At work one of our corsair k70s got damaged by the cleaners. This sucks for the owner whom will have a new one tomorrow but his used one I will be taking and repairing.

Supafly pointed me to where I will order a new switch to replace the broken top with.
This will also give me a chance to swap the springs for 80g silent ones and work on a silencing pad on the kb I have wanted to try for some time.

Should start the project with just glue for now, which will repair the cap till the new ones come in but I will make sure to post pictures.

What color should I paint the kb?
Thinking either white or chrome as I have tons of chrome paint haha.
Or maybe even go blue?

Chrome or gold metalic would make for a sweet custom keyboard

I like that idea… hmm I'll post some photos later I did a basic repair got it all working  and tried the dampening idea it works but my cuts were bad so it had issues.

Well… at two bucks a sheet you can afford to make errors during the trial and error stage. All it costs you is time 😛

The broken key

The Felt

NSFW Nude K70

Maybe the switch is just shy… or maybe he needs a little blue pill 😛

It should fit

Fast forward. no stop…no play 😛

Switches welcome back to the world of the living

It should work it should work

Doesn't look half bad

All done, it works but I would recommend doing this with felt and double sided tape and taping the felt down in strips, I will test that later 🙂

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