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  1. Thanks. We will see how it works out, but I will go without getting a new key to start. for the download, are you just talking about using the Microsoft download that goes on a USB drive? If so, I have done that before. If it is something more detailed I will take the advise.
  2. Hey. I will be updating a build for someone soon (replacing cpu/mob/ram, but the rest of the build will remain). It’s been a while since I did something like that. He has a windows 7 oem key that was upgraded to windows 10. Can the old key still be used to with a new motherboard to activate win10? Is there a way to get it through a Microsoft chat or phone call to swap the key over? Or does the old key die with the motherboard?
  3. A random one. Anyone cook with an Instant Pot? Probably getting one for my better half for Christmas, however, there are too many models. I get that with current models it seems to go lux<duo<ultra...something like 6in1, 9in1, 10in1, or something like that. Going to go with a 6 quart model. It seems like the cheap ones go on sale $60-80, and the ultra going for $90-100. Worth the extra money? Seems like it adds a nicer digital screen, and otherwise not really sure the other options are worth it. Thoughts?
  4. Haven’t had a lenovo 2in1, but my lenovo laptops (knock on wood) have been solid. One is now handed off to my father and my current laptop runs very well.
  5. I think that if you were after a 14” general use laptop that can handle older/low setting gaming it is a great deal (especially if you have 10% coming back to you). 512gb ssd is a big perk at that price point.
  6. I don't recall getting anything substantial on my 18th at all. Just another birthday from what I remember. I have no idea what to suggest if you aren't wanting to add to his normal hobbies...sorry I can't help more.
  7. Need some info on hobbies. Cars, clothes, nights out, computers, consoles, etc
  8. Sounds good! As a secondary perk, an email about passwords needing to be reset may spark some people back to forum activity as well.
  9. It all makes sense now. I locked my account a couple times before resetting my password. I was getting annoyed because I "knew" my password. Looks pretty good at first glance. I will say that I liked how each forum category used to have different icons. Anyway or interest in bringing something like that back (vice the monitor symbol for all of them)? Could keep them grayed for no new activity or colour with new. EDIT: could an email be sent to everyone advising that the forums have been updated and they will need to reset their password?
  10. For anyone that wants the cores, this is as good as the leaks. For those with little time: at the high end with socketed x86 CPUs, AMD offers you up to 50 to 100% higher performance while offering a 40% lower price. Unless you go for the low end server CPUs, there is no contest: AMD offers much better performance for a much lower price than Intel, with more memory channels and over 2x the number of PCIe lanes. These are also PCIe 4.0 lanes. What if you want more than 2 TB of RAM in your dual socket server? The discount in favor of AMD just became 50%. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14694/amd-r
  11. Anyone interested in big cores in a single cpu, this leak is pretty freaking impressing for 225w package. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/64-core-amd-epyc-7742-(rome)-cpu-benchmarks-leak.html
  12. Bond007

    Happy Easter

    I hope everyone has time to spend with family and friends this weekend! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, all the best to everyone.
  13. I have been out of the atv world for around 15 years, but decided its time to get back into it. My initial plan was to go used, but everything I found in the last few months had compromises/issues, or was priced too high for what it was. I found out Can-am had a decent promotion on most remaining 2018. For the models I was looking at it was $1k off and 5 year warranty. I decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra on what I want. Deposit is in now, and I am waiting for it to come in (there was no local stock, so it is coming in from nfld). Outlander 570 max dps (aka legal 2 seater and powe
  14. If you have read my Y530 laptop tweaking adventures, it got me wanting to play with the same techniques on my 1070 Ti. While I am not after a max OC, I am after getting something for nothing (so to speak). I have set out to get my GPU running as fast and efficient as I can, while staying within the factory power envelope. In my laptop I was trying to get the max default boost speeds at lower voltages, but with this I was aiming for a bit of an OC, while still trying to improve efficiency. Using afterburner I have done the following so far: Left the power and temp limits as per stock (most peop
  15. Well...with my laptop not appearing to want to come back to life, and the fact I was already watching the laptop market, I decided to bit the bullet and get something new. I was trying to stay <$1k before tax, so some sacrifices had to be made. So far I am very happy with my choice and will update once I get some more playing in. Lenovo Legion Y530i7 8750h16gb ramGtx 1050Ti 4gb128gb nvme1tb hdd 7200rpmBacklit keyboardIPS screen Grabbed it at Costco for $999. Obviously I would have liked a bigger nvme drive, the hdd to be another ssd, or maybe a gtx1060, but overall I think its a solid setup
  16. Long story short here is whats going on:- did a fresh install of windows- the computer would not full shutdown or restart (required a hard power down)- trouble shot everything as best I could- while trouble shooting I eventually tried a windows refresh (or whatever its called where it keeps your personal stuff). This resulted in it saying it was unable and went back to the previous state. - after the next shutdown the computer now posts and within a second or 2 re-posts...etc etc.- cant get into bios- ram has been swapped, ssd confirmed functional, old Hdd installed...all with no effect. Pulle
  17. Having never done anything with the little btc I have sitting in a copay wallet, I have been looking into ways of getting some of it out. Coincards seems like a simple way, but also seems strick on payment amounts and the time to have payment processed (justifiably so). Coincards site also mentions about not paying using a wallet that is going to take a portion of the payment, since this will reduce the amount they get. My question is, will I have issues paying using copay to something like coincards? If so, whats going to be the simplest/best way for me to get from random numbers in copay to
  18. Things got kind of crazy for the last while, so I havent been around the site much. Long story short the move from Australia back to NS has been planned and carried out. Bought a house and cars here, and sold in Australia. All of my things have made the sea container journey around the world. Now we are settling in/unpacking and I am back to work/training in my new job. Busy times, but the craziest is hopefully over.
  19. I have been waiting forever for what I was considering a good bang for buck monitor (in my mind 1440p, 24ish inch, non-TN, >60hz and keeping cost down. My wait has been futile. However, I have just stumbled on the VA2719-2K, and it hits most boxes1440p, IPS, 27 (which I am ok with), and 60hz (though the minimal info I can find online has people OCing it to 75-80hz). There are pretty much no reviews and minimal info available for it, but I can get it new for $300 out the door from a local store...seems crazy cheap. I am in Australia, but the $ is pretty much on par. Thoughts? https://www.mwave.
  20. Hey everyone. I just bought 2 more random HP SFF PCs (I bought one last year that I am using as a TV box with an i5 2400 and 4gb ram). The local auction site here has been clearing out mass quantities of them from a hospital that closed. Never hard drives in them. One is an i7 2600 with 8gb ram that I got for $70+15%auction fee ($80.50total). I recently grabbed a 120gb WD green SSD for $59 all in during black friday sales that will be going in this PC. Between this PC and my current TV box (mentioned above), I will keep one and give one to my grandparents when I get back to Canada. The other i
  21. A very random purchase for me today. I was looking at a local auction site and ended up getting an ex government hp elite 8200 sff with 4gb ram, i5 2400, 22" FHD monitor, keyboard and mouse, dvi and dp cables for $70 ($82 after auction fees). The only thing missing was an hdd, so I grabbed a cheap sandisk plus 120gb for $65 after tax locally. It had a win 7 pro key in it, which just validated a win 10 pro install :) . No idea what it will be used for yet, but I love a deal. On the table opened up: The HDD caddy went with the drive, so a quick Velcro mod for the ssd: Cleaned out and ready to cl
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