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  1. Rest assured that no matter if you choose a mainstream Core i5, a high-end Core i7, or the enthusiast Core i9 that you will be getting a very good to excellent processor. All three offer a lot of performance without all that much upfront cost. It just is those who want to get the best, most optimal, option for their needs should put more time, thought, and effort into their decision. So do your homework. Think about what you actually do with your system. Then come to your own conclusions. Not what anyone, including us, tell you what you should be buying. Doing otherwise may result in a rather major disservice to yourself and your next system.


    Read the full review below:


  2. In summary, if you are looking for a good deal, do not need it to be ‘the fastest’ PCIe 3.0 drive going, and do not plan on hammering it with more than 50% of the free capacity at one time, the Silicon Power UD70 2TB is a good option at a great price. Just understand the target demographics it was built for and the compromises required to hit its low asking price before you track one down.


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  3. In summary, if you are looking for a good deal, do not need it to be ‘the fastest’ PCIe 3.0 drive going, and do not plan on hammering it with more than 50% of the free capacity at one time, the Silicon Power UD70 2TB is a good option at a great price. Just understand the target demographics it was built for and the compromises required to hit its low asking price before you track one down.


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  4. With their mixture of performance, capacity and price we highly recommend either kit if you are interested in having massive amounts of RAM on tap. Optimally we recommend picking up two kits… as having 128GB of RAM really does open up a world of possibilities that smaller 64GB setups can not match. For instance, having a 64GB RAM drive and still having 64GB for actual Random Access Memory means game load times, application load times, and nearly anything else load times are a thing of the past. Forget PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives… RAM Drives are where the real performance is at. The same is also true for Virtual Machine users, as you can have two VM’s running with 32GB of each and still have your OS be able to access 64GB. The possibilities really are only limited by your imagination.



    Read the full review below!



  5. On 11/3/2020 at 8:08 PM, Bond007 said:

    Thanks for the review. There is a lot of content within the read that seems to be focused on the current state of people recommending amd. While I don’t 100% agree with all the comments, I respect your honesty in it.

    I completely agree that there is always a case to make different recommendations, vice blanket statements. That being said, there was a long window of time were the general consensus was intel unless you fell into certain use cases...now that has generally reversed...whether we like it or not. I don’t think I am biased and have and will continue to buy whatever is the best product in my price bracket. 

    keep up the good reviews! 

    Thanks Boond007! 🙂

  6. When you then add in a good warranty, with excellent customer support, into the mix the DS1520+ not only easily justifies its asking price it makes a lot of the competition look over-priced by comparison. Just be warned, when you do use Synology, and their DS1520+, as your introduction to the wonderful world of Network Attached Storage you may just end up with a new hobby and habit. One where you may quickly find yourself spending way too much time thinking about a ‘long overdue’ 10GbE network update and their sexy Xeon and Ryzen Embed options… or maybe even a homebrew option. Just understand that once you step outside the curated NAS experience that Synology offers you quickly will find that Network Attached Storage is not as easy as Synology makes it appear. Thankfully, the inclusion of two eSATA ports for easy upgradability may help you tamp down that desire for a year or three… or may not. So be warned the DS1520+ may just end up being your gateway drug to bigger, faster… and pricier NAS options





    Read the full review below: 



  7. Its crazy to believe that a CPU is capable of not only breaking the 5Ghz barrier but running all ten flat-out at 5.3Ghz which is an insane amount of horsepower.

    Check out our full review of the Intel I9 10900K below.



  8. So, if you are looking for a new NVMe SSD, especially to pair with your fancy new AMD system, the Seagate FireCuda 520 is a good choice for those craving good performance at a reasonable price right now. For those who already own the last gen 510 series or its equivalent… you may want to skip a gen before upgrading. Especially if you plan on using it on your Intel or older AMD based PC. The same is true of those patient enough to wait for the better controllers to land, for when they do we fully expect the FireCuda 520 to be EOL’ed and replaced with a much more potent model.



    Check out our fill review below




  9. As such, the IronWolf 125 Pro may be overkill for your needs and the noticeably lower asking price of the standard model may make it a better overall value. Of course, peace of mind is priceless, so if you can afford one (or more) of these bad boys the IronWolf Pro 960GB model should be on your short, short list. We foresee it becoming a cult classic in experienced homebrew circles. Just as we foresee the standard doing the same for the NAS Appliance and PC storage market. Rest assured, no matter which model you choose you can be confident that they will not be the bottleneck in your NAS device and certainly are worth their asking price… and then some.



    Read the full review below:





    The all new Crucial X6 may not win any awards for sheer speed (as it is SATA and not NVMe based) nor for having the lowest asking price in the market… and certainly no awards for being the most robust; but those are about the only major negatives we can think of. This is a rather flexible, predictable, and not overly expensive model that we can see making waves in a corner of the market that has become rather saturated of late. That in and of itself is impressive.


