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  1. YES! Thanks! Now to decide what it is going towards. Congrats Oelmuvun!
  2. Looking good. Selling the PSU is what really brought the cost down. If I was keeping the build I would have kept the Corsair and accepted the minor cost, but it’s hard to argue with a nearly free build.
  3. Used to a lot, but haven’t much in the last year. That said, I installed COD warzone 2 days ago and I think I will be giving it a play for the next while. I knew it was free, but now there was a super convenient install/launch button in blizzard...sold (for free).
  4. Also agree. My brother’s build is a 3600X. Only reason for the X model was a sale for $240 shipped...couldn’t say no at that price.
  5. One build for my brother. AMD. otherwise probably a half dozen random upgrades. Cpu/ gpu swaps or ssd upgrades. Low volume for me. I consistently get tempted to redo my main rig, but it really does still suffice for me. With the exception of cpu upgrades or great used deals, I am solely recommending AMD CPUs now...just like a year or two ago when I was solely recommending intel.
  6. Looks good to. Have to start somewhere. I have given away/sold/thrown out all my old stuff...hindsight.
  7. Good here so far. I was off last week, but working now primarily from home (expecting a day a week ish going in to work). - marvel movies with the kids - some brake pads arrived to install on my 4 wheeler - work - bee swarm simulator with the kids (roblox) - walks with the dog and family - washed the cars because it was beautiful out ...and then it snowed overnight How are things with you?
  8. Oh no, or yes...excited and scared. I really don’t need anything...or do I?
  9. Ugh. $1k for everything means compromises for sure. I think you are going to find very quickly that looking at the used market for some of the purchases is going to be the best way to go. Get a basic keyboard and mouse new (<$50), a used monitor (21.5-23”) most likely, something like a b450 motherboard and 2600 cpu, and the best used graphics card with the remaining budget. $1k for the tower is t bad, but all in is hard. My main consideration would be making it good enough for now, but having a solid mob, power supply, and a case he is happy with....the rest is easy to upgrade over time.
  10. Both look like solid options as well. Your call really. The pixio is nice spec wise.
  11. Yes please. They are huge as well. And one just brought me to an add page that I had to X out in order to display this page.
  12. Add on to my last. Haven’t looked into monitors in a while, but this monitor ticks A LOT of positives for the price of $330. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07V39QHMY?tag=pcp0f-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1
  13. Unfortunately 27” are getting harder to find due to 31-32”. I prefer 27” 1440 still as well. Do you have any specific requirements/wants (ips/adaptive sync/high refresh rate/curved vs flat/etc)?
  14. Haha. Well played Mr.MattyV. thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone.
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