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  1. Just voted for steam and it went in. Only let me pick one.
  2. @Soullessone21 FYI the vote lets you tick multiple boxes, but it looks like only one goes through. I ticked steam and amazon, but only amazon shows in the results.
  3. Steam and Amazon are my votes. Both give the most selection for games/stuff respectively.
  4. Per the title. Enjoy! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/sid-meiers-civilization-vi/home
  5. Really? That's crazy cheap sounding.
  6. Per the title, Grand Theft Auto V is free on epic games right now. Website seems to be down, but it just worked for me through the app. They seem to be a bit overloaded with this offer. I will add a link if the website comes back up.
  7. Grabbed one for $135 from amazon early this year. Wish I grabbed 2...one for its intended purpose and 1 to shuck. that said, $167 is still a great price if you got one!
  8. Anandtech finished their chart. Basically the 3100 performs on average the same as a 7700k.
  9. I should follow up my previous comment and say that while it isn’t for me, I would still give it a read/watch if you do feel like capturing your impressions/results!
  10. Hmmm. I am sure some people would watch it...but I am more with eunoia. Air coolers for me, or maybe eventually an AIO (probably not though).
  11. Budget monsters. It’s great that they tested both at fixed 4ghz as well to see the impact of the core structure. 3300X will be a great budget gamer. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-3-3100/ https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-3-3300x/ EDIT : reviews also up at tomshardware and anandtech. While they haven’t finished all testing on the 3100 yet to fully populate this table, I found this very interesting:
  12. I can honestly say I haven’t heard of ZADEK. Seems like decent kits though. Always nice to have options. I would love to have a set of this in 2x16gb (or >) 3600mhz (or >). Pricing (as always) plays into decisions!
  13. Thanks for the review! Twitch fps games would be the target market. For everyone else I think you are better off getting more pixels for your $ at the expense of some hz...especially in the 27” market.
  14. That’s terrible. You ordered stuff “sold by newegg” and they are blaming on another company?
  15. Completely agree about search functionality. But if you just watch for good sales, or if you know what you want and just look around at prices, I find Newegg is typically higher (sometimes it is just higher shipping prices).
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