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  1. Edit issue now resolved, last update set it to 5 min now it's unlimited Thanks for catching that
  2. Perfect that will help us narrow down what's going on I'll check the rules
  3. PSA most my test rigs as asrock, don't tell my reps haha. Their new boards have been very solid for me. My oldest boards that still run are asrock to haha got some great asrock 939 boards
  4. I only own about 3 of them so I like them haha, easy cable management and nice and compact. Good price
  5. I'll look into the editing issue right away, I do like the Asrock board the best as also the MIR is normally not too horrible with Asrock Even a 320 or 350 series board if found at the right price may work great for you to. I'll hunt around more after work to see if I can locate any better deals. Good luck:)
  6. Damn right you will I may hold you to this
  7. Damn well done and that just floors me the results, Wanna Delid a i3 for me haha
  8. Very recent we took a long hard look at the hunter orange-clad LaCie Rugged SSD 1TB and walked away very impressed with what LaCie had created. That model was a USB 3.1 gen 2 beast. One which it was as rugged as it was fast. As we made mention in that review the LaCie Rugged SSD was not the premier/flagship ‘rugged’ model, rather the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro took that honors. Thanks to the good people at LaCie’s we can show you what this $399 (USD) 1TB model has to offer that the LaCie Rugged SSD series cannot. Without going too deep into things just yet, these differences vary from the
  9. Hey you yes you Shuddup you're stealing something already in the works haha jk Yah that is a great idea and I think I still have a 2500 to toss against it, but I do have a 2500s for sure maybe I'll have some other good i5 that's not low power but even that would make a good comparison
  10. damn those are crazy high temps, should join us at LTX2020 there is a delidding booth. I am so fearful of delidding new Intel cpus as their pcb are paper thin now with my luck would crack in half. You have a good cooler and everything else on it to so fully agree a delid seems to be the only next option or swap for another cpu
  11. Fully agree, when I start the next video I may do a quick 1 minute of this same setup with a OCed 7100 and 3200 ram speed
  12. No problem at all was a lot of fun to make. The stutter seems to be mostly only in open spaces and like the cpu is just holding the rig back slightly, honestly a 5% oc may resolve this or even faster memory. A low cost ryzen should have you solved and I will also test the similar hardware just different cpu on a few upcoming videos for reviewing other parts so it should fit in. Re-sending fortnite to my review pool as it should be a good stutter and old/lower end cpu test.
  13. Hey hey all today's video is a question from @Mightyunit and that question is "Can the i3 7100 still max out Fortnite for a rig I want to make for a friends kids to play Fortnite on?" Above judge for yourself and if you want more videos like this ask the question and I will keep them coming. These are not monetized or public and for the Forum and discord only, you are welcome to share them just please link to the forum instead of the video when sharing. Happy to start making more of these but honestly they are not up to RHR quality so they'r
  14. So damn happy to be a special guest at LTX2020 https://www.ltxexpo.com/guests
  15. Question the 2nd, Does everyone want these monthly mini giveaways to stay as posts and patrons or change to a monthly gleam mini one?
  16. That's the perfect reason to post it up, so people see you don't have to spend 6 hours on your cables for your rig to just work
  17. Very true, most likely we will be giving away 2 or 3 gift cards as people have upped their Patreon donations as of late so we want to give back more
  18. Thanks that's actually where I am going to leave my testing/benchmarking boards, safer than stacking them and looks better in videos taking them off the wall and throwing them in my open air rig.
  19. This month you guys pick, this is for Patreon and forum posts like every month. Some new rules to make it even easier will be added when it's live to. -John
  20. Now the project continues new peg board wall is up need to get more pegs to finish covering it in my test boards.
  21. Since the old battlestations thread had lots of tips to make posting on the old forum easier and this one posting images could not be more simple. This is just the simple post your rig thread, no need to post a full build log just a glamour shot of your rig and that is all example.
  22. Thanks, this one I should be able to work on more next week this week is building and loading all the rigs up, the 1156 rig I'll post later is the next for fun one need to put more ram in it.
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