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  1. Personal thoughts: The Asus is not worth the extra $. The MSI only has 2 ram slots. Asrock wins by default (between those 3).
  2. Though if this only sees camera recording duty you could probably downclock more. you have all the delidding goodies.
  3. Nice drive. Any idea if all capacity drives will have the same seagate ssd in them? Do they advertise that drive being included? Companies so often change hardware in things like this that I often doubt what you will get when it isn’t advertised.
  4. Impressive results that really show how bad the intel factory stuff is...also incredible how the 3600 runs. Ryzen is the way to go for now. Personally, after you are done benching, I would opt for an eye pleasing 5.0ghz and try to get the voltage as low as possible.
  5. Yikes. With those temp splits it really sounds like a bad mount or insufficient TIM. Worth one more re-mount attempt before you de-lid? If you are already going for it....fingers crossed it goes well for you.
  6. Haha. Always good to know how the older stuff compares. Obviously newer is great, but older i5 boxes are pretty cheap now and should be fine for (I hate the term) esports type games. I would love this to confirmed though (weather proving me right or wrong). Budget builds, kids builds, etc.
  7. Could be interesting to see the improvement. I would also be curious to see older i5 vs newer i3 (something like sandy bridge/ivy bridge/ haswell era i5 vs the 7100).
  8. Nice work! I expected it would be cpu limited in fortnite, but it is actually a bigger limiting factor than I expected...the gpu is dying for more to render.
  9. Not sure to be honest. I didn’t end up getting it at the time, but the reviews were fine. IMO if you are after a budget ips 27” monitor and are fine with 60hz, then there isn’t a reason to go for it if the price is right. I honestly regretted not getting it when I found the deal I posted in this thread, but I did end up getting a different monitor with the same specs.
  10. Nice. I have been watching a few gamers nexus videos lately....seems he is going as well. Should be a fun one!
  11. Amazon has had the best sales for the last while on pc components...though often short lived.
  12. Managed to get win10 pro all installed and updated last night without issues. It seems like the cpu reseat is all that was required to get the other memory channel running correctly. The box had a win7pro key on it that activated windows 10pro without a problem. PC is ready to find a new home.
  13. Cpu and ram are probably the safest in my opinion. GPUs are usually pretty good, but verify fans functioning and avoiding old mined on cards being the priority (unless priced appropriately). Motherboards have more that can go wrong, and ssd die with use, so they are what I am less likely to get used. That being said, I have no issues buying them used either if the price/situation make it worth it. Power supplies I would buy used if it’s a budget build, but only if it is a quality unit and not too old.
  14. I wish I knew people throwing perfectly good and relatively recent components. Sounds like a solid basic build again. Looking good!
  15. My 3rd Velcro mount in these boxes (one connected my my tv, one went to my grandparents, and this one that I originally bought to rob parts from)...all ex gov PCs from when I was in Australia. Rather than pull the hard drives before auctioning they pulled the whole drove cage.
  16. Thanks. I didn’t have time to play or confirm 100%, but I just did a quick cpu reseat, and it in went into bios after with the ram in a proper dual channel setup...no beeping. I have never had that occur before...when I actually have a bit of time I will confirm with a windows install. Fingers crossed.
  17. Well. I planned on doing a windows install tonight, but my time ended up for troubleshooting. Pc was giving 5 beeps and not booting. After some googling and playing with ram slots / sticks for 30 minutes or so I had it figured out. Only one memory channel is working...pc boots up with both sticks on a single channel, but nothing happens if even a single stick is in either of the other channels slots. Anyone dealt with with before? Any ideas of if it would be likely motherboard or cpu?
  18. My triple dot of awesomeness is going to be the next big thing in TIM application...just wait for it. A bit more TIM than I normally use, since the heatsink base is a bit rough.
  19. Well...I couldn’t figure it out. Ended up calling eastlink. The first tech support person couldn’t figure it out, and called someone at a higher level place. No idea what they did, but it is working now.
  20. I never would have known the sites have something in common...
  21. Hey. It is a combined router/modem. My desktop runs wired to it, and phone on wifi (obviously for the phone)...both are affected.
  22. I tried a factory reset on it, with the same results.
  23. No child security, and nothing has been changed recently. It’s the eastlink provided modem/router (arris model). Confirmed to affect here, hardwarecanucks, and notebookcheck.net. There were others, but I confirmed those 3. It has to be router/modem doesn’t it?...given it affects my phone and computer.
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