Fallout 4: Far Harbour Review and Steam giveaway

Arinoth travels past the rocky shore and deep into the fog for his latest review of Fallout 4: Far Harbour. Also STEAM GIVEAWAY is in the review so check it out.

Far Harbour Review

Giveaway found here: Giveaway

I have no idea why I have never really got into the Fallout series of games. It seems like a game I would enjoy.

Thanks for the review! Well written. If I am being too picky please feel free to tell me to shove it, but the only thing that stood out for me (writing wise) was the summary in the chart at the end. It is a recap of the opening question, and isn't really a summary of the review IMO. Please tell me to stop making corrective/opinion comments if it is annoying.

Thanks for another review Arinoth/Soullessone.