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  1. Thanks for the review. There is a lot of content within the read that seems to be focused on the current state of people recommending amd. While I don’t 100% agree with all the comments, I respect your honesty in it.

    I completely agree that there is always a case to make different recommendations, vice blanket statements. That being said, there was a long window of time were the general consensus was intel unless you fell into certain use cases...now that has generally reversed...whether we like it or not. I don’t think I am biased and have and will continue to buy whatever is the best product in my price bracket. 

    keep up the good reviews! 

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  2. 7 hours ago, RX00 said:

    Hey Bond007,

    We have been going through some changes with the site. Sorry for the delays. More info is on our discord channel. Also the forum has been having some issues that I'm trying to fix. 


    Thanks for the update. Major changes to the site? I don’t do discord.

  3. I hope everyone enjoyed their Canada Day, and that the weather is treating you well wherever you are at.

    The site has gone so quiet.... 

  4. Seems like a great parts list. A quality PSU and a used rx580 or gtx 1070, and you are set.

    Lots of parts have been steadily increasing in cost.

    Make sure to get 3200-3600mhz ram.

    For the motherboard I would personally wait to see how b550 motherboards are cost wise after release (so close now). But otherwise the b450 of your choice is fine.

    For the SSD, the best bang for buck (IMO) is the sn550. I would try to squeeze a 1TB in if you can, since it should be enough to not have to deal with a secondary drive unless there is mass storage, or all games left installed. They are also generally the lowest cost/GB. 

  5. Per the title, Grand Theft Auto V is free on epic games right now. Website seems to be down, but it just worked for me through the app. They seem to be a bit overloaded with this offer.


    I will add a link if the website comes back up.

  6. Budget monsters. It’s great that they tested both at fixed 4ghz as well to see the impact of the core structure. 3300X will be a great budget gamer.



    EDIT : reviews also up at tomshardware and anandtech. While they haven’t finished all testing on the 3100 yet to fully populate this table, I found this very interesting:




  7. 1 hour ago, Soullessone21 said:

    Time to add to the Newegg rant,

    Newegg is currently using a main 3rd party for Canada out of Markham, even if it is listed sold by newegg, I ordered 3 items that 1 showed Vancouver stock 2 Markham, the one from Vancouver still says Newegg and has fully shipped within 2 days. 

    the other 2 I listed in my first comment that 1 was in Richmond/Vancouver and other Markham, Both have now switched to Markham and are listed as onedeal outlet


    Called this company as I am now on 3 weeks with just a way bill printer. Their company is fully closed down right now and will not be shipping anything other than just printing waybills from a employees house and doing nothing more.

    Newegg has already told me "not our problem call the reseller and get a refund from them"

    Told them "I have 3 emails 1 a week for 3 weeks and you cannot leave any messages as they say they are fully shut down on their answering service"

    Newegg "that's not our problem but you can leave them a bad review once you get the items to prevent issues like this in the future"

    Me "How can I leave a review once I get it? it has never shipped and they are closed down?"

    Newegg " we will have a manager call you in a few hours"

    They then hung up.

    Think I am officially done with newegg from this point out 😞 very disappointed as normally my orders there have gone rather well

    That’s terrible. You ordered stuff “sold by newegg” and they are blaming on another company? 

  8. 1 hour ago, MARSTG said:

    DirectCanada was a sister site of the NCIX and it was my go to place in those days, loved the the service, delivery with Purolator. Among other things I got my Asus M4N-72E from there together with a Phenom 2 X4 965 BE , awesome gamer at that time for those not willing to throw the money on Intel's throat. 

    Personally I do like Newegg, they have a very well structured website, by comparison Amazon is a mess, IMHO, I didn't pay attention lately to the pricing structure but that can easily be done looking at pcpartpicker I guess. Overall Amazon for me is far messier to look through, but I ordered some as well and the service is great yes, but the website lacks precision. On Newegg there are a lot of filters that helps you narrow down a product or a family of products. Lately I rely more on used hardware, I find it offers best value for my hard earned dollar. 

    Completely agree about search functionality. But if you just watch for good sales, or if you know what you want and just look around at prices, I find Newegg is typically higher (sometimes it is just higher shipping prices).

  9. A very true story. The first pc I got that was solely mine (not family), was at Canada computers in 2002 (in store...and I paid for assembly...the shame). I didn’t mind the store, but it was busy and not very friendly.

    A handful of upgrades with no real depth of knowledge using random stores led me (eventually) to NCIX. I used them exclusively for a few years except for occasional shell shocker deals at newegg that were too good to pass up. Enter memoryexpress whose price beat was also too good to pass up, though selection was limited. I cross shopped a lot during this time. 

    NCIX fell, memory express grew (as its prices became more the norm), newegg faltered to what It is now (often high shipping costs and 3rd party sellers). 

    I now find myself also using amazon most of the time for the simplicity and prices. It feels wrong, but money (Pricing) talks. Canada computers has expanded East to Halifax though, and (when not in isolation) I find myself back in a store branded as it was when I really started my PC adventure...though this one is a much nicer and more stocked experience.

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