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  1. yah it will have to be something digital for sure as my post offices are now only open a few hours and nothing is moving
  2. Will draw this one in the next few days just confirming patrons and will get the next one prepped. Steam card? Newegg? TP? other? what should we giveaway next
  3. Have now sold the original psu and got another psu and ram for free just HD to pickup. sold the psu for the same amount I spent on the whole rig and now it’s better than ever. will post some pre video charts tonight to:)
  4. Damn that’s a down payment then some for just that rig right there. looks great and thanks for sharing
  5. I have some 1070s and a 1070 ti or two as well as a 1080 ti armour from Msi soon on the market to
  6. Yah their 60 days was people fully bolted into their homes could not go anywhere or anything. Sounds like they have a second wave there now that sounds pretty harsh. my guess is life will change drastically for a year at least for everyone.
  7. Yah that does look good, me to only started my collection again after the cgy flood
  8. New mic, had to mod another mic’s shock mount to get it to mount up but damn it sounds good.the mic, head to head video over the next week or so. the actually good boom arm, have about 10 trash ones. no more clicky clicky while gaming from my mic
  9. Hope you found some good movies and shows, What do you do for a living if you do not mind me asking? Myself still at work, wife is still not feeling great and kids tempers are thin do to not being able to go see friends and stuff upgraded the middle childs pc from a i3 to a i5 2nd gen and 1050 ti as well as 16gb ram, he can now max his games as he only games at 100hz 1080p Stay safe all
  10. Sadly no, lots of Nvidia cards from 1050-1070 ti but for amd usually just 570-580 If I see any I will keep you posted
  11. Damn looks like zero at home will check storage tomorrow. my bad
  12. Yup I will DM you when home I have lots of 775 I think in my CPU book
  13. Happy you are all staying busy and your town is doing it's best to deal with everything. My brother in law was the same as it's his daughters birthday this weekend and the wife said "hell no we are staying home" Shes feeling much better today. Really want to know how you deal with the bin when it gets wet do you have to put like flood heater fans near it or just wait for it to work itself out? Yah fully agree on the Canada concerns we are already on a nose dive before all this started and honestly it looks like a lot of rough years ahead.
  14. Good to hear sounds like you are making the best of it I am working still... Van broke down last week new part shows up tomorrow, was more or less my fault I cracked the oil filter housing cap and there was 4 possible replacements that all required a vin to confirm exact fit. Wife is getting sicker, kids are no longer fighting with flus which is good, I am feeling a little sick but it is the same thing since CES where about 1pm hits and I feel like crap. Trying to finish a video I have been working on for over 3 months but found out the issue I thought was ram or the board and even a repair did not fix was the fact for some reason even though I did not have msi afterburner set to a saved profile it kept loading a oc from a stronger card I had in the system and would cause crazy crashes.... so much time wasted haha Stay safe out there
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