    Read the full review below 



  11. Taken as a whole, if you are not impressed by what Seagate was able to do… you have not been paying attention. It may not be flashy, it arguably is not being marketed optimally, and certainly is not a ‘revolutionary break through’ we have come to expect, but this new gen is a great evolution to an existing foundation. A firm foundation that has been further refined, and this refinement does pay tangible dividends. As such, if you can afford the asking price the Seagate IronWolf Pro 18TB easily justifies its professional moniker and its asking price – and then some. For those that cannot? Fear not, the release of this 18TB capacity model also means eventual price adjustment(s) to the smaller capacity models… and they are not chopped bits of mystery meat either – especially when they get 2TB platter tech in the future.





  12. This is honestly the perfect thing for people who love having a little personal flair in their bedroom, or on their desk. Overall it’s a solid buy especially as gift if your willing to put some money behind it. If your looking for something cheaper they do offer smaller and cheaper versions in their pixel art series that you can buy.



    Read the full review here



  13. The LaCie 2Big RAID going to be right for every customer and every possible scenario? Of course not. Not everyone needs the flexibility a dual bay D.A.S has to offer. Not everyone will be able to get over toting around this much added weight. Not everyone will like the lack of daisy chaining abilities. Others still will prefer to spend the same amount of money on 1Big Dock and get more features at the expense of RAID abilities. For security conscious professionals, the lack of a lock on the drive caddies will be a major turn off. As such not everyone will be able to justify the asking price. Those that do will however love what it this model can do. It really can offer desktop levels of capacity without the weight of the typical tower PC, and can even offer decent data redundancy/protection with only a moderate performance hit.


    Check our full review below. 

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  14. To be blunt, the LaCie 1Big Dock SSD Pro 4TB is not perfect but we still absolutely love this device. What it has to offer is a veritable siren song to us. It is fast, it is easy to work with, and above all else it is tailor made for satisfying (almost) all our needs. You may feel differently, as we are part of the laser like focus niche this specific model was designed for. Put simply, this model is designed by professionals for professionals and makes no compromises to appeal to a wider audience. You will either love what it has to offer and consider it an investment (as time is money)… or it will not be right for you. There is no middle ground with the LaCie 1Big Dock SSD Pro. That is key to understanding the LaCie 1Big Dock SSD Pro series


    Check our full review below. 

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  15. If you are looking for replacement drives for your surveillance appliance/server the SkyHawk is basically the only one of two models you need look at. For everyone else, there are less… specialized models that probably will fit your needs better

    Check our review below. 

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  16. As it stands the Seagate FireCuda Gaming Dock may come with a bit of sticker shock… but for what it offers it is actually a pretty good bargain. So while not perfect, and plenty of room for version 2.0 to improve upon, the FireCuda Gaming Dock is worth a long hard look.


    Check our review below. 

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  17. If the LaCie 1Big Dock series features are precisely what you are looking for it is a fan-freaking-tastic choice - and is an excellent example of engineering prowess. Alternatively, if the 1Big Dock does not match your needs perfectly, then it may not be a great fit for you. Still decent to good, but not necessarily optimal. As long as you understand exactly all the things it brings to the table, and they align with your needs, we would strongly suggest taking a long hard look at this bad boy. It can indeed make a great case for being your next purchase… seemingly high asking price or not



    Check our review below. 

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  18. It will not appeal to everyone, but it is a good ‘no frills’ option for those who need 1TB or less of external storage that will not break your budget. As long as you understand these limitations and fit inside its design envelope it might worth your time and money tracking down this 1TB variant. For everyone else, Seagate 2.5” HDD based Backup Plus, Lacie’s 3.5” HDD based ‘Big’ series, or Seagate’s mega capacity options that can net good performance via sheer brute force may be a better match for your needs.



    Check our review below. 

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    So, if you are a responsible for a Small or even a Medium(ish) sized Business yet cannot justify the cost of the uber EXOS series, and do not care about a write-back instead of write-through cache policy, this IronWolf Pro 16TB is meant for you. Pull the trigger on that buy order and be done with it. Being able to stuff 24 drives (for a whopping 384TB of raw capacity) in a single 4U network storage device and not have to worry about them shaking themselves to death is a great feeling. Being able to do that and not have to spend EXOS levels of money… well that is an even better feeling. If you just run a Small Office / Home Office the same is also true. Nearly the same great ‘taste’ as the Exos with a ‘less filling’ asking price. That is one heck of an argument in its favor to say the least.




    Check our review below. 

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  20. On 7/24/2020 at 2:12 PM, Bond007 said:

    Soooooo.....nobody. Really seems like everyone left the site at once and nobody told me why.

    One of our partners for the site has decided to retire. I'm in the process of taking over the main tasks for RHR. I must admit that forum is a bit dead but were planing to push it more on YouTube in the upcoming months. Our discord chat is always full of activity. You can join there in the meantime while we iron things out. 


    12 hours ago, Bond007 said:

    Thanks for the update. Major changes to the site? I don’t do discord.

    Just mainly upkeep on the backend. More to come shortly. 

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