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  1. PSU and GPU's you say we got you fam Also specs above look great
  2. Thanks appreciate the kind words, I think we will try our best to do 1 a week older hardware video with the mix of new gear. The older hardware videos get great hits and amazing ROI. I really want to do a FM2+ vs 2020 video soon as well as that above laptop
  3. Over the years we have been asked countless times for recommendations on making a ‘homebrew’ or ‘DIY’ Network Attached Storage system. For many this was because they were dissatisfied with the ‘performance’ NAS-appliances such as those offered by Qnap, ASUStor, or Synology had to offer. For others it was the asking prices those appliances demand. For others still is was their lack of easy expandability – as you cannot (easily) stick a 5th hard drive in a 4bay NAS appliance. Others still were simply because enthusiasts like to tinker and did not want to buy a pre-packaged, pre-built system… aft
  4. Today I am comparing the new HyperX Pudding...Key Caps to the old PBT as well as enjoying my custom HyperX Pudding. A fine keycap with some aggressive font and light transfer, HyperX did a great job with their Pudding Keycaps. HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps, Only $24.99, 2 year warranty as well as oil-resistant. They do work with 99%(excluding the spacebar) of mechanical keyboards, making your old keyboard look new and/or adding a great look for any led mechanical keyboard. Watch the video to know more and as always thanks for the views and have an awesome day. Affiliate link: htt
  5. Awesome looking rig, thanks for sharing with us and welcome to the forum
  6. Try and vote again just checking if I remove multiple choice it works better
  7. Thanks for the heads up trying to fix that now, rarely use the poll built into the forum haha
  8. Those are all possible to as we can drop ship from suppliers Great ideas
  9. Sounds great to me, We would like to do physical items but shipping and going out is always a pain these days haha
  10. Thanks as always for sharing, will get my copy once my epic store finally loads haha
  11. We are currently wanting to start another giveaway but want to know what everyone wants. Right now shipping is still a huge pain so what would everyone want. Thanks and Stay safe out there
  12. Found a fuzzy buddy in a evga rma gpu box today, we caught him in the printer and I know some of you would say kill him but we let it go free
  13. Not every review goes as planned but the Maono AU-PM421 is an extremely durable high-quality microphone kit, the boom arm is not the nicest one on the market but the sound quality and touch mute button with LED indicator is one of the best. If you are needing a great audio solution the PM421 should be on your shortlist and is currently even lower-priced then during the review. Use our Amazon link to help support RHR. USB Microphone 192KHZ/24BIT MAONO Professional Cardioid Condenser Podcast Mic with One-Touch Mute and Mic Gain Knob Amazon link to Maono PM421: https://amzn.to/3g2d
  14. Haha this was prime rib and was amazing, used the left overs to make prime rib fajitas. They ti were top notch, pizza is always good
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