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  1. I am looking for something 1050ti - 1070 shipped to R6M1V9. Phill
  2. Just an update. My son purchased this monitor to compliment the computer he built. We know this is not an "A" list monitor but he does not want to (me as well) spend twice as much on the best ones. I will say that when he plays DCS, the 1070ti that is in there now struggles at 3440x1440. He purchased a 1070 from John and it arrived the other day. We will have to install it and see how it does. DCS is a money hole IMO! Free to play but costs a lot to run!
  3. They need to do back into the computer they came from. My son was super excited to get it built and so I borrowed the PSU and GPU from another computer. Once the 1070 and PSU come from John then we will be able to officially finish the build.
  4. It is dark in his room but here it is. It consists of: ASRock B450M PRO4 R5 3600 32GB of Gskill Ripjawz 3600mhz CL16 NZXT H510i Corsair A50 WD SN750 1TB Black EVGA 1000W (Temporarily borrowed from another computer) 1070ti Black (Temporarily borrowed from another computer) 2X Fractal 140mm front intake fans My son and I assembled his grad gift computer and he likes it a lot. A special thank you to John for helping me find the parts needed to complete this build!
  5. Thanks for the feedback Bond007! How would the 1TB SN750 compare? That is the one we ordered. I did not read your post till after we ordered. We got the SN750 for 199.99 so it was not too much more money It is sad to hear that B550 will cost more. I agree, I wanted to wait but he would like his puter now hahaha. Concerning RAM we went with this. I know it is not Sammy b die but it will have to do. Also it was on sale. He is considering a monitor, thinking about these two: MSI 34" 3440x1440 100hz LG 32" 2560x1440 144hz What do you think??
  6. Thank you! That would be a great help!! It does seem that right now is a hard time to build. I am seeing B450 boards going out of stock, specifically the ASROCK B450M PRO4. It is my go to mobo it seems. Also B550 around the corner but will be more $. Intel 10600K would be my choice for gaming but it together with Z490 are crazy expensive!! Lastly it seems to me that NVME 1TB and 500GB SSDs are going up in price? Not good.
  7. Ok I am back. This thread is now shifting to: "What to get my son for his graduation?" FYI for his 18th bday we ending up getting him a three piece set of suit cases. He really likes his DCS. He is interested in building his own computer. That is right up my ally and so my wife and I are thinking of helping him buy some parts. So far he is thinking: R5 3600 32GB ram (DCS is a ram hog) B450 mobo Fractal Meshify C 500GB SSD video card?? so expensive PSU?? also super costly Do you guys have any other ideas besides some (not all) money
  8. Great idea. What about fans or light strips? How about some RHR merch? EDIT: oh wait, it needs to be a digital giveaway?
  9. That looks insane! Would this used as an archive or what would you need all those HDD for? Also 5TB 2.5"? I did not know that those were a thing...
  10. I see. I thought perhaps it had an epic shipping adventure or something like that. I figured if it was new and arrived like that then there must be a story
  11. $167 is great but 135?? I would have bought 3 or 4!
  12. I'd love to watch a review of that cooler. Why is the box in such poor condition??
  13. That is unacceptable to say the least. I pay with CC and if that happened to me I would be on the phone asking for a charge back! Unfortunately I had to make an order recently from Newegg. 5 items all sold by Newegg.ca and have shipped. I would have bought from Canada Computers but everything in my cart was curbside pickup only for some reason.
  14. Cannot seem to flash the card.... Guy contacts me and tells me he has an MSI R9 380 that gives him error code 43 in device manager. He bought the card used and is trying to get it to work. yada yada yada would I be able to try to flash the bios of the card for him. I say sure but make no promises. Now I have the card and it does what he says, error 43 in device manager, I cannot install drivers. I download many versions of AtiWinFlash, AtiFlash and AMD VBflash. None of them can detect any AMD card. Using a usb to boot to DOS prompt, AtiFlash cannot detect an AMD card as well.
  15. I was a loyal NCIX client. I loved that place. Price Matching, VIP membership, the forum (I remember this guy Devilzzz on the NCIX, that guy was hilarious, always pushing anything physx... LOL he was a guaranteed trigger!!!), BF and Xmas sales, LTT (clearly remember his first HSF episode).... back when life was full. Enter Newegg, boy at the start they sucked! Prices were not competitive (the way I remember it anyway), no premiere membership (yet) to get free shipping and free returns without restocking, no forum ... . Newegg.ca was NO competition to NCIX IMO. Overtime Newegg caught on, little
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