RAM Medical 1 x TUMT treatment - Not covered by Ohip - $3750 coming in JanVarious Expenses not covered by Ohip totalling $2500. It has been the very piss poor last 3 months , and I'm just ranting and getting it off my chest.The only thing that keeps me from going nuts isat the end of the day its just 1st world problems. More people have it so much worse than me so I try not to feel bad about it all. Just frustrated that it as of right now, hasn't ended. -Shiver
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