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  1. The Truth About Edward Snowdenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hmOAFFzxj0 Do you know that in Windows, since Windows 95 OSR2, the NSA got a backdoor? Or do you know the process that led to the 4th US Constitution amendment? Well, chance to educate yourself just come by as Stefan go thru the whole history of illegal spying on others done by the USA, even with examples when it was used to espionage against non US companies and bussines. Well researched, well worth watching. Not very funny, tough. But you know... the truth mostly hurts, because we would like to believe that this is just not happening :-[
  2. I would like to dedicate this thread to the most horrible pictures of dead caps you guys can find ;) :D Just to scare these guys, who think that "this can never happen to them" ;) Let's start with HP Pavilion machine pic. TMS 1500uF caps, machine shutting down in 30 sec after power on: Frankly I would not dare to turn it on Picture from Carcenomy user on TechPowerUp forums ;) Oh, you think that this never could ever happen to you and that copanies are "learned the lesson" of China made (and fake) caps and now things are different? Well... not true. They are just hidding the bad caps better now and that it is. Want recent example? Sure, there you go: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870:http://www.techpowerup.com/174858/some-sapphire-radeon-hd-7870-cards-affected-by-black-screen-issue.html The cause for GPU electrical signal noise is found to be bad quality ceramic capacitors responsible for conditioning power to the GPU. So bad ceramic caps (yes, these little brown someting with two electrodes as it's ends) could happen too, as you can read from respectable source. I never seen (yet) bad ceramic cap, but looks like that everything could happen and perhaps the designer just did not understand the serious voltage bias of most ceramic caps? See: http://s9.postimg.org/3yqikalcv/TayoYudenDCBiasGraph.pngDunno. But it clearly show the problem, when the company try skip too much on caps. Bad things can happen and plenty of angry customers that are playing games and then got black screen with sound loop and have to reboot aren't exactly happy. So even that this thread show pretty outdated hardware (mostly), then it should be never let out of the sight, what we got once sold for a crap caps. Todays there are even custom made Nichicon FP caps with 5 000 hours lifetime (FP 5K) on many Asus mainboards, so if these are geniune, then these boards should last lifetime under regular cooling ;) (with each 10C down from 105C is the lifetime doubling, so 2 000h caps are at 55C guaranted to run 14.7 years nonstop, these 5k ones should be good for 18.7 years at least) So bottom line - cooling if necessary and airflow in case is not a option, but the requirment.
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