NEED Help: Dual systems one Tower

Hey hey everyone I'm looking for a little help here.

What I want to do is build one tower specs are
i7 4790k
16gb ram
GTX 970 4GB
2x256gb SSD

With this tower I want to power the following.
-2 Separate windows sign ins
-2 headsets that play audio from each VM on separately
-2 kb and mice
-2 monitors

So the plan in reality is 2 systems running off one CPU/GPU
what is the best way to go at this?

End result and goal is to get my kids off Passion and I's computers and onto their own space but running just one tower.
Games they play are basic Roblox, Minecraft and games with low requirements.

Where should I start and will using something Like VMware be the way to go?

Thank you for your help


A few years ago I tried to do this using RemoteFX, but at the time it seemed to only allocate a small fraction of the GPU to each VM and would not let me allocate things to my needs.
You might see if there have been any changes, or look at what Citrix offers.

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