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    One of our partners for the site has decided to retire. I'm in the process of taking over the main tasks for RHR. I must admit that forum is a bit dead but were planing to push it more on YouTube in the upcoming months. Our discord chat is always full of activity. You can join there in the meantime while we iron things out.
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    Just mainly upkeep on the backend. More to come shortly.
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    Hey Bond007, We have been going through some changes with the site. Sorry for the delays. More info is on our discord channel. Also the forum has been having some issues that I'm trying to fix. Cheers
  4. Also if its a provided router from an ISP and you have a spare router/wifi around put the ISP router in bridge mode and let your router/wifi do the work.
  5. Did a bunch of network upgrades to my house lately so that's why I thought about it. Plus wifi/routers are always finicky even if nothing changes on them.
  6. Have you tried bypassing your router/WiFi and connecting directly to the modem via Ethernet?
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