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  1. Great idea. What about fans or light strips? How about some RHR merch? EDIT: oh wait, it needs to be a digital giveaway?
  2. That looks insane! Would this used as an archive or what would you need all those HDD for? Also 5TB 2.5"? I did not know that those were a thing...
  3. I see. I thought perhaps it had an epic shipping adventure or something like that. I figured if it was new and arrived like that then there must be a story
  4. $167 is great but 135?? I would have bought 3 or 4!
  5. I'd love to watch a review of that cooler. Why is the box in such poor condition??
  6. That is unacceptable to say the least. I pay with CC and if that happened to me I would be on the phone asking for a charge back! Unfortunately I had to make an order recently from Newegg. 5 items all sold by Newegg.ca and have shipped. I would have bought from Canada Computers but everything in my cart was curbside pickup only for some reason.
  7. Cannot seem to flash the card.... Guy contacts me and tells me he has an MSI R9 380 that gives him error code 43 in device manager. He bought the card used and is trying to get it to work. yada yada yada would I be able to try to flash the bios of the card for him. I say sure but make no promises. Now I have the card and it does what he says, error 43 in device manager, I cannot install drivers. I download many versions of AtiWinFlash, AtiFlash and AMD VBflash. None of them can detect any AMD card. Using a usb to boot to DOS prompt, AtiFlash cannot detect an AMD card as well. What have I missed? Card dead? GPUz sees something and thinks it can extract the .rom from the card. I thought I would check here before reporting the bad news to the owner. Thank you!!!
  8. I was a loyal NCIX client. I loved that place. Price Matching, VIP membership, the forum (I remember this guy Devilzzz on the NCIX, that guy was hilarious, always pushing anything physx... LOL he was a guaranteed trigger!!!), BF and Xmas sales, LTT (clearly remember his first HSF episode).... back when life was full. Enter Newegg, boy at the start they sucked! Prices were not competitive (the way I remember it anyway), no premiere membership (yet) to get free shipping and free returns without restocking, no forum ... . Newegg.ca was NO competition to NCIX IMO. Overtime Newegg caught on, little by little they improved. Premiere Membership (or whatever is was called), better pricing, Iron Egg (I think), Price Matching, they were getting it!! NCIX now a juxtaposition as storm clouds appeared on the horizon. Customer service began to decline, Purolator dumped NCIX because of lapsed payment of accounts, the signs were there, the fig tree was tender and the future all but certain. How the mighty fell. As an anecdote, I remember the end of NCIX, cashing out my hoard of points getting whatever useful hardware before the impending bankruptcy. What a shame; I loved that place. I spent a lot of money there!!! All good things I guess... but at least I have Newegg. Perhaps in hindsight it is surprising they hung on to their good policies as long as they did after the demise of NCIX... I thought I found a measure of refuge in Newegg. Sure it was not nearly as good as NCIX, how could it be!?! But at least it was something. Now however, they have been bought and the ugly transformation is beginning to flower as deformed as it may be. They canned Premiere Membership and seem to be a vendor for third party sellers more and more. The last two or three orders for new parts have been from CC or Amazon (I feel dirty buying comp hardware from Amazon!). I doubt another order will be made from Newegg.ca. Damn it. In the end I miss NCIX. I know it is irrational to miss them as I do. I can't help it.
  9. Thanks for the input! It is good to know that my perspective is not just a selfish one!
  10. I sold two 1070 FTW's to a guy and he complains that one of the cards is only "80% working". Turns out the LED lit "EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 FTW" has a small issue where the "E" is bright and the rest of the letters are dimmer. I offer $20 to make the issue less of a problem to live with. He refuses and demands the card be replaced. I agree to swap it out with my kids 1070 FTW. Next he tells me that the other card has the same issue but worse. This peaks my interest. I check my kids 1070 FTW and yes, its "E" is also brighter that the rest of the lettering. After a 2 second google search I see that this is a known issue with a fix. The PCB board with the LED becomes ever so slightly dislodged and it makes the illumination of the letters and words uneven. I offer to give the guy a full refund for both cards BUT I also share the fix. He tells me he will fix the one card but wants the second one replaced. I am about done with this guy, what would you do? I gave him a great deal on the cards and feel like he should be fixing both if he can fix one. What would you do. Any one interested in the fix check this link out!
  11. I know what you mean. He tells me the boys on the DCS forum claim this is thing (needing that much ram). Apparently 64GB does not help. Not sure how mem leaks work but wouldn't they chew up any amount of ram??
  12. You may be correct about the mem leak, that makes sense, I have NO idea. I am not ready for needing more than 16GB to keep frame rates up.. I guess I am getting too old. As an aside my kids and I played BF2 (actually the AIX mod) on a local LAN this evening, ah the good old days of LAN gaming
  13. I recently indulged my son and bought him an additional 16GB of DDR4 because he told me his game "needed" more ram. So I did. He already had 16GB FYI. The game you say??? DCS... turns out he is correct. That game used at its max 30GB of ram that we saw. That seems insane to me, can anyone beat that?
  14. CS:GO sometimes with my kids. I used to play the COD and BF games. That is about it for now.
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