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  1. Hey hey all, happy to see all the new people,Got a question, its about lenses, Can anyone explain the uses of all the main kinds of lenses for DSLR's I just got a pretty much free T4i camera from Canon and need lenses but need to know what each kind is used for before I got spend happy. Please assist. If someone wants to do a guide that would be a awesome help -Soul
  2. Our 3 Part article on BitFenix's best offerings of Computex 2014 Part 1 Pandora http://realhardwarereviews.com/bitfenix-new-releases-part-1-pandora/ As I wrote this article the constant speeches of Marcus kept playing through my head. "So, you want to hear another story, eh? One where the very fate of Pandora hangs in the balance? If not, too bad Im telling you anyway."
  3. Something is on its way for the miners out there :) It will be announced after our next review goes live
  4. Is your office like mine? Do you work damn hard but take every moment you can to screw with each other and try to make light of the work week? Every time one of the guys here offers to pay for coffee he always says "cuz you mom paid me"So today he went to get us coffee and I did this to his desk. Hope you enjoy haha
  5. http://realhardwarereviews.com/pny-geforce-gtx-770-xlr8-oc2/Since their inception the GTX 770 has always been a great choice for PC gaming enthusiasts who need more power than 660/760 video card can offer, but cannot justify the premium which accompanies NVIDIAs flagship GTX 780 series. To put that another way they are for hardcore gamers who need more power than a GeForce 60 can offer but dont want to entirely want to break their budgets getting that additional power. This is how it has been for many generations and how it was originally with the GeForce 700 series. All round a great review o
  6. I bought a bunch of Precision laptops on kijiji a few months back that all did not post out of the box from the person who sold them to me ($50 for 3) All were M6500 Dual cores all of them filthy whores that after a nice cleaning work like a charm. 2 of them had large metal shards grounding the motherboards. the 3rd had a locked up Hard drive. Sold 2 for a killing and kept the one in the worse shape for myself. Quickly thanks to some good buddies and luck my laptop got some upgrades. First from 2gb 1066 to 8gb 1333 Second the i5 got a face lift to a dual core i5 620m which quickly got tossed f
  7. Well odd one, I have a ton of BTX OEM motherboards ranging from 775(DDR3)-1155 and 1336, I want to know if any company makes cases that take BTX and are not half sized. I want to make some full sized rigs to donate to people in need but the small form factor limits me and the fact the cheap dell/HP cases just dont have the flair a nice standard looking case would. Plus I want to build gaming rigs to give to people who otherwise could not afford them and this would be a great way to make some basic ones.
  8. Some Days we're happy and we want the whole world to know it :PPost whats got you in a good mood or what not.
  9. A Thread for those who are ticked off about something, Anything at all and just need to get it out
  10. Tonight I tried the Okanagan Spring Porter and this stuff is awesome, deep dark taste would be awesome to use when cooking a good steak. Another awesome beer is anything Wildrose all of them are just great but hard to find outside of SW Calgary.
  11. Chime in and say who you are where your from and of course Welcome. ;D
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