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  1. Hope you all have a great and safe Easter From all of us at RHR ps post up those Easter dinners tonight
  2. Damn those are some awesome boards, great prices to
  3. nice, my house the oldest and middle child are playing minecraft with their friends one on the Xbox other on their PC Myself I am starting a fun video "modern games VS 666" aka 6GB gpu's 1060 6gb 5600xt and 2060 6gb and other than too many patches in new games it is going rather well haha
  4. doesn't DCS have a common memory leak were it chews up 31.5GB ram on its own? never played just remember building a rig for a customer a few years back and it had that issue. For some games at 4k gaming I use 17gb commonly these days but the crazy part is when I lower my ram to 8/16 on test rigs it still runs great but fps will see a hit
  5. Fully agree with you, it’s so close to the perfect cooler with a great price, I will get one myself for my tech bench soon to
  6. Sometimes the old adage of ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ is indeed true. One such example of this is the CPU cooling market. Specifically, models meant for the enthusiast and / or extreme overclocking crowd. In this corner of the market custom water loops and liquid nitrogen (for true boundary pushing insanity) rule the roost. Even the likes of Noctua and their D15 series is ‘not enough’. Since their inception Closed Sealed Loop Cooling solutions have made significant inroads… and these days a monster sized AIO is typically more than good enough for the average buyer in this highly competitive (if somew
  7. March Winners are Bond007 through the Forum and Oelmuvun on Patreon. This months one is already started and lets do 3 $20 Amazon gift cards, will make a dedicated post shortly
  8. Yah I know, I did end up getting some other PSU's as well lately for the rig that will go in there
  9. Video goes live tomorrow new style for me but was fun, lucked out by getting some parts free on VarageSale and trades to get the total cost to $.56 yup not even a dollar haha
  10. My every night games with buddies are mostly FPS. apex (good for a slowly changing game and just jumping in and working with a group of 2 other buddies) Cod warzone ( like apex but on speed, lots more going on, and lots of fun and like apex it is free as well) for single or 2 player I really enjoyed farcry new dawn (Get a good buddy or older kid and play your way through this game, so much fun and great characters) doom eternal (other than the occasional platforming bits that are frustrating as hell, this is a solid shooter and tons of fun) fallout 4 with
  11. It certainly has been a while since we have taken a close look at SATA Solid State drives. For a myriad of reasons these workhorses of the industry just do not garner the same level of attention, let alone excitement, as their PCIe NVMe brethren. This is rather unfortunate as “SATA is not dead” (…yet). There are plenty of good reasons to opt for a SATA model over a NVMe, the most obvious of which is their asking price. Take for example, toady’s review of, the Silicon Power A55 1TB SATA SSD. With an online average asking price of only $80 (USD) for a full one Terabyte of capacity, or a mere 8 c
  12. I still have those above CPU's want to throw them on the bench when I get some time haha
  13. Yah seems like we are in a cpu race again which is forcing the lack of oc headroom
  14. thats still not bad at all, considering at that 4.2 it will hammer through anything you throw at it
  15. I agree thats why I have tons of old hardware again. Craziest OC I have got is my 3600x can do 4.35 on all cores and threads only issue is voltage and temps would be too high so back to stock till my waterchooling shows up
  16. I am using the same cpu in my main and in gaming holy crap was it a huge upgrade from the 6950x but editing it is only on par
  17. fully agree and the money you save from not going to intel can get you a better gpu where you will really notice the difference
  18. Not a bad question Last year new builds Intel a 9900k rig with Aorus everything for a graphic design buddy AMD 3600x rig for myself 3400g Rig for my portable gaming and review rig 3000g super low power rig working on now Few 1600/2600 value rigs for clients and friends a super value rig for a discord buddy used a 1500x and 350b we found at VLcanada before it sold out. Pretty sure a few other rigs in there to. New parts but eol hardware some am1 rigs, 1366 tower as well as some am3+ stuff that was never opened Do laptops count to? haha sw
  19. yah it will have to be something digital for sure as my post offices are now only open a few hours and nothing is moving
  20. Will draw this one in the next few days just confirming patrons and will get the next one prepped. Steam card? Newegg? TP? other? what should we giveaway next
  21. Have now sold the original psu and got another psu and ram for free just HD to pickup. sold the psu for the same amount I spent on the whole rig and now it’s better than ever. will post some pre video charts tonight to:)
  22. Damn that’s a down payment then some for just that rig right there. looks great and thanks for sharing
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