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  1. I agree it looks great and I'm also in that sort of camp that I'm not big on the whole obsession with RGB on computer parts/accessories.
  2. Stay classy LP! I agree with the other two about Amazon though.
  3. I don't spend enough time and effort on internal cable management to want to show you guys the exaggerated rats nest that is the cabling inside my rigs...
  4. Congrats on the contest win, you clearly know one of the golden rules which is: "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy"
  5. I wonder if they plan to make this a yearly thing as they did something similar last year with Spotify was it?
  6. You missed Millennium in there!
  7. I honestly hate whoever is in Microsoft's Xbox Marketing derpartment (yes I spelled that correctly) as the names seem to be getting progressively worse for their consoles...
  8. When you figure this out can you let me know too, I'm still trying to find more time for newer games.
  9. Arinoth


    Welcome to the forums and the community.
  10. Thanks, I wasn't sure if they were someone I should consider getting for RAM vs some of the bigger mainstream players.
  11. Who is this brand? I've never heard of them before.
  12. I hope they don't rush this and take their time to properly develop and release it,
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew of a 12 or 24V AC to DC Wall-wart, power supply, or adapter that has the two wires for DC as well as a third wire or ground stud on it to chassis ground the device it is plugging into.
  14. It looks like I am in the market for a new smartwatch as my current one, the Moto 360 Gen 1 seem not able to stay on or last a full day (turning off at random times, sometimes 75% battery, sometimes 25% battery, or whenever I toggle bluetooth on/off). I was hoping I could have it limp until at least July before replacing it, however with the reliability of the smartwatch in question (and with the missus blessing) I'm on the market for a new one. The only reason I was trying to shoot towards July is that would have made the 3 year mark of owning the watch and 3 years for what I paid for it (great sale) seems like the good lifespan of an early smartwatch. What I typically use my smartwatch for is for notifications, time, minimal fitness (aka heart rate monitoring and steps tracking), replying to messages, etc. I'd consider it normal to light use. So far I've been looking at the following smartwatches (as I like the round face) though can't seem to decide which I'd rather have. Budget is around 400 CAD but if I can get something that would be good for me at a lower price, I'm all in. Samsung Gear S3 - I fear that this one is going to be replaced later in the year with the Gear 4.Huawei Watch 2 - No Canada warranty, US only, watch itself looks a bit 'cheap'-ish looking.Ticwatch E - Watch itself looks a bit 'cheap'-ish looking. All comments, questions, etc appreciated and I'll try to respond back when able to, especially since eBay has 15% off orders over 50$ today might be a quick trigger purchase...
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  16. I am not going to get into all the nitty gritty about everything that has transpired to get to this point, some of it is more private then even on here, but I will try to be open about 'most' aspects of it all. First off, my fiancee, whom I have been together with for over a decade is suffering depression. Now she tells me she's been steadily unhappy since early of Januarary this year, though at that time I think it was more about things out of our control, such as no one interviewing or hiring her in her field or even for a general office position, the fact we were paying a lot more for our hydro then we should because the landlord didn't fix an air leak in our patio door and well we had cool air getting in, that we didn't really 'do' much out, as in we stayed home a lot, and that she doesn't have a lot of people she can call friends and do things with. Fast forward to when we moved in April, things seemed to be still the unhappy stage, though she was going out to the local bar a bit more often or later since she no longer needed a ride and could walk home (it's a 8 min walk down the street). There she's made friends, most of them I would call alcoholics as they go there multiple times a week and drink, and I personally believe they may be negatively influencing her to made bad or poor decisions. With that in mind I thought she'd be getting happier, at least going out and being social with these people but it seems that's still not the case. We've had a rough patch between us since probably May, to the point we finally started seeing a couples counsellor (well twice, as we found one that my company 'insurance' covers some sessions after the first one). It was only just before that second counsellor that she started to admit she could be depressed or dealing with depression, with this second counsellor confirming she has it. Both counsellors are psychologists so it's not just a relationship counsellor of types. So now we sort of know she has depression, though the next time we can see this counsellor isn't for another 2-3 weeks since they are booked up then vacation. So in the mean time its us trying to 'deal' with her depression. I am not sure if she has fully accepted it yet, but having looked up the symptoms she has most of them. One of the problems, added with those 'friends' is the fact that people who are depressed can make bad or poor decisions they normally wouldn't. So with that in mind I am trying to figure out not only to how to try and build our relationship back together, but also trust and support her to do the right things and not blow a gasket if she does the wrong thing. I imagine there is probably more that can spilled but right now this is what immediately comes to mind to share. TL:DR Fiancee has depression and we have had a severe rough patch in our relationship at the same time. She's depressed over not having friends, not having more than a retail job, and well much friction our relationship has had based on some of the bad decisions she has made. I am looking for ways to help her with the depression, support her to make good decisions and try to not get too upset if she makes some bad ones in pursuit of temporary happiness and the temporarily relief of the depression.
  17. Language NSFW:http://youtu.be/-gbDtSpTmI0
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