E-cigs Redux

OK. Stupid question time about e-cigs / vape

I have a family member who is thinking about quiting smoking but wants to get into nic vapeing. He smokes 2 packs a day.

I have zero experience in this so I am looking for some recommendations. I dont even know all the parts needed to make a complete kit. Let alone vg/pg ratio 'needed' or nic level (how many is good… but what is 'too good' and risks OD'ing).

Basically what is a good complete kit (with juice) to give to someone to get them off smokes and on to vape. I have no issue mixing and matching or even customization if it makes any difference.

I really have only four criteria that needs to be met (beyond being a complete kits worth of parts)

The parts / kit /etc
1 doesnt suck
2 doesnt cost a fortune
3 will not blow up (ie is idiot proof)
4 will not cause an OD.

Other than that what is a good vape and juice to make a good start pack / 'gift pack'. Recommendations on Canadian stores welcome too!

To make things simple, I suggest these two kits for a new vaper.




Each come with 120ML of juice, and with those setups that should last at least a month, if not two. For the Innokin Endura T18 I suggest 18MG, and for the eGo AIO I'd suggest 12MG. The eGo AIO produces a tad bit more vaper, so there for more nicotine intake.
For cheap ejuice afterwards I suggest vjuice ($11 for 60ML, $45 for 250ML) and bargainejuice ($15 for 120ML of juice). It's important to have them try a large variety of ejuice if they decide they don't like vaping, it took me months to find a setup and juice that helped me kick the cravings. Also, tobacco ejuices rarely, if ever taste like a real cigarette. It's more like sticking a cigarette in your mouth and chewing it.


Thanks for the info.

One quick question. What vg/pg ratio would you recommend for juice?

I'd say start at 50/50 or 60VG/40PG. PG is for the throat hit, VG is for the "clouds" and smoother. Personally I find anything under 70VG to be a bit harsh on the throat, but thats because I quit smoking over a year ago.

Any comment on T18 vs T22. It appears that the latter is just a bigger T18 with longer battery life… but you loose that 'cigarette' feel?

Yup, thats the only difference! I also suggest picking up a pack of coils, coils last around 1-3 weeks depending on the sugar content of the ejuice that's being used. These are for the T18/T22: https://www.vapornorth.com/collections/innokin-coils/products/endura-t18-coils-canada?variant=16432831175 (also called prism coils on other sites, thats the tank that comes with the T18/T22) and these are the coils for the AIO: https://www.vapornorth.com/collections/joyetech-coils/products/joyetech-cubis-coils-canada?variant=14475376391 I suggest the 1.0 or 1.5 ohm coils for the AIO to start with, the .5 ohm coils are more so for "clouds" and more vapor.

Thanks! Will do. T22 it is.

Soooo a simple Cool Fire IV TC with Vortex atomo has peaked my interest in my search for a ecig kit for fam. Would this be a decent setup for someone more interested in diving more into the deep end and going right to sub-ohm, max vg, Direct Lung vaping? I'm not one for baby steps nor wasting money.

From what I have seen that innokin will work with basically all inno coils (2 to .1). Soooo if I really like sub-ohm I can go all the way to .1 Nickels or conversely go UP to 1.5 or 2s if I dont like it. Probably wont go below .5 as from what I have read that is when things can get…dicey...and havent read of anyone really going up beyond 1 to 1.5 after trying lower ohm'ers.

Also really like the idea of Temp control instead of wattage control as the coils temps almost has to go up as they heat up at a given wattage (basic physics / elect engineering stuff) and I dont want burnt crap in my lungs.

Am I on the right track with my thinking? Ive only spent 20hours so far investigating so its a bit fuzzy still. Also for TC what would be a good starting point?

So whats your take on the wismec reuleaux rx200 vs sigelei 213?

I know the rx200 is three 18650s and the sig is two… but that to me doesnt matter.

Go with the more mature model or go for the new and shiny?