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  1. That’s good we will keep using it for our bigger giveaways. Nope all are welcome even previous winners
  2. ... you people are going to force me to change these monthly giveaways to gleam and no one wants that
  3. Haha great to hear and welcome later this month I will be posting about 10 different builds so make sure to check those out and good luck
  4. Trainy is excluded from all giveaways not do to region locks but do to the fact he truly is a disappointment to not only his family but his friends to god dammit trainy! jk you are in giveaways but only if you do a real post.
  5. For this post I will not rez you next time you die first in APEX, You made your choice!
  6. Hey hey everyone, We are FINALLY getting back to our monthly giveaways and this month it is $25 Newegg gift cards there will be 2 winners drawn at the end of the month. All you need to do is post on the forum or be a Patron . (Posts must be more then 1 word and not spam, spam will be deleted and the disappointment I will have for you is only matched by your parents disappointment in you!) Good luck all. If you are not a forum member yet join here: https://forums.realhardwarereviews.com/index.php?/register/
  7. Thats good to hear, Seasonic just launched a full new line of fanless psus I am dying to get some myself haha, FSP and Superflower both sound like they will be focusing on more sales in NA for 2020
  8. We are both looking for a new WD rep right now, we purchased all our previous WD drives we reviewed and would love to save that cost for giveaways I think you have a great idea an the drive must be tested!
  9. Nice upgrade, funny part is a client of mine just got a auction with like 800 of these hps with i5 2500s in them so I’ll be messing around with some soon to
  10. Today I upgrade my all-new office with The Arctic Z1 Monitor arm adding a 4K 43" screen to my test bench and making it so I can test and record 4k content much easier. The Z1 was a simple install and setup and works very nicely, the hub is simple but sleek and in all reality, Arctic did a great job. ARCTIC Z1 Pro (Gen 3) - Single Monitor Arm: https://amzn.to/3cdF1UO ARCTIC Z2 (Gen 3) - Dual Monitor Arm: https://amzn.to/2TrEENY Arctic Z3 Pro- Gaming Triple Monitor Arm: https://amzn.to/2w7CuLp Please take a moment to like comment and share and if you are not subbed please sho
  11. Haha great idea and the aio is the g12 adapter.ill toss some fans on a broken one tomorrow see how it goes. Some of the ones I have the fan headers just do not work think something is toasted in them haha
  12. Like the title thanks haha Yah think this one will be fun and different, the Arctic Accelero says it takes 1 hours to dry but after 4 hours they just started to finally feel solid so hope tomorrow can finish this one. The NZXT AIO mount actually was super simple to install and can keep the stock back plate as well as dropped temps over 10c which is rather impressive, even the chokes stay cold without any heatsinks on them but I think I will add some for prolonged use. other ideas from the discord The fans on the cooler go 'round and' round Strix(ly) Cooling
  13. Currently working on a custom gpu cooling video and would love some ideas for a catchy title. so a bit of back story this video came to be made after we had multiple 1070 strix fans break and Asus would not cover them. So I was able to hunt down another local miner who sold 4 for $100 with broken fans. Was able to get two full repair and 2 were less than perfect fan wise. so first the video will chat about the bad Asus fans and support for the 10xx gen then focus on the upgrades and ease of doing so. then a full review of nzxt aio mount option then la
  14. yah at $40 that is a steal and I would of done the same. plus passive cooling is great for media centers
  15. better post pics of the rig, the 1030 was funny as many times I almost bought one for videos then got distracted or found a 1050 for less haha
  16. Damn that looks awesome, thanks for sharing it good idea in the rgb heat spreaders really makes it pop
  17. Hey hey everyone hope we are all well, this year the RHR crew some how got invited as honoured guests for ltx2020 and do to this we want to celebrate right. we will be holding a private event with many many many beers from our local micro brewers. there will be a small entrance fee and some awesome giveaways. If you are at ltx 2020 please comment here and we will have more info soon. thanks everyone and look forward to seeing everyone there and enjoying the best beer on earth... Canadian beer suck it merica. -John and the RHR crew
  18. Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, GoPro style ‘action camera’, or the typical mundane camera your choice of SD storage can indeed have a noticeable to large impact on overall performance. Put simply, your device is only as ‘fast’ as the slowest component used. Invariably the bottleneck is going to be your SD card. The sad fact of the matter is the lowly SD/SDHC/SDXC/etc card’s performance is terribly slow by modern standards and the SD has been slow to adapt to the changing times (they only recently announced a PCIe express based specification). Right now, the fastest real-world SD cards a
  19. That is very fair, I used to work for Apple so not a fan due to that haha. Their phones are fine for sure, work just asked if I wanted a free phone and they would cover my contract so I said “why not” it’s been fine thus far in all reality
  20. I did not know this, thanks for the info GaK. i know I’m going to need to buy more nvmes and sd cards soon, is there any external nvme drives that are shuck worthy yet or still cheaper to buy on their own?
  21. Day 1 with iPhone, I feel any sense of creativity and originality has now left my body, I have a desire to go to Starbucks as well as get avocado toast. The desire to protest and be a hypocrite about how everyone else needs to do better for the environment has yet to kick in but I fear it is only a matter of time now Day 2. all the apps have far more ads then my rioted android I have seen that one chick yell about raid shadow legends about 100x in the last hour, notifications come in droves as well as I can understand why people with iPhones hate their lives so much, analytics a
  22. Another little test bench. Need a baseline for the strix 1070 before I mod a bunch of them The rig is dead silent. Specs I7 4790 32gb 1866 Asus s97-c Scythe big shuriken 3 Pny SSD 480gb 128gb adata m.2 SSD for the hell of it.
  23. Ryzen, ram, cooler, ssd, gpu, PSU and more haha
  24. yah I almost died shipping the 20+KG giant box yesterday, normally this would not be bad but yesterday there was a giant line at the CP
  25. No problem and damn that's a sexy case, love phanteks.
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