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  1. I agree it looks great and I'm also in that sort of camp that I'm not big on the whole obsession with RGB on computer parts/accessories.
  2. Stay classy LP! I agree with the other two about Amazon though.
  3. I don't spend enough time and effort on internal cable management to want to show you guys the exaggerated rats nest that is the cabling inside my rigs...
  4. Congrats on the contest win, you clearly know one of the golden rules which is: "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy"
  5. I wonder if they plan to make this a yearly thing as they did something similar last year with Spotify was it?
  6. You missed Millennium in there!
  7. I honestly hate whoever is in Microsoft's Xbox Marketing derpartment (yes I spelled that correctly) as the names seem to be getting progressively worse for their consoles...
  8. When you figure this out can you let me know too, I'm still trying to find more time for newer games.
  9. Arinoth


    Welcome to the forums and the community.
  10. Thanks, I wasn't sure if they were someone I should consider getting for RAM vs some of the bigger mainstream players.
  11. Who is this brand? I've never heard of them before.
  12. I hope they don't rush this and take their time to properly develop and release it,
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