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  1. More nice finds. Not much like that around me. The font on that 4570 looks very different than I am used to seeing.
  2. Nice review. I have absolutely no issue with no heatsinks, and would love to save a few $ by getting rid of randomly shaped/oversized stuff hanging on ram. That said, 3600mhz is generally only marginally more expensive than 3200, so I would probably opt for a slightly faster kit. Money talks though, so street pricing will be the deciding factor.
  3. You have already done more than what is required IMO. I am all for accommodating and being friendly, but it is a used card, you are not a store, and it sounds like he is abusing your being accommodating. I would advise him to accept one of your options and then let it be done.
  4. Nice. Look forward to following the wc adventure. What’s the hardware list?
  5. All buttoned up now. Still can decide on a colour. Took a picture in red, and my daughters choice of a kind of light blue/teal. I will be dimming it down for sure, but I am actually very happy with it so far. The pictures aren’t 100% correct, as the red appears much darker shade in person.
  6. Before, the kit content, my rough placement of the power supply, and the interior pic. Still tidying and trying to decide on a colour.
  7. Given my additional time at home now, I decided to play with some RBG. I generally find most rgb overdone, but wanted to try some basic backlighting. I ended up stumbling on this for $20 (no tax): RBG strip kit Comes with 2x roughly 12” strips, rf receiver (Built in the power supply), controller, and adapters to power from molex or sata. First impressions are pretty solid, though I have to sort final placement and tidy the wires. Pictures/update to follow.
  8. Bond007


    Yup. It sucks. ram/storage due to demand and supply. GPUs due to the old “cash cow“ model. If people are willing to pay, prices will continue to rise.
  9. Interesting. I just googled it a bit, and it can be a memory hog. I never saw anything saying 30gb, but I did see lots of reports saying >16. Poorly optimized bloat by the looks of it. But, that is part of that game as it is being played.
  10. I find it hard to believe any current game would use anywhere near that ram without it being an issue (mem leak).
  11. Nice cooler and review. If they can make a few tweaks with version 3, it could be a go to.
  12. YES! Thanks! Now to decide what it is going towards. Congrats Oelmuvun!
  13. Looking good. Selling the PSU is what really brought the cost down. If I was keeping the build I would have kept the Corsair and accepted the minor cost, but it’s hard to argue with a nearly free build.
  14. Used to a lot, but haven’t much in the last year. That said, I installed COD warzone 2 days ago and I think I will be giving it a play for the next while. I knew it was free, but now there was a super convenient install/launch button in blizzard...sold (for free).
  15. Also agree. My brother’s build is a 3600X. Only reason for the X model was a sale for $240 shipped...couldn’t say no at that price.
  16. One build for my brother. AMD. otherwise probably a half dozen random upgrades. Cpu/ gpu swaps or ssd upgrades. Low volume for me. I consistently get tempted to redo my main rig, but it really does still suffice for me. With the exception of cpu upgrades or great used deals, I am solely recommending AMD CPUs now...just like a year or two ago when I was solely recommending intel.
  17. Looks good to. Have to start somewhere. I have given away/sold/thrown out all my old stuff...hindsight.
  18. Good here so far. I was off last week, but working now primarily from home (expecting a day a week ish going in to work). - marvel movies with the kids - some brake pads arrived to install on my 4 wheeler - work - bee swarm simulator with the kids (roblox) - walks with the dog and family - washed the cars because it was beautiful out ...and then it snowed overnight How are things with you?
  19. Oh no, or yes...excited and scared. I really don’t need anything...or do I?
  20. Ugh. $1k for everything means compromises for sure. I think you are going to find very quickly that looking at the used market for some of the purchases is going to be the best way to go. Get a basic keyboard and mouse new (<$50), a used monitor (21.5-23”) most likely, something like a b450 motherboard and 2600 cpu, and the best used graphics card with the remaining budget. $1k for the tower is t bad, but all in is hard. My main consideration would be making it good enough for now, but having a solid mob, power supply, and a case he is happy with....the rest is easy to upgrade over
  21. Both look like solid options as well. Your call really. The pixio is nice spec wise.
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