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  1. That's awesome thanks for sharing, kinda want to get one for my spare rig but the 2700x that I got for $99 will work fine in that one :)
  2. ZADAK ANNOUNCES NEW LOW-PROFILE TWIST SERIES DDR4 MEMORY MODULES Featuring a compact and minimalist design with clock speeds up to 4133MHz and capacity up to 256GB May 5th, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan – ZADAK, a leading provider of enthusiast PC gaming components and innovative water cooling solutions, announces the TWIST, a new DDR4 memory series featuring a low profile design with clock speeds ranging from 2666MHz to 4133MHz at a latency of 19-21-21-42 1.4V, and capacity from 8GB to 256GB. Engineered for performance and compatibility, the TWIST DDR4 memories support Intel XMP 2.0
  3. 110% agree everything told me 1440/4k would be great but going from 165hz 1080p 27” to a 38” 4k 75hz the difference in editing and strategy games are amazing the 4k all the way but in FPS games I feel like I not only shot myself in the foot but severed it at the knee. higher refresh at 1080p is easier on the system and does work amazing with your eye strain with fast paced games.
  4. It certainly is a great time to be a gaming enthusiast. Not that long ago the only way to get a monitor capable of hitting above 200Hz was go the TN route… and friends do not let friends use TN unless they have to. Since those ‘bad old days’ a veritable sea change has occurred and now TN is on life support. Thanks to some massive amounts of RnD magic, buyers can now get relatively inexpensive monitors that can refresh well in excess of 200 frames per second. Not satisfied with ‘just’ 200 or even 240Hz offerings ASUS has recently turned up the heat on the competition and released the TUF Gaming
  5. Well things have gone from bad to worse, Filed a claim as well as a paypal charge back at this point. Newegg has filed a claim to for me against their reseller but still will not refund me or swap the item to another reseller they have. Waiting 2 more days till anything happens
  6. My newegg mouse showed up on time and my modmymods newegg stuff was a week early. the one deal stuff has yet to appear one is supposed to be here tomorrow according to ups only 2 weeks late and the second order which was rush and supposed to be delivered tomorrow is still just a waybill and was ordered now over a week ago. hope to have more positive update tomorrow
  7. Yup the two orders show a 3rd party on their site now due to low stock but never heard back from Newegg going to try and process a Paypal fraud shortly
  8. Time to add to the Newegg rant, Newegg is currently using a main 3rd party for Canada out of Markham, even if it is listed sold by newegg, I ordered 3 items that 1 showed Vancouver stock 2 Markham, the one from Vancouver still says Newegg and has fully shipped within 2 days. the other 2 I listed in my first comment that 1 was in Richmond/Vancouver and other Markham, Both have now switched to Markham and are listed as onedeal outlet Called this company as I am now on 3 weeks with just a way bill printer. Their company is fully closed down right now and will not be shippin
  9. This is rather funny as I was thinking the same thing earlier today as well as how much a miss supercom(it was one of their distributors) I have 3 orders from Newegg right now (one deal outlet canada(Richmond and another Markham, Newegg Canada) 1 order has been sitting with "waybill printed and ready for pickup for 2 weeks, emailed multiple times no reply) The other 2 are in the same status for days, no movement at all and that shipments could be any time frame, Oldest order shows it will show up on the first and is in Richmond normally with any other company 1 to 2 days awa
  10. I agree but it is something I have a few of haha
  11. Today we have a i5 3470 junker build basically a scrap parts build. i5 3470 h77i. Asus board 8gb ddr3 1333 240gb ssd gtx 1050 ti dell psu 350 watt spare I had with super short cords which is great for cleanup will throw a few 500-1tb drives in it to. loading it up right now may test it a bit or do some video stuff on it not sure then sell it
  12. I fully agree it does not look right to me either haha throwing them in 3 rigs I’m building tomorrow, got enough cases and stuff to build 6 total rigs with a assortment of 570,580 1070 Ti and 1050 ti. should make some great sales.
  13. Guy has the 2 i5’s for $100 and threw in the 3770 free for the fact I drove 30 min to get them
  14. Testing day for some hardware as well as cleaning, will be grabbing some intel CPUs tonight to As you can see the board was swapped as I kinda static zapped the fm1 board 1 too many times and it now reports corrupted bios on boot. new gpu test bed a haswell i3 rig that will be a i5 later tonight
  15. It seems that the further in product’s life cycle you get the more mature and refined they become… but also the more and more loaded down with dross they get. Take for example the latest craze is not only adding brightly colored heatsinks but LED enabled heatsinks to RAM. Heatsinks with LEDS that can be customized to ‘play’ a fancy light show. While great for certain scenarios and highly customized builds, as well as being just plain fun, the fact remains that they are not needed. Instead, such additional features have been added simply to help distinguish one model from others. These days few
  16. Bringing back a old thread. post your parts, hardware finds or just gear you got good shots of. starting today off we got some amd hardware I found to make some ddr3 value rigs with. got 8gb ram with the boards and a 6600k plus fx 6300
  17. all good free can be everywhere as everyone loves free
  18. I think it has been too long so tonight I’m getting back into watercooling I’ll take some new before pictures very shortly. swapped the o rings big thanks to modmymods and mnpctech for sending me all the parts I was missing and am4 bracket
  19. Crucial seems to be the only ram I have never had fail haha HyperX has been ok for me to Sp has been good to when on super sale
  20. Fully agree on both subjects, memory and storage prices are going up again and will go way up. Gpu prices have gone insane, remember making fun of the first titan for hitting 1k for the best of the best multi use gpu and now gaming cards are more than friggen decent used cars haha
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