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  1. I was driving somewhere the other day and thought, "I wonder how many new computers people are building these days?" By new I mean at least a new cpu and mobo were purchased and by "these days" I mean in roughly in the last year. I am also curious which way you went, AMD or INTEL. Feel free to share more if you like. Video cards your chose, SSDs and more. For me it has been three. All AMD, all R5 3600. Thanks all! Stay safe out there!
  2. That is very generous of you, thank you. I will let you know
  3. Thank you for the offer. I found a q8400 on ebay. Not sure how much slower it will be than your q9400. The price was right. $6 + $3 Shipping. It will be coming in letter mail but I think it will be ok
  4. Yikes. I am hoping that by late spring or early summer things open up again. The world cannot afford to do take time off.
  5. How long do you guys think this will last? Chinese were locked down for 60 days. However "info" from China is unreliable. Even so they might not be out of the woods...
  6. I agree. I need more mobo... and a peg board... had this up for a few years. Tech is art IMO
  7. Beauty! Perhaps it can be shipped soon with other parts I may need Thank you
  8. Thanks, SL21 comes through again!
  9. I need a cpu for my wife's computer. Does anyone have a q6600/q8400/q9650? The mobo I have is a P5N-D. Thanks
  10. Being a farmer I mostly work at home but I still have to go out to various places for supplies or parts. People on the whole in businesses are taking this seriously around these parts and I like that!! Work has been busy of late try to manage last years crop in the bin that is extremely wet, to the point where it does not want to come out of the bin. So it has been busy! My kids do a lot of reading, computer gaming and building out of lego. So far so good. I am concerned for this country never mind the world. I really hope this thing lets up sooner than later. Our lifestyle is on demand and cannot survive hoarding. I sure hope people do the right thing and isolate. I was talking to my brother in law and he wanted to come over. I said that were not getting together with people considering the circumstances. He responded by saying that he was not worried because they (he and his wife and kids) were only seeing people that were self isolating........... smh EDIT: John I hope your wife feels better soon!
  11. Last time I owned a Arctic Cooling HSF it was an NV Silencer 5 that I bought for my 6800 Ultra. Those where the days! Glad to see Arctic Cooling is still around!
  12. http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_130&item_id=157394 Fans like this make me crazy! A single fan for $50 ON SALE! Evidence for the state of decay in the world today. IT IS A FAN. You can buy SSDs for less. What the heck? Do people pay these prices??? INSANE!
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I hope the 6700k will game for a while yet. I do not want to sell this guy something that will be choking on 4C8T in the near future!
  14. Thank you for the input. I am taking my thread sideways and I want to talk about the rest of his potential system. May I ask what you think of older intel system: 6700K, 16GB ram, ASUS z170i PRO Gaming, 275GB SSD, 3TB HDD, Thermaltake Core V1 case, EVGA 750watt for $700. I have a system like that I could sell him. Do you think 6700k is to slow for someone that just wants to game? Are 4C 8T now considered inadequate?
  15. That would be great! However it is looking like the fellow I am shopping for will need to spend less on a monitor. Now I am wondering about a 27" 1080P display. I think I will have to go with something ~$200. He wants a full rig including Display + Keyboard and Mouse for $1000 including shipping and taxes... https://www.newegg.ca/benq-gw2780-27-full-hd/p/1DH-007Y-00003?Item=1DH-007Y-00003
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