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Site Issues / No staying logged in on iphone
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:49:02 am »
Per the title I just started having to log in every time I come to the site on my iPhone, even with the always stay logged in box ticked.

Just started occurring within the last week. Anyone else having the same problem?

Everything Hardware / ViewSonic VA2719-2K: cheap 1440p, worth it?
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:30:50 am »
I have been waiting forever for what I was considering a good bang for buck monitor (in my mind 1440p, 24ish inch, non-TN, >60hz and keeping cost down.

My wait has been futile. However, I have just stumbled on the VA2719-2K, and it hits most boxes...1440p, IPS, 27 (which I am ok with), and 60hz (though the minimal info I can find online has people OCing it to 75-80hz).

There are pretty much no reviews and minimal info available for it, but I can get it new for $300 out the door from a local store...seems crazy cheap. I am in Australia, but the $ is pretty much on par.


Everything Hardware / Upgrading old faithful and another random PC
« on: November 28, 2017, 01:30:12 am »
Hey everyone.

I just bought 2 more random HP SFF PCs (I bought one last year that I am using as a TV box with an i5 2400 and 4gb ram). The local auction site here has been clearing out mass quantities of them from a hospital that closed. Never hard drives in them.

One is an i7 2600 with 8gb ram that I got for $70+15%auction fee ($80.50total). I recently grabbed a 120gb WD green SSD for $59 all in during black friday sales that will be going in this PC. Between this PC and my current TV box (mentioned above), I will keep one and give one to my grandparents when I get back to Canada.

The other is an i7 3770 and 8gb ram purchased for $90 ($103.50 after auction fee). This one I am robbing of parts. The 3770 is going in my main desktop to replace my 3570k (ivy bridge non-k can be overclocked by 4 multipliers, so it isn't going to affect freq from how I am running the 3570k). And the 2x4gb ram was just put in my desktop to bring me up to 16gb total.

One frustration I am having is that ram timings aren't playing the game. Even if I set timings in the bios it isn't forcing them...non JEDEC and not what I set. No idea what is happening. Anyone had this issue before. Either way I will keep the ram installed, since it is still running near what I want and it is doubling the capacity.

Now I just need to buy some thermal paste soon to get the CPU swapped.

Good times.

Ram that was pulled

Forgot to put a pic of the 3770 awaiting transplant.

Per the title, it seems ryzen is getting Intel to up their game on CPUs. Techpowerup had the following:

EDIT: Photo should be displaying now.

EDIT 2: Now some i5/i7 details.

I recently started playing around with a bit of mining (though I don't think it will be something I do long term), and decided I wanted to try and drop my power consumption by undervolting. Afterburner was allowing me to select an offset for voltage, but it wasn't actually changing the value under load...and yes I made I the appropriate selections in the options. It's an XFX 280X that was showing 1.225v under load within Afterburner. With my custom fan profile I was mining at that voltage, 70 deg, and 67% fan speed.

I searched online and found it was a common issue with this GPU model and it looks like most of them are voltage locked unless you do a bios mod. That said, some people had luck changing the voltage using Trixx. I then uninstalled afterburner, installed trixx, and created the exact same custom fan profile.

Trixx still doesn't give me the option or ability to modify the voltage, HOWEVER, it is now showing the load voltage of 1.088, and temps are steady at 66 deg and 58% fan speed. GPU load is the same at 99% while mining, and Hashrates are the same.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? I would say it was an error in reporting voltage in one of the programs, except the temp drop and fan speed decrease support that the voltage has lowered. It seems to be stable, even after a gaming session, so I am happy, but confused.


Alan awake is apparently getting pulled from the market in less than 2 days, since its music licences are expiring. 90% off if you are interested. $3, or $4 with all the extras...apparently only the original is good, but I haven't played it.

Games / Heroes of the Storm: 20 free Heroes
« on: April 29, 2017, 04:15:38 am »
I don't believe this has been mentioned yet.

As per the title, the latest update gives you gems to buy one of 4 mega bundles containing 20 heroes. Just update the game, log in, and you will receive the gems. The choice is then yours for which pack you want to pick.

There are tons of threads/articles online about which ones are worth more etc, but I went for the flex bundle to have a few heroes of each type (this is technically the least "valuable" bundle at current character pricing).

Website seems to be down right now, but this should link you to it when the site comes back up.


Games / Starcraft original with expansion now free
« on: April 20, 2017, 09:07:19 pm »
For anyone that hasn't heard (or in my case tried a while ago, but it wasn't working), the original Starcraft with the brood war expansion is free to download. They are supposedly releasing a remastered 4K compatible version later this year and are trying to boost interest.

Guest and Other Site Reviews / Ryzen 5 review in Linux
« on: April 10, 2017, 04:11:45 pm »
Per the title.

I think it's the first review up.

It shouldn't be long until there are reviews everywhere.

Everything Hardware / My random PC purchase
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:07:18 am »
A very random purchase for me today. I was looking at a local auction site and ended up getting an ex government hp elite 8200 sff with 4gb ram, i5 2400, 22" FHD monitor, keyboard and mouse, dvi and dp cables for $70 ($82 after auction fees). The only thing missing was an hdd, so I grabbed a cheap sandisk plus 120gb for $65 after tax locally. It had a win 7 pro key in it, which just validated a win 10 pro install :) .

No idea what it will be used for yet, but I love a deal.

On the table opened up:

The HDD caddy went with the drive, so a quick Velcro mod for the ssd:

Cleaned out and ready to close up:

Good to go:

Games / More free games: Dirt Showdown and Mass effect 2
« on: January 12, 2017, 09:53:51 pm »
Dirt Showdown is a steam key from humble bundle and is valid for the next ~37hours:

Mass Effect 2 is from Origin. Not sure on how long it will be valid for:

Games / GRID now free for around 44 hours (steam code from humble bundle)
« on: December 22, 2016, 03:02:21 pm »
Per the title. Everyone is having free games lately. I haven't even got to play most of them, but oh well...on my account for a rainy day.

Games / Some steam game codes to giveaway
« on: December 20, 2016, 08:06:03 pm »
Hey everyone. I bought the square enix holiday surprise box, and there are a few games that I would not likely play, so I will give them away. If you're interested in any send me a PM and I will give you the steam activation key.

Giving the codes away at my discretion and priority to people who are more active on the forum. Also fine with re-gifting to anyone more needing of something free. Mostly older, but hard to argue with the price. Please don't take them if you won't use them. Check them out on steam if your not familiar.

Merry Christmas.

1. GOETIA (This one's gone)




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