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Found 2 results

  1. Starting specs $40cad pickup on eBay locally Haf case with hardly turning fans Amd 940 phenom quad core 3ghz 4gb ddr2 800 4350 512mb (no Windows 10 support time to toss) 500gb wd blue Gigabyte am2+ motherboard Items added thus far 120gb patriot ssd $10 local used(used in another build got another deal) Asus gtx 650 ti boost(bought over a year back) $10 Bunch of random fans free varagesale(like a local craigslist) pickup (this guy gave me some ram to and it was a solid kit ) Windows 7 pro sticker from a thrown out Dell (free)
  2. Working on another trash to treasure build this one total investment under $50 Used board, CPU, ram, gpu from miner client who is tossing them. Ssd and hdd used from old laptop Case from a video we gave up on years ago got used for like $5 Psu was about $5 on eBay local pickup Fans about $25 cuz all about matching black and white build Now I need to load windows up and get it all tested. Full specs I3 7100 Asus h270 plus prime 8gb ddr4 2133 Rx 460 4gb 120gb Kingston ssd 1tb 2.5" hdd 350 watt antec psu Fractal case
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