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  1. Yes please. They are huge as well. And one just brought me to an add page that I had to X out in order to display this page.
  2. Add on to my last. Haven’t looked into monitors in a while, but this monitor ticks A LOT of positives for the price of $330. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07V39QHMY?tag=pcp0f-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1
  3. Unfortunately 27” are getting harder to find due to 31-32”. I prefer 27” 1440 still as well. Do you have any specific requirements/wants (ips/adaptive sync/high refresh rate/curved vs flat/etc)?
  4. Haha. Well played Mr.MattyV. thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone.
  5. Apparently evga and superflower have cut ties for power supplies (G2,G3,P2,T2), and superflower is going to start selling direct the public. Always nice to have more solid options. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/super-flower-entering-north-america-pc-power-supply-market
  6. Haha. Nice. I feel like some of the settings must not be defaulting the same as that is a bit too much of an improvement.unfortunately vantage is now unsupported and I didn’t have the newer version installed to test before. Oh well.
  7. Found and installed the discontinued 3dmarkvantage, since I just dropped the gt 1030 in. Left all at stock settings, so I hope they are the same...unfortunately I didn’t record earlier. Cpu is within margin of error at 16543 GPU now 16822. P16752 total score.
  8. Update 3: All is running well as per update 2. Great little low power gpu for older/“esports” games at 1080p. With my tweaks it is never hitting any of its limits (power/voltage/temp), so there would be room for more, but it is fine for me. As for moving forward I plan to pretty much run it as is, but if I get in a mood to play with it more I may continue to refine and see if I can get a similar freq out of it at even lower voltage. I may also try a repaste at some point just out of curiosity. Temp is fine at max 65 in a relatively poorly ventilated case with a passive gpu, but lower
  9. If a tomshardware review is anything to go by, it seems like the SN550 (not the older SN500) is sitting at the top of the budget nvme pile. Could be a solid recommend over all the other qlc and dramless choices. Tomshardware SN550 review Any chance of an RHR review of the 1TB? It would be nice to have a more valued source.
  10. The 1030 is in my own box (looks the same) with an i5 2400 and 8gb ram, not this one.
  11. It accepted the i3 3220 fine (just needed to re-seat the cpu to fix a ram channel issue). I have on hp8200 that came with sandy bridge (my tv box), and this 8300 that was ivy bridge. The i3, 2x2gb ram, intel 120gb ssd in the end. Basic, but it works great. My parents are actually going to have a play with it to see if they want it connected to their tv (I would rather that, than to sell.
  12. I didn’t end up going with an adapter, since I didn’t want to deal with potential issues. Let us know if you do end up giving it a shot.
  13. Update 2: Learned a few tidbits that I didn’t know about voltage curve editor. 1. If gpu temp is >39 deg when you “apply” it causes the moving dots I (and may others) have issues with. 2. it also doesn’t seem to like applying as depicted if you have only certain points changed (as I had in update 1). Results of those learning points are that I shift+drag the whole curve up until the desire voltage point has my desired freq, and then drag all the remaining points down to the same or lower. This applies correctly every time I tried as long as gpu temps are <39 (i
  14. Update 1: OC scanner fared pretty well despite the power limiter coming into play during its testing. Resulted in the following: From there I slid a lot of points around, since I don’t care about it running faster at idle/low load, and I want to avoid the high voltages. This is what my first attempt resulted in: A quick gaming test looks like it gave me roughly +90mhz, +4ish fps, and more importantly a 8-9 deg drop in load temps. More to come.
  15. OC scanner is running well, but we will see what it spits out. Power limit is restricted to 100%, and it is hitting the power limiter already on its 3rd of 4 test points...hmmm. May end up doing this more old school, or a combination thereof.
  16. So, here we go. First thing was to remove the regular bracket (unfortunately he didn’t have the low profile, so it’s going in with none): Next up was the install: Then some testing in rocket league. Boldly tried to run it maxed at 4K, which resulted in mid 20s fps (obviously a no go, but I was curious). Low settings was getting around [email protected] 4K (better than I thought). Then down to reality at 1080p, but maxed out again. This has me sitting at an average in the mid 40 fps range, with some jumps to the high 40s and some drops to the high 30s...good enough
  17. Will do. Completely understand going for a 1050 or something better, since for some odd reason the 1030 seem to be holding value. It makes them a terrible value most of the time, but for $40 I though it was a no brainer and worth a shot.
  18. I decided to give kijiji a bit of a browse and I stumbled on a gt 1030. While I normally wouldn’t think twice about something that low end, I do have my tv pc that is a SFF HP box running integrated graphics with its i5 2400 and it’s lowly 240watt power supply. That does suffice for my uses, BUT, I couldn’t say no when I found this for $40. It is a zotac gt 1030 with gddr5 (not the completely useless ddr4 version). Passive model. This will let me go to native 4K for the tv and maybe some rocket league (Or other low end games). Pictures to follow when I can.
  19. Seems like a great bang for buck at current pricing. Always good to get another competitor.
  20. Good to know about the SSDs in externals. HDD are definitely a different story. I grabbed an 8tb WD external for $135 shipped not long ago...it’s crazy, since you would be lucky if you got a 6tb without the enclosure for that price. That said, I don’t plan on shucking it (at least for the time being).
  21. Haha. All is not lost. I will be honest and say that I do not live in the Apple world...with the exception of iPhones. Too many times my Android devices would have apps stop working, not receive updates without forcing/rooting/etc, or would corrupt sd cards. I dont do anything intensive on my phones and just want it to work. So far Apple has done that for me me...and so I now stick to iPhones (atleast for now). I refuse to pay any other Apple taxes though.
  22. That is a lot of stuff. Clearing out some of your extras. look forward to seeing the build.
  23. Nice choices. Are the rest of the components purchased?
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